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  • Alabama State Department of Education
    There are nine members on the State Board of Education. The Board holds regular monthly meetings in the auditorium of the Gordon Persons Building in Montgomery, Alabama.

  • Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
    The Alaska State Board of Education & Early Development is appointed by the Governor. The nine-member board includes a military advisory member and a student advisory member.

  • Arizona Department of Education
    The Arizona Department of Education is located in downtown Phoenix at the corner of 15th Avenue and Jefferson Street. Visitor parking is available on the northeast side of the building.

  • Arkansas School Boards Association
    Read about the scholarship program and the history of the ASBA, and check out the membership information. Includes a bulletin board and links.

  • California Department of Education
    Informational site about California's educational system and legislation.

  • Colorado Association of School Boards
    The Colorado Association of School Boards is your number one source for school leadership services. We know that board members who are equipped to do their jobs make education better for Colorado's children. That's why CASB's mission is to be "the collective voice of Colorado's school boards, providing leadership, advocacy, training and services for effective school governance that leads to high student achievement."

  • Connecticut State Department of Education
    The State Board of Education consists of eleven members who are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the General Assembly. Nine voting members are appointed to four-year terms. Two non-voting student members are appointed to serve one-year terms.

  • Delaware School Boards Association
    The purpose of this Association is to encourage and foster equity of thought and action of school boards and to further the educational interests in the State. A principal function of the Association is the study of school needs along with the proposal and/or support of legislation to provide for them.

  • District of Columbia Board of Education
    Listed are answers to the most commonly asked DCPS policy questions. Additional policy information can be found in the Contents.

  • Georgia School Boards Association
    The mission of the Georgia School Boards Association is to provide educational leadership, services and support to local boards of education, and to represent their collective resolve in the governance of public education.

  • Hawaii State Board of Education
    The Hawaii State Board of Education has a dual mission: (1) to set education policies for the public school system, adopt student performance standards and the means to assess them, and monitor school success in order to enable all public school students to acquire the knowledge, skills, respect for learning and attributes necessary for life-long learning and productive and responsible citizenship, and (2) to set policies and standards for the public library system and monitor progress toward their attainment in order to enable the public libraries to provide all people with the products and services necessary for literacy and life-long learning.

  • Illinois State Board of Education
    We are encouraged to report that the Illinois Learning Standards are beginning to take hold. Teachers and schools are doing a great job implementing them!

  • Indiana State Board of Education
    The Mission of the Indiana State Board of Education is to fulfill its statutory responsibility by establishing policies that promote excellence in learning for all students. The Board shall provide Leadership, Vision, and Advocacy to secure optimum educational opportunity and benefit to the citizens of Indiana.

  • Iowa Department of Education
    The Iowa Department of Education has received funding from the Iowa legislature and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to subsidize the $2,300 registration fee for applicants seeking National Board Certification. As an additional incentive, teachers will receive an award of up to $2,500 per year for a maximum of ten years of National Board Certification.

  • Kansas State Board of Education
    The Kansas State Board of Education is charged with the general supervision of public education and other educational interests in the state. While clearly acknowledging the role and importance of local control, the State Board of Education has the responsibility to provide direction and leadership for the supervision of all state educational institutions under its jurisdiction.

    Sign up for workshops and find updates on educational legislature. Find a discussion of school safety and a list of important dates.

  • Massachusetts Association of School Committes
    Contact information for the board of directors, a schedule of upcoming meetings, and a list of committee members.

  • Massachusettts Board of Education
    In September 1999, the Massachusettts Board of Education adopted a comprehensive School and District Accountability System. This system will be used to assess the effectiveness and monitor the improvement of all public schools and districts, and to hold school and district leaders accountable for that performance and improvement.

  • Michigan Association of School Boards
    The Mission of the Michigan Association of School Boards is to be responsive to the leadership needs of all Michigan Boards of Education and to serve as an advocate for public education.

  • Michigan Department of Education
    The Michigan Department of Education is the administrative arm of the State Board of Education, implementing federal and state legislative mandates in the field of education. It is comprised of 16 offices providing specialized services and outreach to the citizens of Michigan. You are invited to explore MDE's web pages and Gopher services.

  • Mississippi State Board of Education
    The State Board of Education has identified several key priorities for advancing student achievement in Mississippi. These priorities are: reading, early literacy, student achievement, teachers/teaching, leadership/principals, safe, orderly schools and technology.

  • Montana School Boards Association
    Montana School Boards Association (MSBA) is a statewide association of public school boards whose mission is to encourage and advance public elementary and secondary education through the unique American tradition of local citizen responsibility.

  • Nebraska Association of School Boards
    The mission of the NASB is to serve local boards in order to enhance public education for the children of Nebraska.

  • Nevada State Board of Education
    The Nevada State Board of Education acts as an advocate and visionary for all children and sets the policy that allows every child equal access to educational services, provides the vision for a premier educational system and works in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure high levels of success for all in terms of job readiness, graduation, ability to be lifelong learners, problem solvers, citizens able to adapt to a changing world and contributing members of society.

  • New Hampshire Department of Education
    The NH Department of Education has released the Fiscal Year 2002 data for the Cost of an Adequate Education. You may view the press release, press information packet, the FY 2002 Cost chart, and the comparison chart by municipality.

    The mission of the New Hampshire School Boards Association, as the representative of local school boards, is to provide leadership and vision in promoting excellence in education in New Hampshire.

  • New Jersey School Boards Association
    The mission of the New Jersey School Boards Association, a federation of local boards of education, deriving its authority from Public Law 18A:6-47, shall be to encourage and assist all movements for the improvement of public school education for the children of our state.

  • New Mexico State Board of Education
    The State Board of Education consists of 15 members (10 elected and 5 Governor-appointed). The Board determines public school and vocational education policy and controls, manages, and directs all public schools under provisions of applicable laws.

  • New York State Education Department
    The State Education Department is responsible for general supervision of all educational institutions in the State, for operating certain educational and cultural institutions, and for certifying teachers and certifying or licensing practitioners of thirty-eight professions. The department's supervisory activities include chartering all educational institutions in the State, including schools, libraries, and historical societies; developing and approving school curricula; accrediting college and university programs; allocating State and federal financial aid to schools; and providing and coordinating vocational rehabilitation services.

  • North Carolina State Board of Education/DPI
    Welcome to the State Board of Education/DPI page. This page contains links to information about DPI as a whole, including information about the State Board of Education, and the State Superintendent and Deputy State Superintendent. View North Carolina's Strategic Plan for Excellent Schools.

  • North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
    It is the mission of the Department of Public Instruction to provide leadership for a comprehensive system of educational opportunities for all people in North Dakota.

  • Oregon State Board of Education
    The mission of the State Board of Education is to work in partnership with local school districts, education service districts, community colleges, parents, teachers, administrators and all other concerned citizens to provide educational opportunities that develop skills and knowledge, potential, self-esteem, work force productivity and motivation for lifelong learning.

  • Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
    The mission of the Department of Education is to lead and support schools and communities in ensuring that all students achieve at the high levels needed to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

  • South Dakota Department of Education
    The South Dakota Department of Education and Cultural Affairs shall advocate for education, facilitate the delivery of statewide educational and cultural services, and promote efficient, appropriate, and quality educational opportunities for all persons residing in South Dakota.

  • Texas Commissioner of Education and State Board of Education
    The Commissioner of Education and the 15 elected members of the State Board of Education (SBOE) oversee the public education system of Texas in accordance with the Texas Education Code.

  • Utah State Board of Education
    The mission of Public Education in Utah is to be a world leader in providing the opportunities and instructional support for each student to gain the basic knowledge, understanding, and life skills necessary to be a literate, civil, responsible, and contributing citizen in a diverse, changing, and integrated society.

  • Vermont Department of Education
    Information Clearinghouse.

  • Vermont-National Education Association
    The Vermont-National Education Association is a voluntary membership organization of 9,700 Vermont teachers and education support personnel.

  • Virginia Board of Education
    Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to this page. I hope you find it informative and helpful. My goal is to share with you, on a periodic basis, important information about the Virginia Board of Education, the issues we are confronting and other items relevant to the Board's activities. The best way to accomplish this goal is for me to record entries in a journal format.

  • Washington State Board of Education
    Providing leadership,support and advocacy, through policy, so that each student achieves success in school and life.

  • West Virginia Board of Education
    The West Virginia Board of Education is established in the West Virginia Constitution. The Board is vested with general supervision of the state's 834 elementary and secondary schools.

  • West Virginia Department of Education
    The West Virginia Department of Education has information on teachers, schools, curriculum, workshops and parent involvement.

  • Wyoming State Board of Education
    The Wyoming State Board of Education will, in concert with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, ensure that all students in the state are equipped to become productive citizens in a democratic society.

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