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The following links are in English

  • KidLanguages
    Kidlanguages is dedicated to helping parents raise multilingual children. The site features articles and books by experts on bilingual education and offers links to buy foreign language books, DVDs, toys and games for kids. Kidlanguages believes that learning languages should be fun and should start at home.

  • Learn Greek
    Cactus language is a member of the Travel Trust Association that offers language and activity courses through out the world. in an unique approach.

  • Learning kannada
    Information about learning kannada. Kannada made easy.

  • Learn Italian in Italy at Italian Language Schools
    Schools in Pisa and in seaside city Viareggio. Offers courses on Italian language for foreigners, semester and summer study abroad programs. Also features intensive courses, individual tutoring, and classes in cooking and art.

  • Online Dictionary
    Online Dictionary in 7 modern languages: English French German Italian Spanish Russian Chinese Japanese

  • SpaniCity - Learn Spanish
    Learn Spanish with audio lessons, vocabulary, grammar, phrasebook and a list of Spanish teachers around the world

  • The Helen Doron Early English fo rteaching infants and children ESL
    Helen Doron Early English is the most highly acclaimed international method of teaching English to infants and children.

  • Anotek Learn Language
    Anotek specializes in multimedia interactive methods to learn Languages. Our products and course materials use high technology to simplify and enhance learning.

  • Canadian Parents for French British Columbia and Yukon
    Canadian Parents for French - British Columbia & Yukon Branch.

  • CLAS (Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services) Early Childhood Research Institute
    The materials and resources available on this site reflect the intersection of culture and language, disabilities and child development.

  • Cool CD's For Learning Languages
    Rap, Dance, Pop, Salsa, Jazz, Reggae: CD's of groovy songs for learning French, Spanish, Japanese, English-ESL.

  • Developing Language With Your Child
    Language development begins during the first few months of life as infants respond to the sounds around them. Parents soon recognize their baby's different cries for different needs.

  • English as a Second Language
    Education Bilingual and classroom teachers working with K-12 language minority students will find a wealth of information.

  • ESL Kid Stuff
    An ESL kids resource center for English teachers and parents. Over 800 flashcards, hundreds worksheets, lots of games, ESL job postings and lots, lots more.

  • French Education
    Learning french,our parisian born author created a unique interactive childrens french language program utilizing audiocassettes, storybooks, activity boards, flashcards, and musical CDs.

  • HandSpeak: Sign Language Dictionary Online
    HandSpeak is a visual or sign language dictionary online. It's a great learning towards your wholistic communication.

  • IES Language Foundation
    The IES Language Foundation is a National 501(C) 3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to making available, throughout the world, the best possible methodologies for enabling children to acquire a second language. At the same time we seek to make their exposure to second languages and cultures a positive and enjoyable experience.

  • Italian Language School
    Spirito Italiano is a small Italian language school in Florence that, with its communicative teaching method, suits any student. Courses are adapted to the wish and capacity of students. Learn Italian in a friendly atmosphere at a good price!

  • Language Camps
    Language camps for kids by region.

  • My Best English
    A series of educational videos for babies and young children. Supervised by primary school teachers, This program will be a wonderful gift to any child.

  • Pimsleur Language Programs
    Anyone can learn a foreign language, and learn it well -- with the right teaching system. The Pimsleur Method, which utilizes your innate language-learning skills through listening and speaking instead of reading textbooks, is that system.

  • Say Hello to the World
    Listen to people around the world say hello in their languages and learn to say it with them. This site also offers fun language lessons, language dictionaries and more.

  • Second/Foreign Language for Kids
    English as a Second/Foreign Language for Kids - Resources for children, teachers, and parents.

  • Spanish for Children:Espanino
    Proffers info for teaching kids how to speak Spanish via games.

  • Teach me Tapes
    The musical language series -- for children ages two to twelve -- provides foreign language education. Children can learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, English and Korean.

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