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  • Bedwetting Child
    Protective underwear, Bed-wetting, Bedwetters, Bedwetting diapers, bedwetting teen, ADD, ADHD, Bedwetting or enuresis is the result of a deep sleep disorder and can be treated successfully using our products.

  • Bedwetting Enuresis Nature Calls Alarm
    Personal Awareness Device for ending bed-wetting at any age. bedwetting, bed wetting, bed wetters, enuresis, bedwetters and alarm

  • Bedwetting Specialists
    Over 30 years of specializng in bedwetting for children, teenagers, and adults. Ph.D. on staff as well as RN's, School Psycholigists, teachers and Sp. Ed. who are the only ones to treat one on one by phone or in person. Clinic headquarters in Michigan. Drug-free treatment

  • Bedwetting Store
    edwetting Store - Alarms, Treatment Kits and Supplies. Bedwetting Basics - great information about bedwetting. Tips for Using a Bedwetting Alarm - important information to help your child get the most out of their bed wetting alarm

  • Bedwetting Treatment - Pacific International, Ltd.
    Pacific International, Ltd. has been correcting nocturnal enuresis (night time bedwetting) in children and adults for over 53 years. Our mission is to help children and adults overcome bedwetting and improve their quality of life.

  • Compare Bed Wetting Alarms
    Compare Bed Wetting Alarms. Review types of enuresis, prescription drugs and their side effects. Free progress chart. Dri Sleeper Alarm and Flexitector sensors.

  • @Home Treatment Program
    The @Home Treatment Program is a treatment for bedwetting based on the accumulated knowledge of health care and behavioral science professionals, and includes access to trained counselors by telephone and email.

  • Potty Timer
    PC Potty Timer is software designed to aid children in potty training, bed wetting and nocturnal enuresis. It contains alarms, graphs, reports, certificates, soothing Sounds To Sleep To", allows you to generate your own alarms or add your own midi files to integrate into the program. Only $9.99

  • Potty Training and Bedwetting Solutions
    An online resource for potty training and bedwetting information and products. Since 1998.

  • Tips on Trips and Camps
    Camp consultants visit camps, interview directors and review feedback from happy campers. Expert advice, camp fairs, camp brochures, videos/DVD's.

  • Potty Training, Toilet Targets and Other Child Behavior Products
    Our Parenting website offers products and expert advice on potty training, toilet training, child behavior, child behavior management, attention deficit disorder, and other special needs. We will show you ways to motivate your children and boost their self esteem and independence.

  • Anti-Bedwetting Video
    A natural approach enabling parents or guardian to perform an easy, safe, effective home based bedwetting correction treatment procedure.

  • Bedwetting Enuresis Nature Calls Alarm (
    "Bedwetting". As yet, there is no easy or perfect cure. Research has indicated an alarm, like that developed by Nature Calls, is one of the best methods of reducing or eliminating bedwetting. With the Nature Calls Personal Awareness Device, we believe the problem can be reduced or eliminated.

  • Bedwetting: Enuresis Treatment Centers
    Bedwetting or enuresis is the result of a deep sleep disorder and can be treated successfully using our toll free telephone number.

  • Bedwetting from the Pediatric Associates
    Bedwetting resources cause and treatments.

  • Bedwetting Information
    Help for bedwetting with information about causes and treatment.

  • Bedwetting Information and Resources
    Information and resources related to childhood bedwetting or nocturnal pediatric enuresis.

  • Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)
    Any parent who has potty-trained a child knows that nighttime bedwetting is the last hurdle to clear before you can declare complete victory over diapers. In fact some children don't attain night-time control for several years after they have complete control during the day. Nocturnal enuresis, more commonly known as bedwetting, occurs when a sleeping child cannot control his or her urinating at night. But nighttime wetting is not considered abnormal prior to 5 years of age. And even then, there is usually no cause for alarm because most of the time the situation resolves on its own.

  • Bedwetting Solutions
    Clinic for children aged over 6 years with nocturnal enuresis.

  • BEDWETTING - The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Physicians stress that enuresis is not a disease, but a symptom, and a fairly common one. Occasional accidents may occur, particularly when the child is ill. Here are some facts parents should know about bedwetting...

  • Dry at Night
    Dry at Night - Bedwetting Information from Enuresis Associates - Maryland<

  • Dry Nights for Good Mornings
    Bedwetting articles, tips, suggestions and resources for both kids and parents.

  • DryNites
    A Place to learn more about bed-wetting.

  • Frequent Bedwetting
    Toddler Development Frequent Bedwetting.

  • Help For Bedwetters
    This is the main topic for this page and will be considered in depth. When the problem continues into the school years, appropriate intervention can usually correct the problem. This page will review the causes and treatments for Primary Enuresis.

  • International Bedwetting Clinic
    The International Bedwetting Clinic concerns are only to the cure of uncontrolled Nighttime Bedwetting.

  • Lily Pad by Bedwetting Solutions
    A private label product, Lily Pad is created for bedwetting and incontinence use. We pride ourselves on providing one of the highest quality bedwetting and incontinence pad available on today's market.

  • Potty Training Advice
    Potty-training. For many parents, the mere mention of the word causes distress. As the pressure starts to pour in from friends and family, how can you be sure that now is the right time to start such a time consuming venture? As soon as the second birthday party, you might start to hear the questions.

    Most children can control their bowels and are toilet trained by the time they are four years of age. Problems controlling bowel movements can cause soiling which leads to frustration and anger on part of the child, parents, teachers and other people important in the child's life. (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)

  • Sleep Dry
    The Solution and Cure to Bedwetting and Sleepwalkin.

  • Sleepwetting Forum
    This forum is part of a new family-to-family support project helping people understand, manage, and resolve sleepwetting by school-age children and teens.

  • Stop Bedwetting Free
    The purpose of this site is to provide resources and options for people looking for help with bedwetting control.

  • Stop Wetting.com
    Bedwetting treatment: We have been treating the problem of bedwetting, without the use of drugs, for over 50 years.

  • The Bedwetting Solution
    Information Plus literature about how to solve your kids bedwetting problem.

  • The National Enuresis Society
    The National Enuresis Society (NES) is a not-for-profit organization of doctors, medical personnel, and other persons dedicated to building greater awareness and understanding of enuresis (bedwetting). By creating this awareness and understanding, the NES hopes to help improve both the treatment of enuresis and the quality of life for children with enuresis and their families. The NES gathers, interprets, and offers information about enuresis to the public, doctors, and other medical personnel who work with children and their families. The NES also serves as a resource for its members and the public and helps support scientific research about this disorder. The NES recognizes that enuresis is a medical problem that, if not properly diagnosed and treated, can have adverse consequences. These include loss of self-esteem for the child and psychological distress for the child and the family

  • Travis International
    Travis International offers the most advanced and effective program on the market today, for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting.

  • Treatment Program for Bedwetting
    Based on 20 years of experience in the bedwetting treatment field, the @Home Treatment program relies on the accumulated lessons of health care professionals. It combines the best of behavioral and natural, drug-free therapies at a tremendous value.

  • WetBuster
    WetBuster - interactive bedwetting site for kids, teens, parents, and their health care providers.

  • What are the causes of bedwetting?
    The bedwetting from a parenting perspective.

The following links are in Finnish

  • Bedwetting.co.uk
    Provides information about Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) aimed at Parents, Children, and NHS clinics

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