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  • CDC - Home and Recreational Safety
    Injuries at home and at play are not accidents. They can be prevented. CDC focuses on the science behind making people safe – working to prevent leading causes of injuries, including drowning, falls, fires, and poisoning.

  • ChildSafetyTECH.com
    At ChildSafetyTECH.com, we offer some of the best child safety , pool safety, and GPS tracking devices on the market. Companies throughout the world have produced child safety products such as child tracking devices , GPS tracking devices , child pool safety / pool safety device, child locator / child monitors and handheld GPS units. These products allow parents, families, friends, and caregivers the ability to monitor and locate their children, pets, and watch over dependants who need supervision.

  • DIGIKIDS Child ID Program
    The DIGIKIDS® Child ID Program delivers peace of mind with the most advanced and effective child safety ID available today. With locations throughout the United States, DIGIKIDS® is one of the fastest growing child ID companies in the country.

  • Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet
    The companion web site to the bestselling Internet safety book 'Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet'. The site is in easy-to-understand language and shows parents to how to protect kids from peophiles, porn, spam, spyware and other Internet threats.

  • Kid Safe Family Site
    A family site dedicated to the safety and education of children.

  • Kids Traffic Safety Page
    afety tips, games, and activities teach kids how to be safe when walking or riding in cars and buses + relevant links.

  • New Child Safety Website with FREE Downloads!
    New Child Safety website with a FREE downloadable child ID safety kit and a FREE six-month e-mail reminder to update a photo of your child in case he or she goes missing. More than 2,000 children are reported missing every day and less than half of parents (46%) believe having an updated photo of their child is important and less than half of parents have an updated photo!

  • SafeKids.com
    Rules, advice, and tips relating to child security and the web.

  • Safe Kids Worldwide
    Safe Kids Worldwide is the first and only international nonprofit organization dedicated solely to preventing unintentional childhood injury.

  • Safety Kids , Inc | Children's Safety
    Safety Kids, Inc. strives to create safety awareness in children through non-fearful, age appropriate curriculum.

  • Access Control Software
    Access Control is your parental control solution to limiting access to all aspects of any computer! It has been rated the BEST parental control software on the Internet and is also EXTREMELY popular with businesses and large corporations!

  • A CyberCop Guide
    A CyberCop's Guide to Internet Child Safety," a book about Internet Safety written for parents by an actual Police Detective. This book is designed to help parents to become better informed about the problems that families of today face while on the Information Superhighway.

  • Be Net-Smart
    Tips for Kids for internet safety.

  • ChatDanger
    ChatDanger, Childnet International sponsored website giving advice to parents and children on teenage safety on the internet. How to avoid sexual abuse on the web. Advice on child welfare, how parents can better protect their children.

  • Childnet International
    Childnet International exists to make sure that the Internet becomes a great place for children and that their interests are promoted and protected.

  • Child Safety on the Web
    Teaching your children to live safely in the world is one of the most important parental duties. Teaching your children to surf safely provides additional challenges, because often the children are more competent computers users than their parents. How can parents teach their kids to surf safely?

  • COPA Commission.org
    The primary purpose of the Commission is to "identify technological or other methods that will help reduce access by minors to material that is harmful to minors on the Internet."

  • CYBERsitter
    CYBERsitter is the most advanced and effective product available for restricting access to objectionable Internet material."

  • CyberSmart Kids
    The Internet is both a terrific resource and a potential risk for kids. Being cybersmart means being safe and aware online.

  • FamiLink
    FamiLink is dedicated to the family. The only Internet access service we provide to our users is filtered. The Internet is powerful learning for the whole family.

  • Family Contract for Online Safety
    Helps for kids, parents and teachers to learn how to be safe while surfing the web. Provides several tips and precautions.

  • Filter Review
    Welcome to FilterReview.com, a resource provided by the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families to help you find the Internet safety solution that will best suit your needs.

  • ForFamily.net - Full Service Nationwide
    Full Service Nationwide Filtered ISP. We feature filtered access accounts that keep the offensive material from ever entering your home.

  • For Kids Only - Be Smart Don't Start
    This site focuses on substance abuse prevention and provides opportunities to have interactive fun and learn about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco..

  • Get Net Wise
    The Internet offers kids many opportunities for learning, constructive entertainment, and personal growth. At the same time, parents are concerned about the risks kids face online. The challenge for parents is to educate themselves and their children about how to use the Internet safely. GetNetWise can help.

  • India's Fight Against Internet Pornography
    The Goal of this website is to create a platform for those Indians who are concerned with the growing number of Pornographic and other Adult/Disruptive websites and their hazardous effects, especially on the young and impressionable minds of the children.

  • Internet Content Rating Association
    The Internet Content Rating Association is an independent, non-profit organization with offices in the US and Europe. ICRA's aim is to protect children from potentially harmful material while protecting the free speech rights of content providers. ICRA owns and operates the RSACi rating and filtering system.

  • Internet Watch Foundation UK
    Internet Watch Foundation - the UK self regulation body for removing illegal material from the Net and rating and filtering legal material.

  • I-Safe America
    I-SAFE America is an Internet Safety Education Foundation with major emphasis on empowering kids/teens with knowledge on how to act responsibly and be safe online.

  • Kidd Safety
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission introduce Kidd Safety and all of his pals. The site is geared to prevent unreasonable risks of injuries to children associated with comsumer products.

  • KidSource Online-Playground Safety
    "Failure to warn" has become a hot topic. It is the basis of many lawsuits, and sometimes may prevent many injuries on the playground. Yet many owner/operators fail to understand the importance of placing warning signs on their playgrounds.

  • Larry's World - Kids, Surfing Safety and Other Considerations
    The premier site for child safety on the Internet.

  • Mcafee Kids.Com
    Internet Safety and web surfing information for kids and parents.

  • McGruff.org
    Puzzles, tips, and stories to help children to learn important safety lessons.

  • n2h2
    N2H2 understands that parents, teachers and employers want Internet content that's relevant and appropriate for their children, students and employees. Our technology and services provide a safer, smarter and more productive Internet experience for millions of people worldwide.

  • Netsafe.org.nz
    Netsafe.org.nz - The web site of the Internet Safety Group, a government supported entity committed to keeping our kids safe on the Net. There is information for kids, parents and schools and the Internet Safety Kit is available for download.">

  • Net Smartz Kids
    NetSmartz - Online resource with interactive activites and games teaching children, teens, parents & educators safety on the Internet. Fun safe internet links for kids to Learn about Wizzywigs, Webville outlaws, and internet safety rules.

  • Online Children's Safety
    A Parent's Guide to Supervising a Child's Online and Internet Experience

  • Peaceful Playground
    Peaceful Playground Program is to introduce children and school staff to the many choices of activities available on playgrounds and field areas.

  • Playground safety
    Playgrounds are all about fun, fresh air and exercise. But in 1999, over half a million children and teens ended up in the hospital or doctor's office after suffering a playground injury. Here are some safety tips to consider when heading off to the park.

  • Protect Kids
    Kids Online, a book written by Donna Rice-Hughes, internet safety advocate.

  • Responsible Kids Network
    Parents and the Internet Encouraging safe and responsible use of the Internet.

  • Safe Access.com
    Safe Access provides a safe connection to the Internet. Family Safe Internet.

  • Safe Child
    prevention of child abuse; safety in self-care; prevention of bullying; safety around strangers

  • Sentry KIDS
    The Child ID Specialists It's Fun! It's Fast! It's Easy!

  • Slyde the Playground Hound
    Playground safety has gone to the dogs! Introducing Slyde the Playground Hound. Slyde is a loveable character full of ideas and suggestions on how kids can play safe on playgrounds. Did you know that over half a million kids are injured each year on playgrounds? Slyde aims to fix the problem with a curriculum program for kids Pre-K to 2nd grade. Kids learn all the ins and outs of playground safety from Slyde. For a free information kit, simply send us an e-mail.

  • Staying Street Smart on the Web.
    The Internet is a great place but it can also be like the real world - with safe and unsafe places for Yahooligans. If you follow these rules of the "road" you will have a better time in cyberspace, stay safe, and keep your parents worrying less.

  • Surf on the SafeSide
    SurfontheSafeside.com - The Best Internet Protection Service in the World.

  • The Internet and Your Family - from the AAP
    It is critical that your child have your guidance when learning to use the Internet. Even if your child is an experienced computer user, he needs your involvement, your experience, and your judgment.

  • The Mine Safety and Health Administration
    Hi! Welcome to the Mine Safety and Health Administration's page that was made with kids in mind.

  • The Web Tutuorial
    A highly praised set of on-line resources which teach children about different aspects of the Internet

  • Via Family Online
    The #1 provider of filtered Internet access, our filtering technology brings filtered dial-up access to thousands across the country.

  • Web Wise Kids
    The mission of WWK is to act as a internet safety resource center for parents, teachers and children.

  • Wired Kidz
    Wired Kidz is designed to teach kids how to surf safely and how to have fun doing it.

  • WiseChoice.Net
    Guard your family from Internet pornography. Works with your existing Internet provider.

  • Working to Halt Online Abuse
    WHOA is a volunteer organization founded in 1997 to fight online harassment through education of the general public, education of law enforcement personnel, and empowerment of victims.

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