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  • Baby Barrier
    The original removable pool or spa safety fence; providing a see-through barrier for infants and toddlers. Swimming pool fence, pool safety, child gates, baby barrier, mesh pool fencing, safety fences and water safety.

  • Childproofing Information
    Site offers childproofing & baby safety information including how to childproof your home and what does childproofing consist of. Child safety resources like links, childproofing checklists, and more.

  • Herbie Hydrant
    Herbie Hydrant developed to help parents educate children in the areas of home safety. Herbie Hydrant can be incorporated in the family's overall home safety plan. Fire drills, emergency preparedness drills, smoke detectors and escape plans should be part of any household.

  • kid safe gear
    As parents are top priorities are keeping our babies safe, happy and healthy. Lets start with creating a baby safe home. Information and supplies for preventing burns, pinched fingers, electrical shock, tv tip overs and more.

  • NewBorn Ideas
    Newborn Ideas - Cart Caddy keeps your baby from germs proven to be on shopping cart handles and are coupon organizers saving you time at the checkout. afety products, child safety, maternity, infant care, infant accessories, babyproof, baby shower gifts, cart caddy, safety products, maternity care and pregnancy precautions.

  • Personal page of Totsafe Childproofing & Child Safety
    View information about the owner and creator of Totsafe, Kelly Smith. Site also includes special offers exclusive to friends of Totsafe!">

  • Pool and Spa Child Safety
    Distributor for the AllWeather POOL SOS Alarm Systems, the leader in on the surface swimming pool alarm systems. Swimming pool and pond child safety alarms sounds when child is in danger. Child drowning alarm sounds at pool and remote alarm sounds inside home to prevent drowning.

  • Safety Products at BabiesFirstChoice.Com
    Click here to buy safety products and accessories for your home, garden and pool at BabiesFirstChoice.com. Buy outlet plugs and covers, appliance locks, cabinet locks, drawer locks, door stops, finger guards, corner protectors, night lights, monitors, gates, and more.

  • Accidents happen, but can be minimized or prevente
    Perhaps the single most important thing parents can do is to stop accepting accidents as an inevitable part of childhood. While accidents will happen, childhood injuries can be prevented.

  • Adult Child & Infant CPR ~ Learn at Home Kit!
    If your baby choked, would you know what to do?.......... If your loved one's heart or breathing stopped, would you know what to do? Now it's easy to learn CPR and choking first aid in your own home, at your own pace. The CPR Prompt Home Learning System is the first to combine two practice mannequins (an adult/child and an infant), a video course and learning guide -- all the tools needed for the entire family to learn and practice lifesaving skills. Approved by the American Heart Association, the video course provides easy-to-follow instructions for all age groups (adult, child and infant) and all key rescue procedures -- and the mannequins feature built-in feedback to let you know that you have mastered each lifesaving skill. Click here to see more detail ...Scientific Content Approved by the AHA

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Firearm-related Injury Policy
    An updated policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly stresses that the most effective measure to prevent firearm-related injuries to children and adolescents is to remove guns from homes and communities.

  • A Parent's Guide to Water Safety
    In many parts of the United States, drowning is the number one cause of death in children under age 5. Children drown in pools, rivers, bathtubs, toilets, and even large buckets of water. Any amount of water - even a few inches in a bathtub - can be dangerous to a child. This brochure has been developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to help you keep your children safe around water.

  • Aqua Safe
    AquaSafe Pool Safety Net is the superior choice for making your pool safe while keeping your yard unobstructed. With an AquaSafe Pool Safety Net properly fitted over your pool, small children will not be able to reach the pool water.

  • Aqua Safe
    The Aqua-Safe Pool Net looks as good as it is safe. The net is custom fitted to your pool shape, which allows a clear unobstructed view of your pool area. We use nearly flush fitting anchors around the pool so adults as well as children will not stub toes or hurt feet.

  • Baby Guard Fence
    The Baby Guard removable mesh pool fence is the answer to pool safety. Baby Guard manufactures its pool fences in a modern facility in Sunrise, Florida and employs more than thirty full time employees, dedicated to building the safest pool fence possible.

  • Baby Guard Florida
    We manufacture the strongest, safest and most attractive pool fence system available today. Baby Guard uses only the strongest mesh, poles & accessories - exceeding the standards recommended by the National Safety Council, Consumer Safety Products, and most drowning prevention committees.

  • Babyproofing Your Home
    These pages are published with the thought that the best defense against common household accidents involving young children is intelligent prevention with a planned and instituted program of child safety. Here is a room-by-room guide.

  • Baby Sleep Safe
    Making your baby's crib a safe place to sleep.

  • Baby Walkers
    In spite of years of warnings by child health experts that babywalkers present a serious danger to toddlers, the devices are still on store shelves and many American parents continue to let their children use them.

  • Burn Safety and Fire Prevention
    Features games, puzzles, and quiz teaching children how to prevent being burned or injured by fire.

  • Child Appliance Safety Practices
    Children are using home appliances alone more and more and at young ages. They are using appliances to do housecleaning jobs assigned by parents and to prepare food during times when there are no adults around.

  • Childproofing Your Home
    About 2-1/2 million children are injured or killed by hazards in the home each year. The good news is that many of these incidents can be prevented by using simple child safety devices on the market today.

  • Childproof your home
    Once your baby is moving around, it will become absolutely necessary for you to make sure your home is safe. Of course, the best way to keep baby safe is to make sure that you always know where baby is and what she is doing.

  • Children and pool safety
    Every year I see the same heart breaking headlines about a child losing his or her life in a pool or pond. This year is no different. I wish I never had to read another headline about the death of a child to water related accidents. These types of accidents are so preventable. Some dangerous things are so obvious yet nobody ever thinks about them, so kids wind up dead because of it.

  • Children and Water Safety
    Drowning is a major cause of death for children. The surest way to prevent children drowning is to supervise them at all times when they are in or near the water. Child drownings can best be prevented by following the three Steps to Home Safety: Step One: Spot The Hazard Step Two: Assess the Risk Step Three: Make Changes Quickly

  • Children's Safety Zone
    Babysitting Guide, Holiday Safety Tips, Safety Bulletins & Current Stories, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Product Recall List, Missing Children, Continuously updated Toll-free Numbers to Organizations Providing Health-related Information.

  • Child safety in the home
    It is easier to baby proof your house as babies are less mobile but it is almost impossible to make your house toddler proof. The best you can do is to make it toddler resistant.

  • Child safety in the home
    After having a child, most parents go through the routine of putting outlet covers on all electrical outlets, locks on the cupboards, safety gates on all stairways and even a lock on the refrigerator and on the toilet. These devices are great for preventing accidents around the home, but they are not foolproof.

  • Child Safety in the House
    The house is a place where maximum accidents during childhood take place. We are more vigilant when we go out so we can avoid certain types of mishaps. It is important to be more vigilant when we are inside our house.

  • Child safety in the kitchen
    Whether you have small children in your home or anticipate visits from those who do, you'll want to use some of these professional practices to make your kitchen more child-proof and accident-free. Kitchen accidents can be very serious by their very nature, including scalds, burns, lacerations and electrocutions.

  • Child-Safe Windows Saves Lives
    A list of Window Safety Tips to help keep your loved ones safe.

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission
    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is an independent Federal regulatory agency, with the mission to help keep American families safe by reducing the risk of injury or death from consumer products

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission -Child Drowning Prevention
    Pool and spa safety regulations.

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission-Nursery Equipment Safety Checklist
    From the beginning of a child's life, products, such as cribs, high chairs and other equipment intended for a child must be selected with safety in mind. Parents and caretakers of babies and young children need to be aware of the many potential hazards in their environment.

  • Creating A Baby Safe Home
    We have included information to help make your home a more child safe environment. Extensive List of poisonous plants.

  • Crime Doctor
    The only place where we have control over our environment is in our home. We can make our home reasonably safe by fortifying it, as necessary, to protect our families once inside

  • Danger! Children can Strangle on Curtain and Blind Cords
    Curtain and blind cords can be a real danger to babies and young children.

  • Danger in the Home
    Use this handy checklist to detect potential hazards to children and how to make your home a safer place.

  • eHow to Quickly Babyproof Your House for Your Grandchild
    When your grandkids come to visit, all those fragile, pretty things on low shelves and tables can be a nightmare for everyone. For a more enjoyable visit, follow these tips for making your home baby-friendly

  • eSafety.com
    Childproofing Basics - Practical Tips to Make Your Home Safe for the Kids.

  • Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
    Farm Safety 4 Just Kids advocates for the prevention of farm-related childhood injuries, health risks and fatalities.

  • Freddie the Fish
    Activity book with coloring pages teaching kids safety in the water while swimming, boating, or playing.

  • Fun Play, Safe Play
    Use this guide to discover the importance of play in your child's learning and development and how to buy safe toys.

  • Garden & Pool Safety
    Safety for children - pool and garden.

  • Garden safety
    It's great to have a garden when you have children, but it's important to take precautions. Babies and toddlers put everything in their mouths - including leaves, flowers, plants, soil, grass... and slugs. This is usually no more than a nuisance requiring constant supervision, but do check the garden over before letting your baby out to play.

  • Gun Safety Education for Kids(K-12)
    Fantastic Gun Safety Education site Just for KIDS.

  • Home and Family Safety - Iowa Health Book
    A number of tips for making your home safe (and your newborn too).

  • Home Playground Safety
    Are you thinking about getting a piece of home playground equipment ? Do you already have one ? If you answered Yes to either of these questions you may find the following information very useful.

  • Home Playground Safety Tips
    Each year, about 200,000 children are treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms for playground equipment-related injuries - an estimated 148,000 of these injuries involve public playground equipment and an estimated 51,000 involve home playground equipment. Also, about 15 children die each year as a result of playground equipment-related incidents. Most of the injuries are the result of falls. These are primarily falls to the ground below the equipment, but falls from one piece of equipment to another are also reported. Most of the deaths are due to strangulations, though some are due to falls.

  • Home Safety - Virginia Cooperative
    A few more tips about making your home safe for baby.

  • International Bicycle Fund
    Infants, Kids, Bicycle, Trailers, Backpacks, Carriers & Child Bike Safety.

  • Janson Video:.
    Child Safety is a timely and informative one-hour home-videocassette that provides new and useful information for parents, children and their caregivers about keeping children safe.

  • JPMA
    This page is dedicated to promoting and informing consumers, the industry and our membership about the safe use of juvenile products, industry issues and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

  • Kids Act Quickly, So Can Poisons
    Keep hazardous materials locked up, out of reach and out of sight. And remember, more things are dangerous to children than you think.

  • Kids Fire Safety Tips
    Welcome to the page of information on Fire and Safety Tips for Your Home.

  • Kitchen Safety
    Safety in the kitchen, is more inportant than a good on the table! Kitchen Fire Safety Reminders.

  • Love & Safety Club
    The Love & Safety Club is much different than other safety education programs due to the fact that it uses music and a childs natural ability to commit fun words to memory in order to reinforce those basic safety skills that are important to children on a day to day basis.

  • National Capital Poison Center
    Useful information about a number of poison/safety related issues.

  • Original Safety for Toddlers
    Safety for Toddlers offers service and installation of safety devices in your home to help create a safer environment for your child to live in..

  • Paranoidsisters.com
    As new parents, we came across many child safety hazards of which we and our friends had been previously unaware. Some of these child safety hazards were very surprising, and others could have been avoided using common sense

  • Perfectly Safe Childproofing
    PerfectlySafe.com has Gates, Safety Brackets, Toddler Shields, Banister Guards, Door Locks, Safety Latches, Hearth Guards, Blind Cord Shortners, Window Guards, and Door Knob Covers for all your Childproofing Needs.

  • Perfectly Safe Home Book
    PerfectlySafe.com has The Perfectly Safe Home Book that not ony shows you how to create a safe, comfortable environment for your child, it gives you room-by-room childproofing instructions for your kitchen, bathroom, and cabinets. It also guides you in selecting appropriate toys for children by age group and shows you how to conceal electrical outlets and cords; and you'll learn how to handle fires and other household emergencies.

  • Perfectly Safe Nursery Safety
    PerfectlySafe.com has Baby Monitors, Crib Sheets, Crib Rail Safety Pad, Portable Bed Rail, Bed Protection Pad, Crib Wedge, Air Purifier, Comforter Bar, and Lid Supports for all your Nursery Needs.

  • Perfectly Safe Outdoor Safety
    PerfectlySafe.com has Sun Hats, Skin Care, Sun Shades, Sunglasses, Swim Shoes, Swim Diapers, Ear Plugs, Swim & Life Vests, Pool Alarms, Safety Signs, and Bike Seats and helmets for all your Outdoor Safety Needs.

  • Poisonous House Plants (safety)
    Many of our most popular houseplants come from tropical climates where the highest percentage of poisonous plants reside. If you have any of the houseplants listed below you should find out how toxic they are, and if the risk they pose to your children or pets is worth keeping them.

  • Preventing Accidents Before They Happen - Intelihealth
    Nearly 1,000 infants die each year because of accidents--half of them the result of suffocation, poisons or car crashes. Baby-proofing your home is a great safeguard: All electrical outlets should be covered and cabinet drawers "safety locked" before your baby starts crawling, and everything that's not food that could be placed in her mouth should be kept off floors. But here's what you should do right now...

  • Preventing Child Drownings
    Preventing child drownings - An alert issued by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission! Swimming pools are so dangerous in fact, that 300 children under age 5 die and 2,000 more children under age five visit hospital emergency rooms for submersion injuries every year!!!

  • Preventing Hot Water Scalds
    There are many dangers inside the home.. one you may not have thought of, is the hot water that comes from your taps. In fact there are thousands of scalding injuries each year in Canada and hundreds of people are hospitalized to treat the often severe burns.

  • Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Systems
    Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Systems, Inc. offers pool fencing designed to be the safest alternative available in providing pool safety for your children. Our fencing can transform your pool and patio from a potential danger zone to an outdoor play area to be enjoyed by the entire family.

  • Protecting Children From Pesticides
    There are "critical periods" in human development when exposure to a toxin can permanently alter the way an individual's biological system operates. Children may be exposed more to certain pesticides because often they eat different foods than adults.

  • Safe and Sounds
    Safe & Sound's online safety center. We have utilized our 30 years experience in the safety industry to bring you the most complete resource for all your home safety needs.

  • Safe Around Electricity
    Information on being safe around electricity indoors and outdoors. Guide for what to do in an electrical emergency.

  • Safe @ Home
    Safe @ Home Web site - Our goal is to help you make your home safe for your baby or toddler. We want to alert you to potential hazards in your living environment, hazards you may not even be aware of.

  • Safety For Toddlers
    Safety for Toddlers is a full service babyproofing company servicing the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.

  • Safety Gates UK
    Baby safety gates uk, child safety, safety guards, nets, new born babies, toddlers and infants in the UK, buy .

  • Safety Information From the Danny Foundation
    Important safety tips for cribs and bedding from The Danny Foundation.

  • Safety: kidsource.com
    Keeping your child safe is a major priority for parents. Here are many articles that will help parents protect their toddler children.

  • Safety Turtle
    Safety Turtle is the only safety device that protects your children from water accidents by sounding an alarm the instant he or she falls or ventures into the water.

  • SafeWithin
    SafeWithin provides safety tips for inside and outside the home.

  • Swimming Pool Alarm
    Swimming Pool Safety is as easy as setting up a Swimming Pool Alarm on the Pool Fence.

  • Teaching kids safety
    When should you begin teaching your child about safety? As soon as possible, usually when the baby starts crawling.

  • Ten Tips to Protect Children from Pesticide and Lead Poisonings
    These simple steps can help you save children from environmental hazards around the home.

  • Ten Tips Toward Baby Safety
    The Paranoid Sisters bring you a few of the hundreds of tips from their book, Child Safety Made Easy.

  • The Child Safety Resource
    The I'm Safe! Network. Helping parents and children make smart choices.

  • The Danny Foundation
    The Danny Foundation, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1986 to help prevent unintentional injuries, conduct research, and provide the much needed leadership to set regulatory standards for safe nursery products.

  • The Danny Foundation
    The Danny Foundation, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1986 to help prevent unintentional injuries, conduct research, and provide the much needed leadership to set regulatory standards for safe nursery products.

  • Tips For Your Baby's Safety
    This checklist is a safety guide to help you when buying new or secondhand nursery equipment. It also can be used when checking over nursery equipment now in use in your home or in other facilities that car for infants and young children.

  • Water Safety
    Welcome to watersafety.org.uk, providing water safety advice for all.

  • Water Safety Congress
    The National Water Safety Congress is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting recreation water safety in the United States.

  • WindowGuard.org
    Dedicated to safer windows for children, with a link to People Magazine's coverage of the Windowsafe cause.

  • Your Safety
    Safety Tips, Advice and Resoures.

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