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  • Stress Coping
    This website is an attempt to offer a new way of helping people cope with troublesome issues - an advanced form of self-help with online emotional support and guidance. Comfortably in your own home, you may interact with a professional who will listen to you and support you in your distress or help you cope with specific issues such as: ceasing to smoke, fear of flying , difficulties in school , problems at work and more.

  • Stress Cure
    Learn how to eliminate anger, frustration, worry, guilt, and other stressful problems at Stresscure.com. Loaded with great articles, book excerpts, and free reports from Dr. Mort Orman, M.D., one of the nation's leading stress experts.

  • Stress Doc
    The Stress Doc(TM) Web Site, a USA Today Online HotSite, highlights the Doc's popular national Practice Safe Stress speaking/workshop programs; it also features his syndicated newsletter, Work & Love Q&A columns and his thought-provoking and fun essays as the Internet's and America Online's 'Online Psychohumorist.

  • Stress Free
    At StressFree we provide confidential assistance to individuals, business and occupational groups for whom stress is an important issue. We provide a continuum of wellness and stress related services; from diagnosis and assessment to implementation and solution.

  • Stress Institute, Inc.
    Stress Institute, Inc. You Will Find Stress Reduction Tapes, Work Books and Stress Dots.

  • Talk About Stress
    We offer many "real world" stress reduction tools in addition to our online resources. CDs, books, and on-site workshops complement the Talk About Stress website. In the future, Talk About Stress will deliver online video, PDA integration, and will be adding national and international facutly.

  • American Trauma Society
    The American Trauma Society (supported by a grant from the EMSC division of HRSA) assembled a group of child-care experts1 from various disciplines of emergency childcare to develop recommendations for quality pediatric trauma care2 . The following recommendations are the results of work done by the group.

  • Child Stress
    This is a web site for children, parents, grandparents and professional workers with children, providing information about stress in children and offering tips and ideas on how to reduce it

  • From Anxious to A-OK! How to Help Your Kids Beat Stress
    The good news is that there are other ways to cope with stress, and you and your kid can learn them together! After consulting Dr. Lois Love, a school psychologist in Pittsburgh, and Carleton Kendrick, FEN's own parenting expert, and Beth Greenberg, we put together this list.

  • Holidays and Meltdowns: They Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly
    Why children tend to have big emotions when there's a holiday, family gathering, birthday, or other special event. How to anticipate the upset, and how to handle it so that your child relaxes and can enjoy the rest of the fun.

  • Raising Resilient Children
    The Raising Resilient Children Project disseminates information to assist adults to raise, support and develop stress hardy children.

  • Sidran Traumatic Stress Foundation
    Welcome to Sidran Traumatic Stress Foundation. We are here to help. It is our hope that the resources and information provided on this site will empower survivors, educate loved ones, support clinicians, and replace the stigma of traumatic stress conditions with greater acceptance and understanding.

  • Stress - Kids Feel It Too
    Today more and more studies are confirming that stress and the lack of feeling cared for, can impact whether or not our children are resilient, successful, and able to use their total intelligence.

  • Stress Less
    We offer the widest selection of high quality stress reduction products and programs for use in coping with the devastating mental, emotional and physical effects of excess stress. We only offer credible products that work in reducing stress.

  • Stress releasers for kids
    Children, like adults, sometimes experience or witness strange or frightening situations. This can lead to stress. Though some stress is considered healthy, children today seem to encounter many stressful and at times traumatic events very early in life. This manifests itself in children complaining about stomachache, being nervous, sleep disorders, anger flaring up, dependent behaviour and so on.

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