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  • Chicken Soup for theGrandparents Soul
    Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul. A new book just for Grandma and Grandpa filled with tender, touching and humorous stories about grandparents, grandchildren and the whole job of being a grandparent in the new millennium.

  • Conflicts With Grandparents
    General guidelines concerning conflicts with grandparents that should be helpful.

  • Cyber Grandma
    Cyber Grandma, Come in and sit a while with Cyber Grandma, get to know the real me. Would you like some cookies, a glass of milk or maybe a cup of hot tea? Hope you enjoy your visit.

  • Eessential Grandparent
    Learn to use Dr. Lillian Carson's experience and vast knowledge. Someone said, "Wise, warm and wonderful!"

  • For My Grandchild
    Established to provide an easily accessible source of practical information to help grandparents make a difference for a granchild. This site also offers wonderful gift ideas.

  • Foundation For Grandparenting
    We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise grandparent consciousness, and promote the importance of grandparenting as a role and function that both gives important meaning and empowerment to later life, and benefits all family members. In addition, we promote aspects of "grandparenting" as a role for all elders, whether or not they have biological grandchildren.

  • Fun Stuff for Seniors
    Share and enjoy these poems, jokes, quotations, inspirational ideas, and stories to tell your grandchildren.

  • Grandboomers
    A site for babyboomers who are now grandparents, helping you in your new role in the family.

  • GrandLoving.com
    Grandparenting with Activities and Long-Distance Fun.

  • Grandparents Make A Tough Trade
    A story about stark realities that "parenting grandparents" face today, from this great site - the Third Age.

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Rights and Responsibilities
    Most of us eventually become grandparents (94%) at some point in our lives (Hooyman & Kiyak, 1996). Throughout history, grandparents and other relatives have raised grandchildren, but more grandparents (and other kin) are caring for them than ever before. The idealized picture of the two-parent family may not reflect families of today.

  • Grandparents Resource Center
    Dedicated to serving grandparents and their families, our primary goal is to assist grandparents and their families, and to reach out to grandchildren who stand at risk of being torn apart from their biological families and displaced through the legal system. We also provide legal assistance, when necessary, to re-unify children with their biological families, and to improve the family life of America's future leaders in society.

  • Grandparents' Web
    Dedicated to an experience in love - your grandchild

  • GrandsPlace
    We are grandparents, foster parents, aunts, uncles and step-parents. All are of a generation that was looking towards retirement, towards relaxation and time with each other. But, because of varying situations in our lives, we have taken on the task, sometimes reluctantly, but always with love, of raising our children's children. This challenge has been presented to us, and we have accepted it.

  • iGrandparents
    Where grandparents interested in enriching their lives and the lives of their grandchildren find ideas, solutions, products and a community of like-minded peers.

    Uncover some of the issues involved in lending money to a family member, such as the emotional and financial implications.

  • National Grandparents Day
    Learn the history of the September 10 holiday, and find an activities guide, a series of contests, and a collection of related resources.

  • ThirdAge - Raising Grandchildren
    A large and growing number of older Americans find themselves sacrificing the personal enjoyments of retirement for the mixed blessing of raising grandchildren, the sons and daughters of their own grown children.

  • Ultimate Grandparent
    Children's stories. Send on-line postcards and read the stories the Ultimate Grandparent.

  • When a Grandchild Has ADHD
    Grandparents have always had an important role in the life of a child or adolescent. When the child's parents work outside the home, a grandparent may be the daytime caregiver. In some cases, when the parent is unable to care for a child, the grandparent functions as a parent. Some grandparents live far away from their grandchildren, and may only see them a few times each year. In all of these situations, the grandparent has a special meaning to the child and can influence the child's self-esteem

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