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  • Alabama/Montgomery: Carver Elementary Magnet
    Quality elementary magnet school located in Montgomery.

  • Arkansas Interdistrict Magnet School Programs
    The Interdistrict Magnet Review Committee (MRC) assists patrons with the selection of a magnet school or program in the Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Pulaski County Special School Districts. of central Arkansas.

  • Bay Point Elementary Magnet - Florida
    Bay Point Elementary Magnet is the southernmost elementary in the Pinellas County School District.

  • California/Bell: Nueva Vista Elementary/Visual and Performing Arts Magnet
    The Nueva Vista Visual and Performing Arts Magnet is comprised of a variety of artistic disciplines. Our students can choose between Drama, Vocal Performance, Orchestra, Dance, Art and Advanced Art for their emphasis.

  • California/Los Angeles: Humphreys Math, Science, & Technology Magnet
    We offer our students a challenging instructional program with an emphasis on Math and Science, delivered through hands-on investigations and use of computers and multimedia technology. Our interdisciplinary approach connects various subject areas through the use of topics, themes, and issues to insure our students have a well-rounded program.

  • Carver Community Magnet Middle School, Florida
    Carver Community Middle School support the mission to provide equitable opportunity for all students to attain those academic and social skills necessary to become productive and successful members of society.

  • Connecticut/New Haven: East Rock Magnet School
    East Rock Magnet School is a K-8 school located in New Haven, CT. The New Haven Public Schools, the Federal Magnet School Program and various grants throughout the year fund it. Its major sponsorships include Compaq Computer, Microsoft, Asante Technologies, Yale University and Comcast Cable. The major emphasis is on technology and global studies.

  • Connecticut/South Norwalk: Columbus Magnet School
    By coming together and celebrating our differences, we have created a very special place to learn. Our differences aren't the only things that make Columbus unique. In fact, there are many unique facets to our school.

  • David Daniels Magnet School - Texas
    David Daniels Magnet School, we are focused and dedicated toward molding the lives of children. All students can learn when provided proper guidance and support from the faculty, parents, community and administration.

  • East Rock Magnet School
    East Rock Magnet School is a K-8 school located in New Haven, CT.

  • Edgecombe County Magnet Schools - North Carolina
    Consisting of four schools, the Magnet School Program provides more options for the children of Edgecombe County. While both traditional schools and magnet schools provide a solid core of instruction in the basics - reading, writing, math, and science - magnet schools offer an extensive array of electives in mathematics, science, computer technology, and at the elementary level Montessori education.

  • Florida/Belle Glade: Gove Elementary School
    The Gove International Studies Magnet is a high level dual language program open to students who wish to adquire the ability to function in a multicultural society. The magnet program provides content area instruction in both English and Spanish. Using this approach, our students achieve high levels of literacy and academic performance in both languages.

  • Florida/Boynton Beach: Poinciana Elementary School
    Magnet programs in Math, Science and Technology.

  • Florida/Delray Beach: Morikami Park Elementary School
    Morikami Park Elementary School is committed to "Educating Today's Children for Tomorrow's World"- Working together with Open minds to develop Responsible and respectful citizens who are Lifelong learners Dedicated to productivity with a global society.

  • Florida/Duval: Magnet Schools
    Directory of elementary magnet schools in Duval County Florida.

  • Florida/Fort Myers: Franklin Park Magnet School
    Franklin Park Magnet is a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade district-wide STEM (science, technology, environment and mathematics) magnet school emphasizing engineering and math. Franklin Park Magnet School staff brings dynamic, successful, innovative teaching to our students.

  • Florida/Fort Myers: Gateway Magnet School
    Gateway Elementary Magnet School focuses on Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences and brain research theory. It states that there are eight ways that a person can show intelligence: They are: Verbal, Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Musical, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist. Teachers plan lessons that incorporate these eight intelligences and emphasize the students' areas of strength.

  • Florida/Miami: Morningside Elementary
    The Magnet Program offers an International Education Curriculum with an emphasis on the following languages: Japanese, French and Spanish. The program provides all students with a high quality multicultural education by engaging them in meaningful, relevant and exciting experiences. The students explore the languages, the arts, and the cultures of people from around the world.

  • Florida/Pinellas County Schools: Magnet Schools
    Currently, Pinellas County offers nine different programs for its elementary school pupils: five fundamental schools and four magnets. Students in grades K through 5 have an exceptional range of opportunity and choice in program options. These programs are available to students living anywhere in the school district.

  • Florida/Tampa: Hillsborough County Magnet
    Directory of elementary magnet schools in Hillsborough County, Florida.

  • Florida/Tampa: Philip Shore Elementary School of the Arts
    Philip Shore Elementary School of the Arts -- Visual, Performing, and Communication -- will cultivate the whole child, gradually building many kinds of literacy while developing intuition, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity into unique forms of expression and communication.

    Admission is open to all Kindergarten age children in Palm Beach County. Children transferring from Montessori schools can be admitted into other grades on an individual basis depending on available space and racial balance. Nortboro is one a several magnet schools in Palm Beach County that offers an educational choice to parents. The Montessori program at Northboro began in August of 1995 and will eventually include classes through the sixth grade.

  • Fremont Magnet Elementary School - California
    Fremont Elementary is a Pre-K through 6th grade public school. There are approximately 1,060 students that attend Fremont.

  • Gardendale Elementary Magnet School
    Gardendale Elementary Magnet School, located on Merritt Island, FL offers unique programs in the areas of Performing Arts, Arts & Cultures, Math & Science, and Microsociety.

  • Georgia/Macon: Winship-Magnet
    The units of study for the geography/history focus were designed by the staff at Winship Magnet School with the support of consultants from Wesleyan College. Through direct instruction, demonstrations, and cooperative learning activities, the students learn about history/geography within an integrated curriculum. The approach is cross-disciplinary involving the arts, humanities, reading/language arts, literature, science, and mathematics.

  • Gifted and Talented Magnet Schools
    List of Independent United States Gifted and Talented Magnet Schools.

  • Illinois/Champaign: Bottenfield Elementary School
    In 1995, Bottenfield was recognized as one of the top 60 schools in the nation for overall excellence. Bottenfield also served as a model for implementation of full inclusion for special needs students.

  • Illinois/Champaign: B. T. Washington Elementary School
    B. T. Washington Elementary School was constructed in 1950 and presently houses 271 K-5 students. Prior to 1998, it served as the district's elementary magnet school. With a "Schools of Choice" focus on the humanities and global studies, B.T. Washington offers French and Spanish and visual/performing arts. In the area of global studies, each grade level chooses a continent, selecting specific countries within the continent upon which to focus. Students learn about the customs, geography and culture of the selected countries.

  • Indiana/Indianapolis: Indian Creek Science & Math
    Indian Creek Elementary is a science, math, and technology emphases magnet school. Our diverse student population enjoys an integrated curriculum developed around science themes in a technology-rich environment.

  • John D. Spreckels Bilingual Magnet School - California
    Spreckels is a K-5 elementary school in the University City area of San Diego. The school serves 659 ethnically diverse students.

  • Jo Mackey Magnet School
    Jo Mackey Magnet School for Academic Enrichment and Global Studies

  • Kansas/Wichita: Kellogg Science and Technology Magnet Elementary School
    Kellogg has a rich tradition of excellence. Being a neighborhood magnet school Kellogg continues to have families choose to remain here each year of their elementary career. Kellogg Magnet emphasizes the importance of science and technology through the study of earth, physical and life sciences.

  • Kentucky/Lexington: Stonewall Traditional Magnet Elementary School
    Stonewall received the Flag of Excellence in 1984, 1986, 1987 and 1989 and served as a pilot school for the Southern Association School Renewal Project.

  • LAUSD District A Magnet Schools
    List of LAUSD District A Magnet Schools

  • LAUSD District G Gifted Magnet Schools
    District G Gifted and Highly Ability Magnet Schools and Schools For Advanced Studies.

  • LAUSD Magnet Schools
    Special learning centers for students living in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • Louisiana/Baton Rouge: The Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts
    The Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts is a K - 5 elementary magnet school, serving approximately 400 students from East Baton Rouge Parish. Enriching studies in dance, art, drama, music and creative writing are woven into all areas of instruction by teachers trained in the expressive and performing arts.

  • Magnet School of the Deaf
    Magnet School of the Deaf is to provide Deaf children - early childhood through 12th grade -- an education that is Deaf-friendly, supportive of the child's home, and managed by the parents, the Deaf community and the school personnel.

  • Magnet Schools and Programs of Palm Beach County, Florida
    The Palm Beach County School District is a leader in the quality and diversity of education offered to students. Magnet Programs offer educational choices in Palm Beach County schools.

  • Magnet Schools in Duval County - Florida
    List of Elementary,Middle, High Magnet Schools in Duval County, Florida.

  • Magnet Schools of Texas
    agnet Schools of Texas(MSTX) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to promoting desegregation, equity and excellence through the expansion and improvement of magnet schools.

  • Maryland/Landover: Pullen Arts Magnet School
    The Creative and Performing Arts School is designed to develop the interests and talents of students in the arts and at the same time enhance the academic discipline, through an interdisciplinary approach stressing creativity, artistic expression, and culture. Experiences and training that will challenge and develop the interested child as well as the artistically talented child will be afforded by the curriculum.

  • Maryland/Mitchelville: Kingsford Elementary
    Kingsford Elementary, a communications and academic magnet school located in Prince George's County, Maryland, currently serves over 1000 students.

  • Mathematics Magnet Schools
    Independent list of United States Mathematics Magnet Schools.

  • Minnesota/St. Paul: American Indian Magnet School
    At the American Indian Magnet School students study the rich history, culture and language of dominant tribes including Ojibwe and D/Lakota. A strong sense of community is built through an emphasis on core values including respect, gratitude, humility, patience, cooperation, and environmental concerns. Ojibwe and D/Lakota specialists also provide language and cultural opportunities for the students and staff.

  • Minnesota/St. Paul: Capitol Hill Magnet School
    The School Board of the St. Paul Public Schools originally established what is now Capitol Hill as a full-time program for gifted students. The sole mission of Capitol Hill Magnet School is "challenging academically gifted and talented students in a diverse school community."

  • Mississippi/Laurel: Nora Davis Magnet Elementary (Grades PK-6)
    Nora Davis Magnet School's mission is to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing, guiding, challenging, and incorporating the arts, technology, and academics with the purpose of educating the whole child to their highest level of achievement while fostering growth in positive social emotional behaviors and attitudes.

  • Mississippi/Laurel: Oak Park Magnet Elementary (Grades K-6)
    Oak Park is the district's largest elementary school and is actually a "school within a school." A magnet program is offered focusing on international studies. The faculty and staff at Oak Park are very excited about the new programs being offered in the fall, including a "fast track program."

  • Nebraska/Omaha: Fullerton Magnet Center
    Fullerton Magnet Center offers unique programs in communication skills and electronic media. All students in grades K-6 practice communication skills daily. Writing across the curriculum is particularly emphasized. At the second through sixth grade levels, special units requiring students to perform research, write, use electronic media, and make presentations are taught.

  • Nebraska/Omaha: Skinner Magnet
    The mission of the Skinner Magnet Center is to educate each student to their fullest potential through a curriculum focused on the unique features of the magnet center --- mathematics, technology, and communication arts.

  • New Jersey/Pennsauken: Burling Magnet School
    Burling Magnet School draws students from all areas of the district. Parents voluntarily send their children to our school because of its unique, educationally sound program. The magnet program attempts to develop a sense of responsibility, confidence, and pride in achievement as the students experience their individual progress.

  • New York/Albany: Albany School of Humanities
    Prekindergarten through grade six elementary magnet school Full-day prekindergarten and kindergarten programs Uses dance, music, literature, social studies and science to promote multicultural awareness

  • NewYork: Balmville School
    The mission of Balmville School is to prepare students to achieve on or above grade level and to become inquisitive problem solvers and lifelong learners. In a family-oriented environment, Balmville students respect authority and exhibit attributes including responsibility, citizenship and confidence. The instructional program excites children to learn by utilizing modern technology, literature and project -based learning.

  • New York: Fostertown ETC Magnet School
    The mission of Fostertown ETC Magnet School is to produce an effective communicator who has a sense of civilization, is creative and able to critically assess what is read, seen and heard.

  • New York: Horizons-on-the-Hudson Magnet School
    The Mission of Horizons-on-the-Hudson Magnet School is to produce highly-motivated, risk-taking students who use their own gifts and talents to be successful in their life endeavors. This will be accomplished in a caring, productive learning environment using many, varied, and unusual instructional strategies to enrich the mandated curriculum, as well as providing innovative educational experiences for all.

  • New York: Meadow Hill Global Explorations School
    We, the community of Meadow Hill Global Explorations School, believe that all children can learn and have a responsibility in the learning process. We are dedicated to helping create a safe and nurturing school atmosphere and to developing and integrating each child's academic, social, physical and emotional potential.

  • New York/Schenectady :Martin Luther King Math, Science, Technology & Invention
    We, the members of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Math, Science, Technology and Invention Magnet School community, believe that all children can learn. Students will acquire the skills and knowledge to successfully participate in a multi-cultural and technological world. Students participate in activities and experiences appropriate to their learning styles and levels of development, in an environment structured around math, science, technology, and invention.

  • North Carolina/Raleigh: Fuller Elementary
    Fuller Elementary will successfully meet the needs of all children, preparing them for a changing mathematical, scientific and technological world. We believe experiential learning is the foundation for successful school experiences.

  • North Carolina/Raleigh: Hunter Magnet Elementary
    The primary goal at Hunter is to improve academic achievement in all students through clear objectives, high expectations, a wide variety of instructional strategies and a sense of physical and emotional security.

  • North Carolina/Raleigh: Underwood GT Magnet Elementary
    Underwood GT Magnet offers a challenging and nurturing program that meets the needs of a diverse population. Collaborative efforts between staff, parents, administration, students, and the community foster a supportive child-oriented environment.

  • Phillips School Magnet North Carolina
    Phillips School is located in Edgecombe County in the coastal plains of eastern North Carolina.

  • Roanoke City Magnet Schools - Virginia
    Roanoke has the largest magnet school program in Virginia and Ofers exciting schools for students in grades K-12.

  • South Carolina/Columbia: Center for Inquiry
    The students, parents and staff of the Center for Inquiry, a genuine collaboration between the University of South Carolina and Richland School District II, are responsible for developing ourselves as more thoughtful, caring and intelligent people who delight in learning and are committed to creating a more compassionate, equitable, knowledgeable and democratic world!

  • South Carolina/Columbia: Center for Knowledge
    Character virtues are supported in our program. We believe that it is vital to work with families to strengthen the character development in students. Each month our school focuses on a different character trait. This is done through school meetings where guest speakers speak on the traits of focus and students participate in skits, songs, poetry and other dramatizations that depict the character trait being taught.

  • Sunset View Elementary Magnet School
    The Sunset View Elementary Magnet School Foundation supports many Sunset View activities including the Spanish Foreign Language Program, Fine Arts and Technology.

  • Texas: Dudley Magnet Academy of Scholars
    The mission of Dudley Magnet Academy of Scholars, the Gifted and Talented Elementary campus, is to enable all students to excel academically, socially, and emotionally in a safe environment. We will accomplish this using an evolving, enriched curriculum to promote critical and creative thinking, individual student talents, and the ability to adapt to a changing, multi-ethnic world.

  • Texas/Houston: Ashford Elementary School
    To provide and maintain a positive learning climate. Productive educational experiences are provided by teachers, administrators, parents and the community to all students in order to build a foundation for future academic and social success.(magnet)

  • Texas/Houston: River Oaks Elementary School
    River Oaks is a Neighborhood and Magnet Vanguard school serving a culturally and economically diverse group of about 600 students in kindergarten through grade five. The mission of our school community is to produce critical, creative, and disciplined thinkers who are successful in individual and collaborative situations and have a love of learning, a sense of responsibility, and a respect for others.

  • Texas/Houston: Wesley Academy Magnet School
    The goal of the Wesley Academy for Aerospace Science and Mathematics Magnet School is to enhance the educational program for all students at Wesley. Students are offered educational opportunities and technological experiences which will prepare them to succeed. The school strives to instill in students an appreciation for lifelong learning, and the ability to learn to work cooperatively in a multiethnic society, the students' ability to apply critical-thinking skills in problem-solving situations is fostered.

  • Texas/Richardson: Math/Science/Technology Magnet
    RISD Schools : Elementary : Math/Science/Technology Magnet

  • United States Magnet Schools
    This page provides an independent list of United States Magnet Schools.

  • Vintage Elementary Magnet - California
    Vintage Math, Science and Technology Magnet is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, and is LEARN elementary school. Grades 1-5 is a full magnet, while our kindergarten is open to our residential kindergartners.

  • Virginia/Roanoke: Magnet Elementary Schools
    Directory of magnet elementary schools located in Roanoke, Virginia.

  • Wiley Elementary School International Magnet: North Carolina/Raleigh
    In this international setting we are developing citizens of the world where communication and technology are integral components of our teaching and learining environment.

  • Windsor Hills Magnet School - California
    Windsor Hills Magnet School. We are proud of our school, student, parents, community and our staff.

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  • Oregon/Eugene: Magnet Arts Elementary School
    Magnet Arts, established in 1974, offers a curriculum that balances a strong academic program with an emphasis on visual and performing arts. The staff believes the teaching of the arts fosters development of intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and physical human traits.

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