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The following links are in English

  • A Complete Self-Development Course for Children
    Want to help your children Excel in studies, career, personality and life? Click www.Mindpowerguide.biz for Free info and free ebook.

  • Australian Swim School
    A year-around approach to swimming is stressed at the Australian Swim School. Learning a long term skill, like swimming, in a few weeks of lessons during the summer is expecting a lot. Most of our clients come in once or twice a week, and they do it on a year round basis. This consistent and relaxed exposure to the water is the key to making swimming an enjoyable and beneficial part of your family's lives. A swimmer of any age (3 mos. to adult) and any ability level can enter our program and find an appropriate class at any time of the year. Come feel the wonder of the world down under!

  • Bibletimes
    Resources for parents and teacher. fun for kids. Coloring pages, jigsaws, puzzles,

  • Character Productions
    Character Productions is devoted to bringing FREE character education/reading promotion/pet care storytelling programs to schools, daycare, charity organizations, businesses, and churches in North and South Carolina.

  • Fun Science Resources
    Fun Science Resources...Especially for Students

  • History for Kids - BBC
    The 'History for Kids' section of the BBC History website.

  • Kaboose Music Games
    Musical games for kids by Kaboose!

  • Kids-List
    Finding enrichment activities and events right in your neighborhood for your child is simple as 1,2,3! Music, dance, fitness, sports and more, Kids-List is the most comprehensive national resource for local kid's activities.

  • Kids Online Resources - American History
    History and Social Science - For Kids

  • Kids Online Resources - Art and Music
    A huge direcory of art and related topics for children.

  • Life Science Resources for kids and teachers
    A nice site full of links and info about scientific topics, suitable for kids.

  • Link On Learning
    At Linkonlearning we strive to assist children in reaching their fullest potential in a secure environment. Our recipe for helping children to achieve educational excellence is great curriculum, interactive lessons and a friendly, inviting environment. We are an Internet education program for students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

  • NIEHS Kids' Pages Links and Resources (Science)
    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: Resources for More Science, Fun, and Games!

  • PlayMusic.Org
    Learn about instruments, read interviews with musicians, find an orchestra or a music teacher

  • San Francisco Symphony Kids Site
    Excellent interactive site for kids, music fundamentals taught within entertaining learning experiences

  • Science Fair Center
    ScienceFairCenter.com -- This site is dedicated to helping elementary, middle, and high school students design and accomplish science fair projects involving water. The website contains information and links focusing on how to study and monitor water with growing online educational support.

  • Science/Topics & Resources for Kids
    Science.gov searches over 38 databases and 1,950 selected websites, offering 200 million pages of authoritative U.S. government science information, including research and development results.

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Explore & Learn
    Learn fascinating facts about works of art featured on the splash page.

  • Vintage Dick and Jane Readers
    We specialize in vintage Dick and Jane, readers and primers. We also carry collectible and rare children's books that are wonderful for home school as well as collectors .

  • About School
    AboutSchool.com is dedicated to helping you succeed as a student, teacher and parent! We'll provide help in a wide range of school subjects - including math, science, reading, writing, and more..

  • A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather
    Maths A to Z - an animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language. Includes definitions, animated examples, interactive activities, practice and lots of different calculators. Easy to navigate and loads quickly. Needs Flash 5.0 plugin.

  • Chase Homepage
    Grandpa Bob's web site focuses on Christian, educational and family resources for kids of all ages.

  • Childrens Technology Workshop
    The Children's Technology Workshop is a learning environment for kids to explore, invent and create by applying technology through innovative hands on projects.

  • Classroom Clipart
    Classroom clipart is a K-12 educational clipart site for students with over 22,000 images, photographsand illustrations covering many categories.

  • Color Math Pink
    Color Math Pink is here to remove the mathematical barriers that prevent girls from discovering a cure for cancer, designing an airplane, heading up a major company, traveling to Saturn as an astronaut, or designing a computer operating system.

  • Cool 4 Kids
    The largest Kids and Teens edited directory

  • CyberSleuth Kids
    Welcome to CyberSleuth-Kids.Com, an online search engine and guide for the K-12 student.

  • Dynamic Earth
    Dynamic Earth combines the very latest interpretative technology and special effects with cutting edge scientific thinking. Take a fascinating, ever-changing journey around planet Earth. Travel back through time to witness the Big Bang. Experience earthquakes, ice ages and tropical rainstorms. Travel to the depths of the oceans and fly high above towering glaciers and mountains. See, hear, feel and smell the planet as it was millions of years ago and how it might be in the future.

  • History Channel
    The History Channel is a great web site that is updated daily with great content. Access audio of famous speeches, take quizzes, discover the past and much more.

  • HoadWorks
    HoadWorks provides innovative educational content, resources, games and multimedia design promoting creativity and literacy.

  • Homework Helper
    Great resourcesand sites for students to use in doing homework

  • Homework Help Page
    A comprehensive homework help site including over 100 African American links

  • Just for Kids Only
    Justforkidsonly.com is an educational web site for children of all ages. Education is a never ending process. We learn at all ages and at all the times, until we reach our full potential. The objective of this site is to help achieve children their maximum potential.

  • Kahootz
    Kahootz is both a unique set of multimedia construction tools and a collaborative educational community running in more than 8 countries.

  • Kid Info/School Subjects
    The Best Student Homework Reference Resource

  • Kidport
    Kidport provides a unique, multi-step program to teach K-8 students thinking and learning skills.

  • Kid Rules
    You can go out there in the big big world and be confident that, You have the power of knowing what you can do and that, You have your very own rules!

  • Kid Safe Search Sites
    Fun and Educational Sites

  • Kids Page Archive
    Educational worksheets - Free worksheets for kids including math, grammar, cut and paste, mazes and wordfinds.

  • KidsPoint.org
    Activities and information just for kids!

  • Kidzwebbin
    Kidzwebbin is a fun Christian based website for children.

  • Kiz Club
    Kizclub-English Language Resources for Kids.

  • Learn.Co - Online Learning Resource
    learn.co.uk assists students, parents and teachers with GCSE curriculum subjects for lessons, revision, homework, exams, tests, teacher resources and interactive learning.

  • Lessons 4 You
    Lessons 4 You hopes to bring a wonderful variety of educational information, interactive lessons, and academic experiences to all of you who love learning!

  • Linkasaurus
    Fun, fun , fun . . . official kids web sites - toys, games, movies, tv, learning, fun, famous people and more!

  • Multnomah County Library Homework Center
    Links to web sites and pages that concentrate on K-12 homework-related subjects

  • National Camp Association
    NCA has been helping families find the right overnight programs for nearly 20 years. Our free service provides a customized search for camps for children 6-18, located here in the US and worldwide and varying from traditional general camps to specialty programs such as sports, computer, performing arts, riding, weight loss, special needs, travel, community service and many more.

  • Our First Grade Backpack
    Look inside and find great places for learning and fun. Explore them with an adult or with an adult's permission.

  • Print and Learn for Kids
    Print out a page from this site to learn or practice math concepts on paper.

  • Project HappyChild UK
    Project HappyChild is a massive project to link children all across the world.

  • Quiz Hub
    Quiz Hub - Offers interactive quizzes related to science, history, geography, English, and foreign languages.

  • Reach Every Child
    A galaxy of resources for students

  • School Friend
    The revolutionary web-based learning system that can help your child improve marks, ability and confidence!

  • School or Homework Help
    School or Homework Help provides information related to science, literature, history, and art.

  • S-Cool
    The education site for students at school in the UK. Revision and teaching materials for GCSE and A-levels, hints and tips for passing exams and much more.

  • Strange But True
    The best place on the 'net for strange facts and tidbits.

  • Super Kids (content links)
    Super-Kids Search Engine & Kids' guide to the web. Family and educational sites, magazines & games.

  • The Classroom
    A great place to find information for parents, teachers and students.

  • The Evolution of Communication
    Welcome to The Evolution of Communication Our site is an educational web site that takes visitors on a journey of discovery through the fascinating world of communication. It is about the development of verbal and non-verbal communication through human history, covering prehistoric cave drawings and hieroglyphics; the more sophisticated semaphore, telegraph, telephone, radio, and television; and today's advanced computer and satellite based systems.

  • The Learning Studio
    The Learning Studio - 10 Cool Sites, Science Explorer, Online Exhibits, Science Snacks, and more.

  • Universal Kids
    Playroom for kids from Universal Studios.

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