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  • New Survey of State Charter Schools - USC
    Many of California’s 600-plus charter schools in the past year strengthened their fiscal stability and academic progress. However, significant financial data gaps in some counties - including Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Barbara and Riverside limited the ability of policymakers and academics to analyze the relative strength of many schools.

  • About Charter Schools
    From the grassroots to the halls of Congress, CER is a guiding force behind the charter school movement in America. CER's National Charter School Assistance Center has become a primary resource for organizations seeking to establish charter schools in their communities.

  • About School Choice
    THE TRUTH ABOUT VOUCHERS: Competing claims and confusion about what school choice is, how it works, and its effectiveness have obscured a growing scholarly consensus: that school choice experiments have had largely positive effects.

  • AFT: K-12/Educational Issues Department
    The Educational Issues Department works closely with affiliates involved in K-12 education reform at the local and state levels and works to make sure these efforts lead to improvements in student achievement.

  • Are School Vouchers Constitutional?
    The question will linger until the U.S. Supreme Court delivers a definitive decision, perhaps as early as 1999. But the First Amendment's plain meaning, buttressed by an unbroken line of recent U.S. Supreme Court precedents, suggests that well-crafted school choice programs will survive constitutional scrutiny.

  • California Charter Schools
    A charter school is generally exempt from most laws governing school districts, except where specifically noted in the law. California public charter schools are required to participate in the statewide assessment test, called the STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) program. The law also requires that a public charter school be nonsectarian in its programs, admission policies, employment practices, and all other operations, and prohibits the conversion of a private school to a charter school. Public charter schools may not charge tuition and may not discriminate against any pupil on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability.

  • Charter Schools Development Center
    Our goal is to help public education make the leap from a highly-regulated, process-based system to one that allows and encourages schools to be more creative, performance-based centers of effective teaching and learning. We aim to achieve this by providing technical assistance to the charter school reform movement in California and nationally.

  • Do we need Tuition Vouchers or School Choice?
    The School Choice movement wants to change only one thing -- PARENTS get to say which school instead of the government designating one of their schools. School Choice puts child-centered funding ahead of school-centered funding.

  • "Education Week": Charter Schools
    Definitions, decsriptions, resource links related to Charter Schools.

  • NEA: Charter Schools
    Sustaining quality in a charter environment. NEA is committed to public education reform efforts that promote rigorous learning standards, decentralized and shared decision making, diverse educational offerings, and the removal of onerous administrative requirements.

  • NWREL'S Charter Schools
    NWREL provides a variety of services and information regarding Charter Schools throughout the nation. Our current projects include the development of charter school leadership training, collection and dissemination of charter school training materials, and state and school level evaluation services.

  • Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health & Welfare Fund Website
    In the past, the Health & Welfare Fund has taken the lead in educational activities. The H&W Fund has, for years, sponsored the highly successful Annual Education Conference: Programs for Teaching. We have conducted seminars for new teachers on classroom management, reading management programs, and other professional initiatives to benefit our members and our students.

  • School Vouchers Boost the Achievement
    New Study Shows that School Vouchers Boost the Achievement of Low-Income African-Americans

  • School Vouchers: Issues and Arguments
    This page brings together some of the most important sources of evidence on the outcomes of existing scholarship programs. It includes studies of both privately- and publicly-funded programs, as well as the results of a key court case.

  • School Vouchers: Position Papers
    A selection of voucher position papers both pro and con.

  • School Vouchers...sounds like a good idea but ...
    School vouchers sounds like a good idea. The State has to pay for public education. We pay taxes for education. So if I send my kids to private schools then why not have that money, in the form of a school voucher, to go to the school where my kids actually attend? Why should I pay for a school I'm not using? Private schools are better than public schools anyhow. So why give this money to inferior schools? Sound familiar? Seems to make sense.

  • School Vouchers: The Emerging Track Record (NEA)
    This overview provides information from independent evaluations of existing voucher programs, as well as other published reports, on the results thus far of these voucher programs.

  • School Vouchers: The Wrong Choice for Public Education (ADL)
    Superficially, school vouchers might seem a relatively benign way to increase the options poor parents have for educating their children. In fact, vouchers pose a serious threat to values that are vital to the health of American democracy.

  • Special Education Inclusion
    There are those who question the very idea of placing children with special needs into regular classrooms. James Kauffman of the University of Virginia views inclusion as a policy driven by an unrealistic expectation that money will be saved. Furthermore, he argues that trying to force all students into the inclusion mold can be just as coercive as trying to force all students into the mold of a special education class or institution.

  • The Manhattan Institute : Why School Vouchers Can Help Inner-City Children
    My years of experience in education have led me to be in favor of school choice: quite simply, I believe in giving parents more choice about where to educate their children. My support of school choice is founded in the common sense premise that no parent should be forced to send a child to a poorly performing school.

  • The State of Charter Schools 2000
    The National Study of Charter Schools (the Study) is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education as authorized by the 1994 amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The Study is a 4-year research program to document and analyze the charter school movement.

  • US Charter Schools
    Charter schools are nonsectarian public schools of choice that operate with freedom from many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools. The "charter" establishing each such school is a performance contract detailing the school's mission, program, goals, students served, methods of assessment, and ways to measure success.

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