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  • About.com - Well Baby: Growth Charts
    Many parents may feel concerned if weight or height fall outside of the median curves. The focus for practitioners however, is not necessarily where your baby's growth falls on these charts but on the degree and/or occurrence of variations recorded between percentiles.

  • Better Child Growth Charts for height and weight
    Are child growth charts interesting? You bet! They help you judge a child's height and weight in relation to other children of the same age and race/ethnicity. The growth charts can compare boys and girls growth rates, as their height and weight changes with age, and show the growth spurt that occurs during adolescence.

  • Childrens Growth Charts
    The following color charts can be viewed online, just click on the link to choose growth curves for either a boy or a girl.

  • Embryological Development -The Brain
    ake a closer look at how a single fertilized egg becomes a person, and how the brain changes that underlie learning and memory are variations on the theme of development

  • General Developmental Sequence
    This page presents typical activities and achievements for children from two to five years of age.

  • Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition
    The Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition is a dynamic catalogue of representative population-based nutrition data that are collected and assessed in a standardized manner. Its primary focus is undernutrition among infants and children under 5 years of age computed on the basis of weight-for-age (underweight), weight-for-height (wasting), and height-for-age (stunting), although information on the prevalence of overweight in children is also included.

  • Growth Milestones from Kidsgrowth.com
    With the help of many experts in the field, we have put together a collection of "Growth Milestones." This information is arranged in a sequence similar to a schedule of well-child examinations.

  • Growthspurts.Com
    The Internet's Most Comprehensive Database For Tracking Your Child's Growth and Development.

  • Height Matters
    Heightmatters, a community website designed to provide you with in-depth information from child growth specialists as well as a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences with other families, across borders.

  • Kidsgrowth.com-Developmental Stages
    Newborn and up information on your child's stage of Development.

  • New Child Growth Charts
    As a parent, you are always wondering if your child's height and weight are "normal". In short, what exactly is short, tall, skinny, or fat when it comes to evaluating your child's growth? Doctors answer these questions by comparing your child's height, weight, and rate of growth to other children of the same age and gender.

  • Normal Stages Of Human Development
    This page presents an overview of child development from birth to five years of age. It is important to keep in mind that the time frames presented are averages and some children may achieve various developmental milestones earlier or later than the average but still be within the normal range.

  • SOS - Whole Boy Growth Chart
    A growth chart to show the physical, mental, and social development of the whole boy.

The following links are in Dutch

  • CDC Growth Charts
    Health and Human Services Secretary Donna E. Shalala has released new pediatric growth charts that will be used by health professionals in tracking the physical growth of the 82 million infants, children, and adolescents in the United States.

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