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  • Blind Babies Foundation
    The mission of the Blind Babies Foundation is to provide services and programs that enable and empower families, professionals, and the broader community to meet the unique needs of infant and preschool children who are blind, or visually impaired, or multihandicapped and visually impaired. "Our son has a visual impairment which put us on a hunt for some sound help and direction. We have been on a medical and emotional roller-coaster and we can wholeheartedly say that having BBF at our side has made this trying time much easier to handle."-Steve & Jody C., Lodi, California Early Intervention. A baby who is born blind or severely visually impaired experiences the world differently from typically developing children. Since 85% of all early learning is visual, the child who is blind or visually impaired is at great risk for developmental delays. Effective, intensive intervention is imperative in the early years.

  • Blind Childrens Center
    The Blind Childrens Center is a family-centered agency which serves children with visual impairments from birth to school age. The center-based programs and services help the children acquire skills and build their independence. The Center utilizes its expertise and experience to serve families and professionals worldwide through support services, education, and research.

  • Blind Childrens Center
    The Blind Childrens Center is a family-centered agency which serves children with visual impairments from birth to school age.

  • Blind Childrens Center-Infant Center
    THE INFANT PROGRAM serves blind and severely visually impaired and multi-disabled children from birth to 24 months of age and their families. This program provides critical professional intervention which promotes early development and lays the groundwork for future learning.

  • Comeunity - Visual Impairment
    Professional articles and annotated resources for parents of children with visual impairment.

  • Discovery Blind Sports
    Discovery is dedicated to fostering self-sufficiency in blind and visually impaired children and adults by improving their mobility, confidence, independence, and social skills through involvement in physical activities.

  • Florida Families of Children with Visual Impairments
    FFCVI is a group created by Florida parents for Florida parents to focus on the unique needs of families with blind or visually impaired children, including those with other disabilities.

  • Foundation for Blind Children
    Welcome to the Foundation for Blind Children

  • Fran's Butterfly Books
    300 Free Braille Books made possible by donations in memory of Frances M. Hoetger

    Over the years of working with families, the following ideas have been presented as helpful guidelines to parents on the process of introducing glasses to their young child. (visual development)

  • Intervention Strategies for Therapeutic Handling, Positioning, and Fostering (Visually Impaired Children)
    The goal of handling is to assist the child to move in a more normal, independent fashion. Handling should strive to normalize one, inhibit atypical patterns of movement, and facilitate normal patterns of movement.

  • Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind
    The Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind are committed to providing comprehensive educational, cultural, social, and vocational services to hearing impaired, deaf and visually impaired.

  • National Association for Visually Handicapped
    NAVH Working with millions of people worldwide dealing with the difficulties of vision Impairment.

  • National Blind Children's Society
    Our mission is to enable blind and partially sighted children and young people to achieve their educational and recreational goals.

  • Object Books
    TSBVI's Millie Smith writes about Object Books to make for pre-academic students.Before tactual learners are asked to read dots, which may seem very boring indeed, they may benefit from reading books containing interesting objects. This gives the functionally blind child the same opportunity to develop interest in books as the sighted child who has extensive knowledge of books and reading using pictures long before he begins reading words.

  • Parents Active for Vision Education
    Parents Active for Vision Education (P.A.V.E.) is a national non-profit education, resource and support organization whose mission is to raise public awareness of the crucial relationship between vision and achievement.

  • Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
    Welcome to Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic The nation's educational library for those with print disabilities.

  • Resources for Parents and Teachers of Blind Kids
    Resources for teaching/parenting the blind child

  • Strategies for Including Students who Experience Visual Impairment
    Students who experience vision impairment can be fully included in the regular classrooms. With a little planning and organization, inclusion can flow smoothly. Four major areas need to be addressed: adapting materials in the appropriate format, obtaining adaptive devices to assist in providing access to learning materials, modifying the classroom to assist in orientation and mobility, and using supplemental materials to provide access to additional activities. Listed are 10 helpful hints to assist in this process.

  • Tactile Symbols
    A vocabulary of tactile symbols for kids who would be using picture symbols if they could only see well enough, higher than object symbol level

  • The Childrens Vision Information Network
    If your child is struggling in school, having difficulty reading, or finding it hard to remain on task, the cause may be an undetected vision problem, even if your child's eyesight is 20/20. The goal of this web site is to educate parents and teachers about frequently overlooked vision problems in the hopes of helping those children who struggle unnecessarily because of undiagnosed vision disorders.

  • The Louis Braille Center
    The Louis Braille Center offers a collection of Braille literature for all ages. Online catalog features biographies of Louis Braille, books by Helen Keller, inspirational and devotional books, poetry, children's classics, books for learning Braille.

  • the National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired, Inc. (NAPVI)
    Established in 1979, the National Association for Parents of the Visually Impaired, Inc. (NAPVI) is a voluntary not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing support to the parents of children with visual impairment.

  • The Stereo Vision Project
    Vision therapy is an effective, medically proven treatment for binocular vision impairments, such as double vision, lazy eye, crossed eyes, amblyopia, strabismus, esotropia, exotropia, esophoria, exophoria, hypertropia, hyperopia, loss of stereoscopic vision, poor depth perception, convergency insufficiency, poor tracking, etc.

  • The Visual hand Display (VHD)
    Some Simple Ways to Use the Visual Hand Display With Your Child By Jane Kronheim.

  • The Young Child with Blindness/Visual Impairment
    The world of the child who is blind is inherently different. The developmental course should be respected for each individual child.

  • V.I. Guide
    Resources for Parents and Teachers of visual A guide to Internet resources for parents and teachers of visually impaired children, including: education, assistive technology, books, magazines, games and more.

  • Visual processing disorders
    Excellent description Visual Processing problems of children.

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