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  • Bright Tots - Parent Resource Guide
    Bright Tots is a guide to developmental disorders. We offer helpful information on age appropriate development. See the early signs, out of pocket services in your area, parent resources, and a wide selection of educational toys for infants & toddlers. Come visit us.

  • Studies with kiddies
    The course Learning to move a mouse

  • Able Generation
    Photos and descriptions of pediatric therapeutic furniture. Our Mission is to provide products that support your efforts to integrate your child into everyday life. Our focus is upon early intervention for children with mild to moderate involvement.

  • About.com - Child Development
    An assortment of resources that enables you to recognize and identify concerns in your child's speech and language and motor development.

  • Helping Your Child's Physical Development
    Babies and young children learn primarily through movement and their senses how to deal with gravity, to keep their balance, to move their body through space, about time and sequence of events.

  • J.W. Tumbles - Arizona
    Children's gym with structured classes for ages 4 months to 9 years old. Birthday parties, playgroups, mobile parties, summer and winter camps.

  • Motor skills disorder
    Motor Skills disorder, or Dyspraxia is a type of learning dissability involving the body's system of motion that interferes with a person's ability to make a controlled or coordinated physical response in a given situation.

  • Motor Skills Milestones
    There are two categories within the area of motor skills: gross motor and fine motor.The course of children's motor skills development is mapped using a chart of developmental milestones.

  • Physical Development From The Whole Child
    Chart of gross motor and fine motor development.

  • Preschoolers' Food Handling Skills Motor Development
    Food activities provide the chance to learn many skills useful for a lifetime. For the preschooler, food handling skills need to be tailored to muscular development and coordination. The activities listed are for two- to five- year olds-the beginning level is for two-year olds while the highest level is for five-year olds.

  • Self Help Skills
    Parents help children learn to perform personal tasks themselves as they are developmentally ready. Most children become ready as their fine motor skills improve through the many activities they participate in.

  • The Whole Child- By Leaps and Bounds
    Physical Development article for Early childhood providers.A child's physical challenges begin at birth and they keep changing as the child does. We can learn so much about children's abilities and needs simply by observing them. Only then can we arrange our space and activities so they provide experiences that satisfy and entice them to achieve further physical skills.

  • What is Physical Development?
    Explaining the individual differences in the area of physical development and skills.

  • Writing Skills
    In order for any child to write meaningfully, he or she must first build up their fine motor skills. Art projects, working with play dough, measuring and pouring sand and water, and practicing writing are excellent ways to improve fine motor skills. The skills along the path to writing are featured here.

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