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  • Baby Teeth Children's Dentistry
    Interactive website of Dr. Pirnazar's BabyTeeth Children's Dentistry. Award-winning informative source for Preventive and Cosmetic dentistry for infants, children, and teenagers. The BabyTeeth 101 section is a gem for parents with young children.

  • Babies Teething Problems
    Advice about babies and teething from askbaby.com.

  • babydoc - teething
    Teething is the process by which the crown of the tooth breaks through the surface of the gums, often causing pain or irritation in the process. To date, many theories and myths have surfaced in the home associating the tooth eruption process as a cause of other childhood illness symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, although a direct causal relationship has not yet been established.

  • Facts about your baby's teeth
    Infant Care - The University of Iowa Clinic for Infants and Children. Information on Teething and other infant dentistry facts.

  • medformation - teething
    Alternative medicine is an appropriate first step for comforting a teething infant. However, if symptoms do not respond to natural therapies or if fever, extreme congestion or diarrhea occur, the intervention of a conventional health care provider may be necessary.

  • Parental Myths About Infant Teething Are Widespread
    Infant teething is distressing and poorly understood, according to a study in a recent Journal of Pediatric and Child Health. Researchers found that as many as 55% of parents falsely believe teething can cause serious illnesses such as ear infections and diarrhea.

  • Teething
    Teething begins as early as 4 months or as late as 15 months. A new tooth erupts monthly until all twenty teeth are in by about age 3. Usually the bottom two central incisors come in first, followed by the top four incisors, and the two lateral incisors.

  • Teething and Dental Care
    In most children teething only causes increased drooling and a desire to chew on hard things, but in some it does cause mild pain and irritability and the gums may become swollen and tender. To help this you can vigorously massage the area for a few minutes or let him chew on a smooth, hard teething ring. Teething should not cause fever, diarrhea, sleeping problems or diaper rashes.

  • The Parent Report - Teething
    Is your child suffering from teething pain and discomfort? Or is teething pain just an old-time medical myth?

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