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  • Advice for Baby
    How to get baby to sleep throught he night and swaddling demo with pictures.

  • Baby Safety Products by SafeTSleep
    SafeTSleep. Unique baby safety products that support positive parenting practices and helps to prevent injuries and deaths occurring in and around babies' sleep times.

    In order to better understand the how-to's of getting you and your baby to enjoy going to sleep and staying asleep, here are some important principles of sleep that every new parent needs to understand.

  • Getting baby to sleep through the night
    When you have a newborn baby, often your most precious commodity turns out to be sleep. From the day you bring the baby home, getting it to go to sleep and stay asleep may be one of you rbiggest problems. Here are some helpful hints to help you and baby get a good nights sleep.

  • Prevention of Infant Sleep Problems
    Consider the following guidelines if you want to teach your baby that nighttime is a special time for sleeping, that her crib is where she stays at night, and that she can put herself back to sleep. It is far easier to prevent sleep problems before 6 months of age than it is to treat them later.

  • Resolving Infant Sleep Disturbance
    Nearly all infants (through the first two years of life) wake up during the night. Infant sleep is apparently very different from that of older children and adults in that it has a high proportion of what is referred to as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and this presents in short cycles. Infants frequently awaken at the end of the cycle, fuss a bit, and fall asleep again. Obviously, a significant number of infants fuss a whole lot more and don't fall back to sleep within a reasonable period of time.

  • Rethinking "Healthy" Infant Sleep
    Mother-infant co-sleeping often accompanies nighttime breast-feeding. New research suggests that co-sleeping affects infant physiology and patterns of arousal, raising questions about currently accepted norms for "healthy" infant sleep.

  • Sleep Associations
    Although by 6 months of age most babies are capable of sleeping a solid eight hours without a feeding, but the fact is many don't. The reason is quite simple...babies just haven't learned the fine art of sleeping soundly.

  • Sleeping Through the Night
    Is your infant keeping you up all hours of the day and night? The time may have come to teach your child to sleep through the night.

  • The Importance of Infant Sleep Position
    There are just three positions in which an infant can be placed - supine (lying on back), prone (lying on stomach or face down), and lateral (lying on the side). For centuries the best position has been debated among mothers, grandmothers, family members, etc. The key question is what is the best position in which to place an infant - and this encompasses the time period of from 2-4 weeks up to about 9-10 months of age. Why is this important? There are a number of reasons for this, but the key one is SIDS.

  • Tips for Helping Your Infant Sleep Through the Night
    The definition of an infant sleeping through the night is sleeping five hours at a time. All infants have different temperments and personalities. Your infant's sleep patterns are strongly affected by these factors. The following information will help you and your infant get a better night's sleep.

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  • Baby Saver
    Baby products can cause serious injury or death. Free information and resources about some potentially dangerous baby products are offered here.

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