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  • Best Bear Childcare Directory and Parenting Portal
    Best Bear Childcare is a unique and independent service listing recommended childcare agencies and nurseries throughout the UK, offering researched information on all areas of childcare and a comprehensive database of nurseries, plus a travel section, guide for parents and childcarer jobs. Best Bear is recommended by WHICH?

  • Childcare Professionals International
    Childcare Professionals International is an online organization for childcare professionals world wide. Membership is free for all childcare professionals. Many benefits for members.

  • Childcare University
    Childcare University is an online training program for childcare professionals. Materials and instruction is conducted online.

  • Day Care Alert
    changing day care centers one parent at a time

  • Day Cares Don't Care
    Information of problems with daycares

  • Simplicity Kids
    At Simplicity Kids, we simplify your shopping by providing an innovative selection of high-quality products for parents, baby and kids, plus the best toys and gear. We offer great values without sacrificing quality or style.

  • SOLUTIONS provider support group
    SOLUTIONS provider support group network. Providers networking together to find solutions. We are a network group of child care providers that get together once a month to meet, share, care, and promote quality child care through continuous learning and training. Our meeting location is in Elk Grove, CA. South Sacramento region. We encourage child care providers to join a network or child care association to stay in touch with other adults in the field and to avoid the isolation that staying home and working from home can create. We are a private network. All providers are welcome to join. We also endorse Family Child Care Providers inc. association. We also encourage providers to join the Sacramento association. For further information on solutions please visit our web site http://pages.ivillage.com/soulutionsgroup/ For further information on Family Child Care providers inc. (FCCP INC) please visit their web site http://pages.ivillage.com/fccpinc/

  • 4EverythingNanny.com
    Your one stop shop for everything a parent needs to find, interview and hire a professional nanny. National classifieds, a comprehensive agency database complete with information on application fees, placement fees and replacement policies. Free advice from a panel of "nanny experts" plus message boards, discussion groups and over 30 catagories of frequently asked questions. Free monthly newsletter, sample interview questions, work agreements and so much more.

  • A Child Care Primer for Parents
    Detailed information on various aspects of the childcare issue, from the Child Care Action Campaign.

  • Amesbury Daycare Provider Support Group
    We are a group of licensed family childcare providers whose goal is to provide and improve the quality of family childcare in our area.Come check it out!!!

  • Auntie Shanna's Play House
    Quality Child Care Services

  • Baby Center
    What are your plans for childcare? How do you go about finding the best situation for you and your child? Welcome expert Ann Douglas. She'll be the Bulletin Board Host for this topic. Ann has written numerous books and is a mother of four children.

  • Bertie County Partnership for Children
    Our mission is to guide families, child care providers, and the community in obtaining knowledge of and access to quality, affordable child care. For more information on child care centers and other early childhood issues affecting the zero to five population in Bertie County, visit our site.

  • Best Bear Childcare
    Best Bear Childcare is the UK's only independent listing of vetted childcare agencies. If you need a nanny, maternity nurse, au pair or babysitter we've got a list of good agencies near you. We can recommend them because we've tested them. bestbear.co.uk, bringing you the best in childcare Until now nobody has sorted the good childcare agencies from the bad. Over the last 18 months bestbear.co.uk have conducted the first ever nationwide investigation. The result is a unique independent service listing recommended childcare agencies and childcare courses around the UK. bestbear.co.uk, the definitive on-line source of childcare information.

  • Canadian Childcare
    Canadian Childcare is A place for childcare providers, teachers, parents and grandparents alike to find useful information, help, and support on all childcare issues.

  • CareGuide.com
    CareGuide help finding a child care provider in your area.

  • Childcare Seekers Inc.
    Free Service to parents searching for childcare. Choose one of two ways to find childcare.

  • Childcare-tips.com
    Tips and links related to childcare providers and the issues that arise with childcare.

  • Child Care: What's Best for Your Family?
    The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the following advice to help you find the care best suited for your child and family.

  • Child Caring Connection
    A Child Care resource and referral agency serving the Virginia Peninsula with referrals, workshops, educations, training and financial assistance since 1982

  • Choosing a child care provider
    Three months, six months, a year - time passes quickly when you are in baby love. Suddenly it is time to return to work, and to place your little one in child care. The decisions involved in finding the right type of child care for your needs can be overwhelming. This guide will help to interview a child care provider.

  • Choosing Child Care
    You cherish your children and realize the care they receive in your absence is vital to their health and security -- and to your peace of mind. Balancing your need to work with your need to spend time with your children may be the most difficult challenge you will face.

  • Choosing Quality Child Care
    As a parent, you know more about your child than any other person. By carefully looking into available care and matching up services with your child's individual needs, you will be able to select the best situation for your child. You will find it well worth the extra time to choose carefully because if your child is receiving happy and secure care, you and the rest of the family will find your lives enriched as well.

  • Connect For Kids - Child Care
    Lots of information and ideas about child care.

  • Daycare Centers: Licensing
    In most states, centers that care for more than 12 kids have to be licensed; nationwide, there are more than than 96,000 licensed facilities. But a license isn't a guarantee of quality; all it shows is that a facility has met minimum health, safety, and teacher training standards set by the state.

  • Daycare Homepage
    A starting place to learn and share, all about daycare. Over 200 handpicked links, original articles, a message board and chat room.

  • Daycare Hotline Information for Parents and Daycare Providers
    The Daycare Hotline offers an abundance of resources for Parents seeking childcare, including articles and a free Daycare Directory. Coupled with it's quality line of products, for those wishing to set up and run a home daycare program, the Daycare Hotline meets the needs of both new and existing Daycare Providers and Parents.

  • Daycare Universe
    Daycare Universe is a complete source for child care, early learning and provider information. We have daycare news, resources, services, and products including the guaranteed best price on Toddler Tables.

    Resources to find the best care for your child.

  • Finding Care
    Resources to find the best childcare for your child - with articles and advice from careguide.com.

  • Guarantee Quality Child Care Choices
    How well is the current system of child care meeting the needs of our youngest children and their families? In some well-run settings, competent child care providers attend to small numbers of children, and infants and toddlers experience a happy and stimulating day. But in many other settings, each provider looks after five, six, or even seven infants. Children (and adults) in these settings--which probably constitute the majority--are overstressed and unhappy.

  • Home Childcare Provider Directory
    A listing of childcare providers in the United States. Just click on your state.

  • Home Daycare Begins Here!
    This page will give you some helpful information about home daycare. Whether you are thinking about starting your own home daycare, currently run a home daycare or are looking for home daycare for your child, you will find this page helpful.

  • House of Hugs
    On this site you will find information and help in the areas of "Homeschooling, Child Care, Pre-School" and more.

  • How to Prepare Your Child for Daycare
    Here is how to make those first days away from home run smoothly.

  • How to Prepare Your Child for New Caregivers
    Starting a new child care arrangement can be difficult, especially for children who are shy. For some parents, it is the first time that they are apart from their children for an entire day. However, there are things that you can do to get yourself and your child psychologically ready -- whether she is entering childcare for the first time or switching caregivers.

  • Infant and Toddler Day Care
    Information on choosing infant day care which is not usually available in the mainstream media.

  • Kansas Children's Network
    A service to the children of Kansas, their parents, child care providers and others who work with them.

  • Leaving Your Child in the Morning
    While it's realistic to expect that there will be such mornings, if you're serious about making the most out of your child's care, plan on getting your morning routine out of the way early so that you have relaxed time to ease your child in with his caregiver. At the very least, always sign in and out if your child is at a day care center. This makes a big difference in helping staff keep track of who's where. Here are some additional tips for starting the day right.

  • Love My Child But Don't Replace Me
    Finding child care can put parents on a roller coaster of emotions. You may experience frustration about finding good care, sadness at the thought of being separated from your child, and finally, pure joy when you think you've found the right caregiver. Then, for some parents, a funny thing happens. They get jealous of their children's caregivers. This can come as a surprise for those who thought the roller coaster ride was over. (childcare)

  • Making Care Work
    Tips and tricks for making your childcare a good experience.

    Tips and tricks for making your childcare great.

    Most child and adolescent psychiatrists recognize that the ideal environment for raising a small child is in the home with parents and family. Intimate daily direct parental care of infants for the first several months of life is particularly important. Since the ideal environment often is not available, the role of day care, especially in the first few years of the child's life, needs to be considered. Some experts recommend a minimum of six or more months leave for parents. All agree that when day care is used, the quantity and quality of the day care are significant in the child's development.

  • Models of Universal Child Care
    The experiences of other countries offer a different perspective on the issue -- especially countries where residents take it for granted that child care is a public service available to all families.

  • Monday Morning Mom's
    Do you need a new child care provider? Are you contemplating different types of providers? This checklist is a helpful list of minimum standards for any child-care provider, whether Family Day Care or any other type. The Monday Morning Moms Program provides all of the following services and inspections, and then some. Our main offices are in Central New Jersey, with franchise operations across the country.

  • Morgan & Associates Inc. (National Childcare Insurance Program
    Welcome to your home for Childcare Insurance on the World Wide Web! Morgan & Associates, Inc. offers the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the marketplace today for In-Home, Commercial Childcare Centers, and Preschools & Montessori's.

  • National Association for Family Child Care
    After three years, the Advisory Panel recognized the need for a permanently organized voice for family child care at the national level. In 1982, the Panel established the National Association for Family Day Care (NAFDC). Membership in NAFDC grew steadily from the original 35 members to become the national voice for family child care.

  • National Association for Regulatory Administration
    NARA represents all human care licensing, including child welfare, adult part-day and residential, child care, drug and alcohol and disability licensing.

  • Nation Network for Child Care
    Your child may take several weeks to feel comfortable at a new child care place. Spend time with your child during this period. Do not lose patience

  • Parenting and Life Skills Training
    We provide parenting and life skills training. We can design a program and train your clients or workers.We provide training for all age groups.

  • Preschool Teachers and Child-Care
    Nurturing and teaching preschool children, those who are 5 years old or younger, is the job of preschool teachers and child-care workers. Found in daycare centers, nursery schools, preschools, and family daycare homes, these workers play an important role in a child's development by caring for the child when the parents are at work or away for other reasons.

  • Regulations, Accreditation, and Official Checks
    This is a call for parents to demand and child care providers to offer the quality child care that our nation's most valuable resource.

  • Signs of a Good Daycare Center
    Choosing a daycare center for your child involves asking plenty of questions and being observant. Start your search about six months before you'll need childcare (the best centers fill up fast), and use the following list of criteria as a guide. If you find a center that scores a perfect ten, you've found childcare gold.

  • Survival Guide-On-Site Day Care The Experts' Choice
    The daycare center where you work may be the best place of all to enroll your pre-school child. Commuting parents who prefer leaving their children close to home may be unaware of the high marks experts give the nation's 4,000 on-site corporate child care facilities.

  • The Family Village-Child Care
    Child Care Resources Organizations.

  • Tips to Find Suitable Child Care
    Finding good child care can be an overwhelming task whether you are a new parent or finding a new child care giver to replace an existing one. Many factors need to be considered including your child's needs and temperament, your needs such as cost and proximity to home/work, and your child-rearing philosophy.

  • Western Oregon University - Child Development Center
    In addition to providing childcare to students, faculty and the community, the Child Development Center (CDC) located on campus at Western Oregon University is the demonstration and model site for the Teaching Research Early Childhood and Training Department. The collaboration between early childhood staff and early childhood special education personnel entails a merging of Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Early Childhood Special Education(ECSE) recommended practices.

  • What Is Quality Child Care?
    When you are selecting a quality child care setting, it is important to take your time to make an informed decision. The process of finding a caregiver who is right for you and your child will take planning. So start early! This comprehensive resource guide provides parents and caregivers with a variety of information designed to assist them in making an informed child care decision.

    The best daycare centers have structured schedules that include plenty of time for physical activities, quiet time (including daily reading sessions for groups and individuals), group programs, individual activities, meals, snacks, free time and limited TV. A well-thought-out curriculum stimulates your child's development and makes their daily life more fun. Look for a center with a wide range of age-appropriate toys that will encourage your child's development and, as child gets older, stimulate creative, imaginative play.

  • Working Moms Refuge
    Choosing a Childcare Provider. We asked Moms: How do you best choose a childcare provider?

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