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  • Bed-Wetting (Primary Nocturnal Enuresis)
    DrNDTV: What are the causes of bed-wetting? Dr. Srivastava: The causes are not very well known but this is basically a delay in the development on the control of micturition (urination). It is a very variable thing; the delay comes at different times. Most children have this control by the time they are three or four but sometimes it is much later.

  • Bed-Wetting (Primary Nocturnal Enuresis)
    Most children gain bladder control over time without any treatment. A child should first be allowed to overcome bed-wetting on his or her own. However, home treatment may help a child to wet the bed less frequently.

  • Kane/Miller Book Publishers - Children's Picture Books from around the World
    Kane/Miller specializes in publishing translated foreign picture books for children ages 0-8. Books about self-esteem, divorce, diversity, sibling preparation, death, disability, potty-training, etc.

  • PottySong.com: Why not put some fun into potty training?
    Personalized potty training song designed to encourage toddlers to repeat successful potty training sessions and add some fun to the potty training process.

  • Potty Training Dolls
    Use Dr. Phil's potty training method and the Gotz Aquini doll to quickly and easily potty train your child!

  • Potty Training Rewards
    Offers parents an interactive potty training solution that uses positive reinforcement and a reward system. Includes potty training tips, articles, product information, and online ordering.

  • Potty Training Tips
    Ready to ditch the diapers? Visit us for free potty training tips, articles, and the widest selection of products, including potty training books, videos, chairs, and much more! We've got everything mom and her child need to achieve potty training success!

  • Potty Training Tips
    Potty Training Advice and Tips From Moms & Dads Like You.

  • Should I treat my child's bed-wetting?
    This information will help you understand your choices, whether you share in the decision-making process or rely on your health professional's recommendation.

  • Toilet Training Guide
    Everything you need to begin toilet training in one convenient place. Includes step-by-step toilet training guide and links to helpful products.

  • Who Are Bedwetters?
    We treat enuretic children, bedwetters ages 5 to young adults) through our unique, drug-free ScoreBoard Treatment program. This program has a success rate exceeding 99%, and we work with families worldwide.

  • One Stop Potty Training Shop
    Potty training, toilet training, potty seats, potty seat, PottyPal, Musical Potty, TinkleToonz, bedwetting, potty training video, potty chart, waterproof mattress pad, toilet targets, Potty Toppers, flip seat, travel seats, Dora potty seat, Big Bird potty seat, Blues Clues and SpongeBob travel seats, child bathroom accessories

  • Potty Training Products:
    Providing incentives, charts, targets, videos, waterproof mattress pads, potty seats, folding/travel potty seats, personalized potty charts, bedwetting alarms and programs plus more.

  • Effective Potty Training
    You're begging and pleading with your newly independent toddler to try sitting on the big potty. You offer candy, stickers, new toys, and a thousand other rewards. Nothing is working. First things first: Determine if your child is ready for potty training.

  • Flush With SUCCESS
    A common question parents often ask me is "How do I know when to potty train my child?" The answer I usually give is a non-committal "It depends."

  • Guidance in Toliet Training
    Rushing a child through the toilet training process will result in tears and frustration. Starting too soon may actually delay the process. Toilet training will be easier when the child is ready.TEN STEPS TO TOILET TRAINING are in this paper.

  • Potty Store (The)
    Everything you need to start potty training in ONE place! Free information, support, Boards, discussion group, Expert advice, articles and potty training products including training pants, covers, dolls, books, videos, training pants, potty seats and so much more!

  • Potty Training for Children
    The most important thing to know before starting to potty train is whether your child is ready yet. Age alone does not determine this. Most children potty train anywhere from 18 months to three years of age.

  • Potty Training On The Go
    If you are in the middle of the toilet training process and need to take your kids out on the road where they may need to take their new act into strange and unknown environments, there are some preparations you should consider before setting out on your journey.

  • Potty-training tips
    Toilet training tips for toddlers

  • The Perpetual Pre-School - Potty Training
    Relax! Let your child take the lead. I have had many children go through my 2 1/2-3 1/2yr old class. About 1/2 are potty trained when they start in the fall. By Christmas the rest of the children have joined the group. I like to attribute this to several things, seeing the other children handle the process by themselves and deciding that they don't want to feel that "ichy" wet pull-up anymore.

  • Toilet Training
    Most training will occur during the six weeks that follow the start of my toilet training. The whole process, however, may take a long time. It is not unusual for a child to need help until the age of four or five.

  • Toilet Training Made Semi-Easy-Disabled Children
    The process of teaching a child to use the toilet can be a frustrating one. This is especially true if the child has a developmental disability. The protocol listed below has been used successfully, with individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages.

  • Toilet Training Toddlers
    If your child is approaching the point where you think it's time to think about getting them out of diapers and potty training them, here are some tips to make the transition easier. Most children begin potty training sometime at the beginning or end of their second year. It is possible to start sooner, but you nay find that your success is delayed if you start too early.

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