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  • ABCNEWS.com : How to Put a Stop to Thumb Sucking
    Ann Pleshette Murphy gives you tips on how to stop your child from sucking his/her thumb.

  • eHow to Discourage Thumb Sucking
    Children who suck their thumbs after around age 6 may become the target of teasing and criticism; they may also end up with dental and speech problems.

  • Family.com-Thumbsucking
    In a baby, sucking the thumb or fingers is not an indication of insecurity or anxiety; it merely satisfies the need to suck, which varies from baby to baby. Therefore, thumb sucking should be regarded as a problem only when it persists into the school years or takes the place of other activities, such as playing or learning.

  • How to stop your child sucking their thumb
    Thumb sucking is a habit that can cause not only physical problems but emotional problems as well. Although many kids suck their thumb out of nervousness, anxiety or boredom, it is a habit that can be, and should be broken.

  • Pacifiers and Thumbsucking
    Worried about your child's thumbsucking or use of a pacifier? Learn if you should be concerned.

  • Pacifier Use and Thumbsucking
    Thumbsucking is a common habit of children. Find out whether or not you should stop your child from sucking his or her thumb.

  • Pacifier versus Thumb Sucking
    Question answered about Thumb Sucking-I would prefer my breastfed son stay with a pacifier, but he has started sucking his thumb just at three months old. Has any research been done showing the advantages of one over the other when it comes to the development of teeth and jaw bone development?

  • Thumbsucking
    The sucking instinct is one of the strongest and most basic instincts. The purpose of this instinct, of course, is to ensure that the newborn is able to get sustenance from their mothers breast. The habit of thumb sucking is present even before a baby is born. In fact, many fetuses routinely suck their fingers or thumbs in-utero (in the mothers womb).

  • thumb sucking
    The good news is that while thumb sucking is common in toddlers and younger children (about half of all children do it at some time or another), it tends to disappear by age two or three, except in those few children who become fixated.

  • Thumb-sucking
    Thumb-sucking or finger-sucking is a habit that occurs with many infants. Your child will usually give it up naturally by the age of four. If the sucking habit continues beyond the time when permanent teeth start to erupt, your child may develop crooked teeth and a malformed palate (roof of the mouth).

  • Thumbsucking and other Oral Habits
    The position of the permanent teeth is influenced by many environmental factors. Some of these are linked to oral habits present in early infancy. These habits might be thumb sucking, finger sucking, tongue-thrusting, or grinding and clenching the teeth.

  • Thumb sucking - Dental advice for children
    THE HABIT...Thumb sucking is one of the most common habits during childhood. Most children suck their thumb for safety even before birth.

  • Thumbsucking Habit
    Thumbsucking is a common habit of children. Many infants suck their thumbs during the first year of life, and over thirty percent of children continue to suck their thumb during the pre-school years. In addition, five to twenty percent continue this habit after age six.

  • Understanding Baby Comfort Habits
    AS BABIES DEVELOP THEIR NEED TO SUCK DIMINISHES by Cathleen A. Hanson-Sucking pacifiers, thumbs and fingers, and holding onto blankets or other "loveys" are all ways babies and young children comfort themselves. The question is, when should these self-soothers be eliminated, and how?

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