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  • The Nurture Center
    Information and links for new and expecting parents, including pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and newborn care.

  • Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
    The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is a worldwide organization of physicians dedicated to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding and human lactation. Its mission is to unite into one association members of the various medical specialties with this common purpose.

  • Australian Breastfeeding Association
    The Australian Breastfeeding Association(ABA) is an organisation of people interested in the promotion and protection of breastfeeding. Amongst these are breastfeeding women and their partners and health professionals such as doctors, lactation consultants and midwives.

  • Breastfeeding
    The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) now recommends women breastfeed for at least 1 year starting within 1 hour after birth and breastfeed on demand. They also recommend pumping and storing your milk if you cannot directly breastfeed. Approximately 60% of new mothers breastfeed but only about 20% are still breastfeeding after 6 months.

  • BreastFeeding.com
    BreastFeeding, a general information site for moms breastfeading their baby or planning on breastfeading.

  • Breastfeeding Help
    Breastfeeding Help! is dedicated to providing reliable information on breastfeeding topics to expectant and nursing mothers, as well as professional consultation and problem solving on an individual basis, by Heisje de Jong, Certified Lactation Consultant.

  • BreastfeedingOnLine
    Breastfeedingonline.com hopes to help empower women to choose to breastfeed and to educate society at large about the importance and benefits of breastfeeding.

  • Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles
    Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles offers breastfeeding lactation education, seminars, lactation resources consultants directory, breast pump rentals, breastfeeding continuing education, task force meetings, breastfeeding advocacy and education in health care, community, media, and government. Come and join us in task force meetings and be a member of the task force to support breastfeeding.

  • Breast Milk is the Best Milk
    Why breast milk is the best milk: There are many reasons why breast milk is the best milk, including the following:

  • International Lactation Consultant Association
    A world where breastfeeding care and services are available to every mother, infant, and child

  • La Leche League
    Founded in 1956 by seven women who had learned about successful breastfeeding while nursing their own babies, La Leche League is the only organization with the sole purpose of helping breastfeeding mothers.

  • Marcalan
    MARCALAN is soothing hypo-allergenic, purified lanolin for effective relief of sore nipples. Marcalan can be be used before birth, and continued after birth as a natural assistant to help mothers especially in the early stages of breastfeeding.

  • Mommy Gear Nursing Wear & Pumps
    Our online breastfeeding boutique offers a great selection of nursing bras (32B-48H), nursing tops & dresses (XS-3X), breastpumps, baby slings and breastfeeding support products. We help you make breastfeeding comfortable and convenient.

  • Mother's Milkmate Breastmilk Storage System
    Mother's Milkmate is a breastmilk storage system designed as an alternative to the use of plastic bags for freezing and storing breastmilk. Mother's Milkmate encourages Mothers to breastfeed longer while making the experience more convenient, less expensive and environmentally friendly.

  • Natural Baby Nursing
    NaturalBaby-Catalog.com has Nursing Pads, Bras, Pillows, Canopies, and Pumps for all your Breastfeeding Needs!

  • Pumping Mom's Information Exchange
    Welcome! This site is maintained by the Pumping Moms listserv. The information contained here reflects our experience and is not endorsed by any particular medical professional. We provide this information as support for other moms who are pumping/expressing milk for their babies.

  • San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition
    San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition (SDCBC) as a non-profit association of health professionals whose mission is to promote and support breastfeeding through education and outreach in the community.

  • The Art of Breastfeeding
    The Breastfeeding Answer Book, the most comprehensive research-based breastfeeding counseling guide available--a reference used worldwide by lactation consultants, La Leche League leaders, dietitians, nurses, and doctors.

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