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The following links are in English

  • Chatter Batter - Books For Speech Development
    Chatter Batter Books provides supplemental speech development material for speech therapy, apraxia, speech delays, autism, and ADHD. Books on CDs. Printed soft back book. We are dedicated to supporting parents, teachers, and therapists. All Books are reviewed by a LCSW and Speech Therapist.

  • go4games
    An education oriented games website for the kids of age group 2 to 12 years.

  • Talking Child Speech-Enhancing Videos for Children
    Offers baby and toddler videos that teach speech and language concepts. Our Baby Babble video was developed by speech pathologists and includes a parent tutorial. Free developmental charts and playgroup info. Perfect gift for baby showers, expecting mothers, and new parents!

The following links are in Hebrew

  • Sign Language for Babies ISL
    This website promotes Dual Communication in Israel (Usage of Sign Language with babies). The Dual Communication Method provides babies, still too young to speak, with the means to communicate. It is for all ages from 4 months and up. The process of combining signing with spoken language is at the heart of the system. Signing supports and encourages the communication between our babies and their surroundings which include parents, caregivers, family and even preschool environment. Signing accelerates speech! Babies who learn how to sign start talking verbally *earlier* in comparison to other non-signer babies!

The following links are in English

  • 1 to Z | Creators of Multimedia Solutions for Education
    1 to Z is a new educational multimedia production company. Its primary expertise is in knowledge representation and language modeling, with an emphasis on speech and language development. The website is full of educational activities to help children practice their speaking and counting skills.

  • A Theoretical Perspective-MIT linguist Noam Chomsky
    Chomsky theorized that we are born with a genetically determined language faculty: newborns, far from being a blank slate, already possess a universal grammar that determines possible language rules and modes of interaction.

  • Born To Read
    Summary: Researchers now know that from birth, the brain is developing the ability to process sounds and needs a steady stream of stimuli. That's why it's vital to your child's linguistic development to talk to her throughout infancy

  • Can We Talk? - Developmental Apraxia of Speech and Issues
    Help for parents and professionals concerned about children with speech disorders.

  • Center for Speech, Language and Learning
    The Center for Speech, Language and Learning provides professional assistance to students of all ages in every grade. The Goals of all the professionals at The Center for Speech, Language, and Learning are to: Provide speech/language/developmental/academic therapy to children to ensure school success. Stimulate pre-school "readiness" skills: listening, auditory, and visual memory, language, vocabulary, and grammar.

  • CTW - Speech Development
    When should my child begin speaking in full sentences?

  • Early Childhood Language Development Chart (0 - 6 yrs)
    What Many Children Do In Language:babies listen and respond to your voice and other sounds; they tell their feelings by cooing, gurgling, smiling, and crying...

  • Evolution of Language
    Human language has evolved relatively recently, and in many ways remains a mystery. The topic raises questions concerning the nature of language, the link between language and mind, and the role language plays in what it is to be human.

  • Finding a Voice: Perspectives on Language Acquisition
    The vocal repertoire of sounds available to children increases at an amazing rate, from babbling to syllables to short sentences in a matter of months. How does the brain change during this transformation.

  • Finding a Voice: Perspectives on Language Acquisition
    But how do children learn so much about language in so little time? Adult-like knowledge of language requires many complex skills, and it's not at all obvious how we acquire them.

  • Fostering Language Development
    Babies learn to speak in stages. First they babble, then they practice making individual sounds. Next they string sounds together to speak words. As toddlers, they begin to string words together. We should surround all of our children with language by entering into conversations with them many times throughout the day.Some of the ways we can foster language development are listed on this page.

  • Guidelines for Your Child's First Words
    The first words that children use describe their own experiences and their motivations.Children learn words and use them in communication best when those words do the following things.

  • Having Conversations with Children Learning to Talk
    One of the most important things in helping children learn to talk is to have frequent, friendly conversations with them. (speech and language)

  • How Babies Learn to Listen
    Long before uttering a word, infants discover how language works. A Brown psychologist is catching them in the act.

  • How the Brain "Hears" Language
    Why are listening skills critical for developing language skills and learning to read? Read how split-second improvements in perceiving the sounds of our language can help a child listen, speak, and read.

  • KinderSigns - Home of Baby Signing University
    KinderSigns is the home of "Baby Signing University," the definitive online resource for parents who want to learn how to communicate with their pre-verbal babies through sign language. FREE Lessons, FREE Resources and Ongoing Support are provided plus access to a full instructional program.

  • Language Development
    This page presents information on the development of language in children.

  • Language Development-Book List
    Promote your child's language development through these children's books.

  • LinguiSystems
    Welcome to LinguiSystems on the web! For more than 20 years we have provided quality materials for clinicians and teachers of students with special needs.

  • Makaton Vocabulary Development Project
    Makaton is a unique language programme offering a structured, multi-modal approach for the teaching of communication, language and literacy skills.

  • Nonverbal Learning Disorders
    Nonverbal learning disorders (NLD) is a neurological syndrome consisting of specific assets and deficits. The assets include early speech and vocabulary development, remarkable rote memory skills, attention to detail, early reading skills development and excellent spelling skills.

  • Parenting The Blind
    With this page it is our goal to provide parents with as many resources as possible in one place.

  • Pragmatic Language Tips
    There are several ways parents and teachers can help children use language appropriately in social situations. Social language use is known as pragmatics. (speech and verbal development)

  • Pre-Schooler's Language Development
    Here are some suggestions for stimulating your pre-schooler's language development, so that she can maximize her ability to communicate effectively.

  • Propeller Multimedia
    React - the interactive speech and language therapy program - React is a comprehensive, easy to use program of interactive tasks designed to augment the speech and language therapist's existing repertoire of dysphasia therapy materials.

  • Questions and Answers about Child Language
    How do you know that a child's language and speech are what they should be for a particular age?

  • Receptive Language
    DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES-for receptive and expressive language acquisition. Learning to Listen, and to Understand Language.

  • Speech and Language Development
    An overview of how and when language develops in infants and young children. What you need to look for and when do you need to be concerned.

  • Speech and Language: Developmental Milestones
    Development and milestones of articulation and language from birth to five years old.

  • Speech Dimensions
    Provide speech and language therapy, computer-based therapy, social-pragmatic intervention, Auditory Integration Training, and private consultations.

  • Speech Language Development
    Speech and Language Development Birth to Six Years of Age.

  • Speech & Language Milestone Chart
    The course of children's development is mapped using a chart of developmental milestones.

  • Support Your Child's Language Development
    If you observe and listen to your baby, you'll begin to understand his baby talk. Repeat back to him what you think he's expressing. Use simple sentences to talk about what you're doing or what he may be feeling. Never pressure your child to speak; language development happens naturally and at different stages for each child.

  • The Brain is Tuned to Grammar As Music Is Tuned to Lyrics
    Find out how the brain responds to specific musical features of language that cues understanding of its underlying grammatical structure.

  • The Center for Speech and Language Disorders
    Welcome to The Center for Speech and Language Disorders. We are a non-profit organization based in Elmhurst, Illinois. Our mission is to help children with speech and language disorders reach their full potential.

  • The Whole Child-Communication
    Chart of communication development: Infants make great developmental strides in the first twelve months of life. The infant begins to understand language with attention focused on the characteristics of voice, like pitch, tone, and intonation. Babies communicate with bodily movements, by crying, babbling and laughing.

  • The Whole Child-Let's Talk About It:
    Fostering the Development of Language Skills and Emergent Literacy.Parents and teachers play an important role in helping children learn to communicate with others and, eventually, to read and write. Four goals for helping children develop their abilities to communicate are outlined here.

  • Video Voice Speech Training System
    This combination of specialized hardware and software turns your Windows or Macintosh computer into a powerful, comprehensive speech development tool.

  • What is Language Development?
    Language Development Topics and Language Development explained.

  • Working Memory, Language and Reading
    Find out more about working memory. How it differs from short or long-term memory and how it affects language and reading ability in children

  • Young Children's Oral Language Development
    The development of oral language is one of the child's most natural--and impressive--accomplishments. This [Eric] digest presents an overview of the process and mechanics of language development, along with implications for practice

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