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  • Assessing A Students Problem Behavior
    The use of a variety of assessment techniques will lead teams to better understand student behavior. Each technique can, in effect, bring the team closer to developing a workable intervention plan.

  • Children's Therapy Works
    Simply put, our Therapists are expertly trained to evaluate your child and establish both measurable and subjective information that will provide answers about your child's current developmental status.

    Further, Robinson points out "that there are many more truly exceptional young children in the population than would be predicted on the basis of the normal curve alone" (p. 73) and that children in the very highest ranges of intelligence "may not fare as well in many respects as those with more moderate gifts" (p. 75). Without the tools to find such children, the children themselves remain doubly at risk. (child psychological testing)

  • PAR-Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.
    Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. (PAR), publishes psychological assessment instruments, software, books, and related materials for use in the schools.

  • Psychological Disorders of Childhood
    Do you harbor the secret fear that your child could become out of control and violent as he or she gets older? You may see signs now that concern you.

  • Psychological testing - Children
    Psychological testing can be valuable when trying to figure out what is going on with children who are having problems in school. It can determine to what extent the problems are intellectual and to what extent emotional.

  • Psychological testing of blind, and visually impaired children
    I am interested in the intellectual assessment of Blind and Visually Impaired students. Many of the measures normed on this population are quite dated. What is the current state of "Best Practice" in the assessment of this population?

  • Psychological Testing of Language Minority and Culturally Different Children
    This brochure provides information on psychological tests, generally, and on the importance of ensuring that tests are appropriate with regard to a child's cultural background and language, specifically. Also included are suggestions which would help parents to assure the use of appropriate psychological tests.

    Unfortunately, in the time since the tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, some educators and lawmakers have proposed legislation that would force school children to submit to mandatory psychological testing if a teacher or school administrator subjectively believes that the student is acting strangely.

  • Who Can Do Psychological Testing For My Gifted Child?
    Testing a gifted child is a specialized area, so if you would like your child evaluated by an expert, then the costs are likely to be on the steep side. WE recommend that you use a child psychologist, preferably one with expertise in the area of gifted children, and who knows the Stanford Binet and other tests.

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