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  • Kindermusik Kids in Cary, Apex, Durham & Chapel Hill, NC
    Kindermusik Kids provides age appropriate, developmentally based music and movement classes for newborns to 7 year olds, and group piano classes for 6 year olds and up. We have locations serving Cary, Apex, Durham and Chapel Hill in North Carolina.

  • Puppet Universe
    People who love puppets will find a varied selection that includes hand puppets, finger puppets, puppet theaters, Baby Einstein puppets, and marionettes.

  • Puppet Universe
    People who love puppets will find a varied selection that includes hand puppets, finger puppets, puppet theaters, Baby Einstein puppets, and marionettes.

  • Smart Kids Play
    Helping kids learn as they have fun. Making learning and fun one in the same.

  • up with downs pageant
    a place to join in on the pageant fun for children and adults of all ages gender race with down syndrome

  • Institute for Child Development
    ICD we develop educational materials and resources designed to facilitate children's social and emotional development.

  • ABC Feelings, Inc.
    ABC Feelings helps "prepare a child for life" by encouraging early communication of feelings, which will result in increased self esteem, conflict resolution, positive relationship experience, character development, etc. We offer a complete line of culturally diverse products for parents, educators and counselors.

  • Amirah Dayana
    She is our little angel. Share with us her development and achievement.

  • CHARLEE Program
    The CHARLEE Program has an extensive history of success providing services for abused and neglected children within Dade County. CHARLEE, which stands for Children Have All Rights: Legal, Educational, Emotional, was originally an affiliate of the Menninger Foundation in Topeka, Kansas and still remains loosely connected to the nationwide network of Menninger group care homes. The homes provide a healthy and normalizing family environment to emotionally disturbed children with significant histories of abuse.

  • Educators for Social Responsibility
    ESR is a leading source of innovative curriculum materials and teacher training programs that focus on issues of peacemaking and conflict resolution. Our work fosters social, emotional, and ethical development among children .

  • eHow to Find the Latest Research on Emotional Disabilities
    If your child is diagnosed with an emotional disability you'll have lots of questions: Which one does your child have? What can you do to help your child? What are your rights as a parent? There are plenty of techniques and research on how to deal with and overcome emotional disabilities. These steps will help you get started on your information search.

  • eHow to Help a Child With an Emotional Disability
    Children who have emotional or behavioral disabilities (ED or BD) exhibit unusually withdrawn or aggressive behaviors. The key to helping children with ED is to pinpoint the behavior you want to change and create new behavior goals for the child.

  • Emotional and Social Development Resources
    This department provides instructional materials and self-help guides related to emotional and social problems faced by children and teenagers. These materials provide comprehensive information as well as very practical suggestions.

    Recent findings have identified emotional intelligence as the single most important factor in predicting success and happiness in life

  • Facts for Families- American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - a collection of 46 information sheets which provide concise and up-to-date material on issues such as the depressed child, teen suicide, stepfamily problems and child sexual abuse.

  • Fostering Goodness: Teaching Parents to Facilitate Children's Moral Development
    Although moral development of children has long been ascribed predominantly to the effects of parenting, there has been little systematic examination of the specific nature of this relation. In this paper, we identify four foundational components of children's moral development (social orientation, self-control, compliance, self-esteem) and four central aspects of moral functioning (empathy, conscience, moral reasoning, altruism).

  • Gospelfest For Children
    Gospelfest for Children, A Joyful Sound. A Program For Children Ages 5-16 Years Old. Purpose For Gospelfest Is To Give The Children The Opportunity To Perform For The Show By Singing, Dancing, Preaching, Reading Poems, Performing a Skit, Playing An Insturments Of Their Choice, Having Sunday School Classes, Singing in a Chours, Doing Spiritual Dancing, Having a Story Teller, Soloists, Quartet Groups, Having a Children Church To Make a Joyful Noise Unto The Lord. While You Are Here Sign Up To Be On Our Mailing List. View our pictures below. Register Here.

  • Helping Your Child with Socialization
    For one reason or another, some children do not develop social skills as easily as others.There is probably nothing so painful for a parent as the rejection of his child. Parents need to take the long view of social problems and to map out a plan to solve them quite as carefully and thoughtfully as they would consider academic or health problems. There are guidelines which. if followed, will help these children if the parent is willing to take time and initiative.

  • How to Help Shy Children
    Shy children and shy adults are less successful and less satisfied with their lives in general. Helping a child overcome shyness at an early age prepares them for a more satisfying life.

  • Infant Social and Emotional Development
    Activities That Promote Social-Emotional Development in infants.

  • MarvinMarshall.com
    Articles and newsletters on promoting responsibility and promoting learning

  • Promote Social-Emotional Development-Book
    Book Resources for Children for Social-Emotional Development.

  • Report on the Importance of Children's Social and Emotional Readiness for School
    As nearly 4 million children head off to kindergarten this week, a new report indicates that their social and emotional skills are as important for academic success as cognitive skills, such as knowing the ABCs and 1-2-3s. The report, commissioned by the Child Mental Health Foundations and Agencies Network (FAN), a group of private foundations and federal agencies, indicates that social and emotional school readiness is critical for young children's early school success-and may even set

  • ShyKids.com
    The purpose of this web site is to talk about shyness, what it feels like, what it looks like and most importantly, how to feel more comfortable with who you are and who you are with.

  • Social and Emotional Development
    Milestone chart of social and emotional development by age,awareness of self and interaction with others.

  • Social and Emotional Development Skills
    Activities to help a child's social and emotional development.

  • Social Skills Milestones
    The course of children's social development is mapped using a chart of developmental milestones.

  • Therapeutic Games
    Over 50 specifically designed board games to meet the emotional,social and learning needs of children

  • What About the Children
    A national charity which promotes parental responsibility with particular emphasis on the emotional needs of children during their crucial first three years.

  • What is Social and Emotional Development
    When two four-year-olds are playing together in a sandbox, sharing the sand toys, that's social development - the ability to get along with others in a group. When one of the four-year-olds takes a toy from her friend, and offers her another toy in its place, that's emotional development - the process of learning to control your emotions and having empathy and respect for others.

  • Your Role in Social and Emotional Development
    How You Can Take a Positive Role in Your Child's Social- Emotional Development.

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