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  • Three Sisters Toys
    Owned by a children's play therapist, Three Sisters specializes in natural toys for bonding and interacting with your baby. We offer lamskin play mats, wooden rattles, play silks, and organic cotton towel dolls. Be sure to visit our Parenting Pages and join our Community Message Board and talk to other like-minded new moms!

  • AP Experts: Cosleeping Transitions -
    Attachment parenting experts Katie Allison Granju and Betsy Babb Kennedy, RN, MSN share tips for respectfully transitioning a child to her own room from the family bed after the birth of a new sibling. From Myria, the Magazine for Mothers.

  • eHow to Safely Share Your Bed With Your Baby
    Studies have shown that children who share their parents' bed have high levels of independence and self-esteem. Follow these steps for a safe and restful night's sleep for everyone.

  • Family Bed
    Frequently Asked Questions About Sleeping With Your Kids

  • How to Make Sleep Sharing Work
    You and your partner both must be emotionally ready to try this arrangement, even if you don't know how long you'll stick with it. You'll try several different sleep arrangements before finding the formula that works for you. Here are 11 steps to making your sleep sharing environment safe and satisfying for your whole family.

  • Sharing bed risky to babies
    A study of 119 deaths of infants younger than 2 in and around St Louis between 1994 and 1997 found that some deaths resulted from the babies becoming wedged beneath an adult's body, underneath covers or in the crevices of soft furniture.

  • Sharing your bed with baby boosts death risk
    A new study finds that sharing a bed with a baby or putting them to sleep on surfaces other than a crib can increase their risk of dying.

  • Sharing your bed with the baby can be safe
    Other studies, however, paint a very different picture. In a report to be published soon, based on almost 500,000 infants, British pediatrician Peter Fleming found no evidence that bed sharing was dangerous.

  • The benefits of bed sharing with your baby
    Even though there is a lot of evidence in favor of having your child sleep in their own bed, more and more information keeps coming out about the benefits of sharing your bed with your baby. More families are going against "the norm" of society and choosing the "family bed." But, the decision is a personal one.

  • The Family Bed
    The family bed is also called sleep-sharing. This term can include any of the following: Having your child sleep in your bed Having your child sleep in a crib next to your bed with the side down so the crib and the bed are "connected" Having your child sleep in a cradle or crib next to but separate from your bed Having your child sleep on a mattress on the floor in your room

  • The Lazy Parent's Bed: Why you should let your baby sleep ...
    Anthropologist James McKenna of Pomona College believes that the family bed provides advantages for the baby. He has found that babies sleeping with mothers spend less time in the deepest stages of sleep, where they are more vulnerable to stopping breathing.

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