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  • Broward Mommies Connection
    Welcome to our special place where you can enjoy playdates, moms night outs, family fun days, holiday parties & celebrations. We offer plenty of online support and lots of conversation! Develop new friendships in a warm and laid back atmosphere that feels "JUST LIKE HOME " ~~All children are life's little miracles~~ : BrowardMommiesConnection@yahoogroups.com Welcome to our special place where you can enjoy playdates, moms night outs, family fun days, holiday parties & celebrations. We offer plenty of online support and lots of conversation! Develop new friendships in a warm and laid back atmosphere that feels "JUST LIKE HOME " ~~All children are life's little miracles~~ : BrowardMommiesConnection@yahoogroups.com

  • GummyLump Wooden Toys
    Only unique, educational, developmental wooden toys. Large assortment. Lifetime Guarantee. ABC and building blocks to pretend play kitchens, puppet theaters and workbenches. Wooden, Peg, Knob, Jigsaw puzzles to lacing toys. Special needs, infants, toddler, preschool, kindergarten a speciality. Classic toys. Excellent learning and teaching tools for babies. Lights, Camera interaction (LCI) Melissa and Doug Lines, TC Timber, Uncle Goose, Jack Rabbit Toys, Guidecraft, Haba. Architectural Blocks as well as Alphabet blocks

  • Keep Kids Safe
    Child ID Kits and other Safety products. Fundraiser programs. New products and workshops coming in 2003!

  • Little Miracles
    Protecting our children should be the #1 reason we spend our time and money on. I have teamed up with My Precious Kids to educate parents and care givers ways to protect their little miracles. Please call Tracey at 330-699-2954 for a list of items we carry. My Precious Kid Rep TM-336

  • MOMS Club of Independence, KY
    For stay-at-home or working part-time moms of all ages with kids of all ages. Membership entitles you to attend monthly meetings, outings. MOMS Night Out, playgroups, babysitting co-ops, activity clubs and community service projects.

  • eLearningToys.Com
    eLearningToys.com sell high Quality Educational Wooden Toys from all over the world. Infant Plush, Toddler Developmental and Preschool Learning Toys. Many award winning toys. Flat shipping rate $3.95. Free Gift Wrapping all year long.

  • Kidcore.Com
    Kidcore was established in February 1996 in Arlington, Texas. We offer a unique collection of educational toys, games, and activities. Our products are carefully chosen to help parents interact with children in a positive way thereby enhancing confidence and creativity in every child. We are confident that you will find our products an exceptional value that your child will enjoy for many years. We encourage you to browse our online store. Kidcore strives to enhance your child's learning as well as challenge their creative thinking and give them the freedom to dream. Classics Pretend 'n Play Doll Play Tools of the Trade In The Kitchen Wooden Toys Bathtime In The Garden Creative Centers Making Music Games Outdoor Erector Snappit Gears! Gears! Gears! Wooden Building Sets Outdoor Fun! Activities Swings n Things Ride-ons

  • Toddler Cozy Daycare Bedding
    Premium quality bedding for daycare, preschool and home child care environment. Cot and sleep mat covers, toddler blankets, pillows and nap sets. Wholesale pricing direct to all daycare providers and free shipping always.

  • AAFSW Playgroup
    The AAFSW Playgroup was founded in 1997 by a group of stay-at-home Foreign Service parents that had recently returned to the Washington area. Since then, with the support of the American Association of Foreign Service Women, the playgroup has grown to include members from the State Department and other foreign affairs agencies.

  • Alaska Snowbabies
    Welcome to the AK Snowbabies Mommy&Me group. We are a group of mothers and children of different ages who come together several times a month so that our children can interact and play together and so that we, as well, can have our own adult interaction and conversation but most of all to create long lasting friendships.

  • American's Women Association of Vienna
    The American Women's Association of Vienna is a nonprofit organization originally founded to assist American women living in Vienna and to aid community and charitable organizations primarily in Austria.

  • American Women's Club of Oslo - Norway
    We are homemakers, professionals, students, women in the Norwegian work force, spouses of Norwegians, representatives of U.S. firms and institutions, educators, entertainers -- women from all walks of life

  • American Women's Club of Zurich
    We are the American Women's Club of Zurich (AWCZ), a dynamic organization of more than 500 women who have at least one thing in common - we are either American or have close ties to the U.S. We are interested in an English-speaking forum in Zurich providing a variety of social, cultural and philanthropic activities.

  • Bendrigg Trust UK
    The Bendrigg Trust was established in 1978 to specialise in courses and activities for disabled and disadvantaged young people. During this period we have developed a reputation as one of the most versatile and forward thinking residential centres in the country. Groups enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities and, at the same time learn a great deal about themselves and others.

  • Benenden Pre-School Playgroup - England
    Benenden Pre-School Playgroup, St. George's Rooms, Benenden, Kent A non-profit making organisation run by a committee of parents.

  • Blacktown District Playgroups
    Blacktown District Playgroups blktnpgp@hotkey.net.au is an affiliated member of the Playgroup Association of NSW Inc.

  • Bradford-Net Playgroups
    BREC operates public park and recreation facilities and programs throughout East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA.

  • Camp Dark Waters
    Camp Dark Waters is a camp for about ninety boys and girls under Friends (Quaker) leadership.

  • Casa Mia Montessori Playgroup - Australia
    Casa Mia Playgroup operates Friday mornings between 9.30 - 11.30 a.m. Children enjoy outdoor activities, practical life activities, preparing their morning tea and washing their dishes.

  • Chesapeake Children's Museum
    Hands-on activities, playgroups and events for children and caregivers centered on learning about the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Children's Play in Devon
    Welcome to Children's Play in Devon Throughout Devon people are working hard providing play opportunities for children. This work is vital for the physical and social development of children and the healthy future of our communities.

  • Christian stay at Home Moms and Tots Playgroup
    Welcome to our web site. We are a Christian stay at home moms and tots playgroup located in Mobile County. We get together once a month for field trips and stuff.

  • Clubs for Moms
    Welcome to Clubs for Moms! Here you will find local clubs, playgroups and many resources to help you locate one in your area.

  • COLAGE Chapters
    COLAGE Chapters provide local community, support, and fun for children of all ages with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parents.

  • Colorful Moms
    Organization providing support for mothers. All are welcome. Participate in potluck dinners, playgroups, mothers night out, babysitting co-op, family days, park days.

  • Contra Costa Parents of Multiples
    We are a non-profit organization that provides support, information and the sharing of experiences on the birth, care and raising of twins, triplets and higher order multiples.

  • Daddee.com
    daddee.com is website dedicated to building community and providing support for fathers. Our website hopes to bring fathers together to network, share experiences and to learn from one another.

  • Dad Stays Home
    A site dedicated to supporting and encouraging those in two-parent households to have one parent stay home to raise the children.

  • Dad to Dad
    DAD-to-DAD is a group of at-home dads who want their children to have an opportunity to have interaction and friendships with other children.

  • Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas
    Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas Inc. is an international network of 76 independent clubs with a combined membership of over 16,000 women in 36 countries worldwide.

  • Ferring Funtime Community Playgroup - England
    Provides useful information about who we are and what we do, if you are new to Ferring Funtime

  • Friendship Playground
    Friendship Playground Pacifica's newest and largest playground.

  • Full House Mothers of Multiples
    Full House Mothers of Multiples is a nonprofit support group designed to educate, assist, and support parents, expectant parents and legal guardians of multiple birth children.

  • Haverhill Family Network Playgroups
    The Haverhill Family Network sponsors several playgroups which are taking place at the Family Center, located on the corner of Wingate and Essex Streets in Haverhill. All playgroups are offered at no charge to parents. Pre-registration is required. We are always looking for parent ideas and suggestions in planning new groups.

  • High Desert Mothers of Multiples Club
    Weclome to the Hesperia area - High Desert Mothers of Multiples Club

  • Home Dad Link
    Home-Dad Link is an organisation aiming to promote social contact between dads at home, single fathers, their children and families.

  • HomeDad UK
    HomeDad UK is the national network for the growing number of fathers who are the main carers of their children, whether they are at home full-time or fit work around childcare.

  • Howrah Playgroup - Australia
    Playgroup caters for babies, toddlers, and pre-school children up to five years of age. It is a place for you to meet other parents and carers, and for your child to learn through play.

  • Hudson Prairie Parent Group
    The Hudson Prairie Parent Group provides meaningful contributions toward the development of the children of the school.

  • International Women's Contact Utrecht - Netherlands
    The IWCU was founded in 1992 with the intentions of providing an opportunity for contact and support amongst English speaking women residing in the Netherlands.

  • Kids Club Click
    This is KIDS CLUB CLICK, a new site designed and built by a mother who has been so frustrated in surfing the net locating kids-related information around Stockport area.

  • Kindle Park
    A broadband Playground for Kids ages 2-6!

  • Little Kid's Contact
    Located in South Caulfield, we are a Playgroup and Occasional Care Centre. Run by a group of parents, our centre is special for we employ a trained activities co-ordinator who plans weekly programmes which encourage learning through participation.

  • Lyminge Pre-School Playgroup - England
    A safe and welcoming place for your child to make friends, play, learn and make a smooth transition to school.

  • Madar-Pedar Iranian
    We are a group of Iranian parents who share our concerns about raising bi-cultural children. Madar-Pedar is modeled after the UCB-Parents which is a network of parents who are affiliated with UC Berkeley. Though UCB-Parents is a wonderful supportive and informative resource for parents, there is a need for first generation immigrant parents to discuss specific issues of culture, share concerns, and seek help from each other by networking.

  • Matching Moms
    Matching Moms exists to help you meet other mothers of young children who live near you. Our experience shows us that while new motherhood is tremendously rewarding, it can also be isolating and difficult.

  • Millbrook Playgroup
    OnlinePlaygroup is the Internet resource for finding, starting and managing a playgroup! OnlinePlaygroup offers an extensive directory of hundreds of playgroups worldwide, plus practical information on how to start a playgroup and free online tools to manage your playgroup.

  • Mom 2 Many
    Mom2Many.com is an internet community for Canadian parents of twins, triplets and higher order multiples featuring articles, a journal, discussion forums, free classified ads, free auction services and a list of resources for Canadian parents.

  • Mommies and Kids
    Mommies and Kids is an organization of social clubs for all mothers, stay at home mothers and working mothers, their children and the entire family. The clubs arrange weekly playgroups, newsletters, field trips, family events, parties, socials, mom's night out, a babysitting co-op, activity clubs, and support groups.

  • Mommies Club House
    The Place for moms to join other moms and share the joys of parenting.

  • Mommyvilles
    Mommyvilles list is a place for us to go to chat about anything!

  • Moms & Tots - Alaska
    Moms & Tots (formerly Bayshore Moms & Tots) is a way for mothers with small children in the Anchorage, Alaska area, to meet other moms.

  • Moms Unlimited
    Moms Unlimited was created for Moms all over the globe, to be able to reach out to other Moms, who are feeling and sharing the same experiences as themselves.

  • Mother and Toddler Playgroups
    The Plano Chapter of Mothers & More is playgroups.

  • Mothers Center of Fort Collins
    The Mothers' Center of Fort Collins is a non-profit outreach organization committed to raising the status of women as mothers. Our mission is to provide education, research, and support services to women and families, to enhance self-esteem, ban isolation and encourage quality parenting.

  • Mothers First
    Mothers First creates communities that support and encourage women in their decision to stay at home with their young children.

  • MotherWise
    MotherWise is a non-denominational national Christian training and support ministry for mothers. MotherWise is targeted to mothers of all ages and stages in life -- from new moms to grandmothers.

  • Neighborhood Parents Network
    Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN) is an independent, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization which provides neighborhood and community forums to support and educate East San Francisco Bay Area children and their parents.

  • Newcomers Club Worldwide
    The Newcomers Club Worldwide Directory was created to help you locate clubs and organizations designed to give people new to the area the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with others who live in the area.

  • OnlineECHO - Alabama
    Welcome to OnlineECHO.com, the web site for the Elmore County Homeschool Organization (ECHO). ECHO is a support group for all families in the greater Wetumpka and Millbrook areas of Elmore County, Alabama, who homeschool.

  • Parent Club UK
    Parentclub provides on-line help for people with children, from great days out to fun and innovative furniture, cool clothes to health and advise, great holidays to toys and games and much more.

  • Parent Community Playgroup
    Parent community playgroups provide an opportunity for young children and their parents or caregiver to participate in group social and play activities.

  • Parenting SA Australia
    Finding out where to go and who can help when you are having difficulties as a parent can be confusing. Here you can find out where to go for counselling, parent groups and other parenting supports

  • Parent Talk
    A family support network...where children, parents, and friendships grow.

  • Patacake
    Welcome to Patacake.com, an interactive community dedicated to parenting information, fun for kids, games for children, a family safe search and much more.

  • Playgrouping Victoria
    Welcome to Playgrouping Victoria online. Our aim is to make it easy for you to find out everything you ever wanted to know about playgroup. Here you can find a playgroup near you.

  • Playgroups and Activity Groups
    List of Playgroups and Activity Groups

  • Pleasanton Mothers Club
    Pleasanton Mothers Club (PMC) is a community organization designed to offer support, friendship and social opportunities to mothers and their families. We offer many activities, outings and events in an effort to meet a variety of needs and interests

  • Rothesay Playgroup Online
    Offers a playgroup, out of school service, and day care.

  • Smart Moms Baby-sitting Co-op
    The purpose of a Baby-sitting Co-op is to help mothers-of-preschoolers have time-out so moms can better care for themselves, their families, and each other.

  • Stay at home Moms
    Stay at home Moms ( SAHM ) face a unique challenge. We are doing what we feel is right for our families, but many times society looks down on us.

  • Success by Six in Swanton, Vermont
    Success by Six means a great start for Swanton Kids! Our goal is to help families provide their children with a healthy beginning and success upon entry to school.

  • Tamba Club
    Tamba is a registered charity in the United Kingdom for all parents with twins, triplets, quads, quins, sextuplets or more - to help them meet the challenge of their unique experience! We aim to provide information and mutual support networks for families with twins or more, highlighting their unique needs to all involved in their care

  • TDSN Dads Playgroup
    The TDSN has a playgroup for children with Ds that meets each week on alternating Monday and Friday mornings. The ages range from 5mos to 3 years and is a great time for the moms to chat and the kids to make fast friends.

  • The Baby Hui - Hawaii
    The Baby Hui: Infants and Toddlers is a statewide network of neighborhood- based support groups for parents of children from birth to age three. The Baby Hui helps families celebrate the joys and cope with the stresses of raising young children.

  • The Family Center of Florence County - Wisconsin
    The Family Center of Florence County invites parents to take a break from the laundry, dishes, cleaning, and phone to spend quality uninterrupted time with the special youngster(s) in their lives. Enjoy the company of other families, share parenting experiences, explore your child's creative talents with arts and crafts, enjoy snacks,and experience good old-fashioned fun!

  • The Mom Pack
    The Mom Pack includes sharing all kinds of advertising opportunities, both on and offline, through information swaps, link exchanges, and more.

  • The National Program for Playground Safety
    Welcome to the National Program for Playground Safety web site! We're proud to be your resource for information on playground safety.

  • The Parent Club
    The Parenting Club is devoted to providing you with as many resources as possible to help insure the best quality of life for your children.

  • Tiddly-Winks Playgroup
    Tiddly-Winks Playgroup meets at the Community Centre in Drayton, Queensland. Our playgroup is for Children aged from 0-5 years and their Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers, with older brothers and sisters welcome to join us in school holidays.

  • Tiny Tots Playgroup
    At Tiny Tots we aim to provide a safe, happy and secure environment. We aim to develop your childs physical, intellectual, emotional, linguistic and social skills through play.

  • Triangle Down Syndrome Network - North Carolina
    Triangle Down Syndrome Network exists to support and connect families of children with Down syndrome by organizing and promoting activities.

  • Twinsclub.co.uk
    Welcome to Twinsclub.co.uk, the UK based multiples website for parents and parents to be, of Twins, Triplets, Quads and More..

  • Wellingborough & Kettering Twins Club
    We are a club which has been running for about 22 years, a voluntary organization and we aim to offer, information, support and friendship to anyone who is expecting twins or more, or who has experienced the birth of twins or more and anyone who may come into contact with such families.

  • West Side Family Place
    West Side Family Place Society is a family resource program that allows families to meet, make new friends, gain a sense of community and receive ongoing support and assistance in efforts to raise healthy, happy children. Our web presence offers information and support to parents and caregivers with young children.

  • Women's Club of Berne - Bern, Switzerland
    The American Women's Club of Bern (AWC Bern) is a nonpolitical organization sponsoring social, cultural, and charitable activities in and around Bern, Switzerland.

  • Young Aussie Mums - Australia
    The Young Aussie Mums web site has a list of various playgroups from all over Australia.

The following links are in Dutch

  • ParentPreneur Club
    The ParentPreneur Club is a "one-stop shop" for mothers and fathers who are striving to raise happy, healthy families as well as their standard of living, in a state of balance. We offer news, advice, networking opportunities and the most complete and detailed descriptions of low-cost, home-based business ventures available online.

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