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    Ever wish that you had an extra pair of hands? Do you have trouble feeding your baby on the go? Have you been blessed with Twins, Triplets or Quads? Well, the nice folks at Podee have the answer for you - it's the Podee Hands-Free Baby Feeding System. This inventive Hands-Free Baby Bottle allows you to feed your infant in a car seat, a stroller, a baby walker, a high chair, a swing -- even a shopping cart at the grocery store! Not to mention the Podee Hands-Free System also enables parents & caregivers to feed their babies without having to hold the bottle. Your hands are free to caress and hold your infant which enhances bonding and affords parents and babies alot more time to cuddle!

  • Advantages of Bottle Feeding
    If for some reason breastfeeding is not an option, a woman can consider bottle-feeding. There is a school of thought that sees some advantages in bottle-feeding.

  • babyworld - bottle feeding
    The key to successful bottle feeding is being organised. You'll soon develop your own routine for preparing feeds and sterilising, and begin to enjoy feeding your baby.

  • Bottle Feeding - About
    Information on bottle feeding babies, including choosing, preparing and storing infant formula.

  • eHow to Heat a Baby's Bottle
    Whether they take breast milk or formula, some babies prefer having their bottles warmed up. It takes off the chill and generally helps infants accept the bottle.

  • eHow to Prepare Ready-to-Mix Powdered Baby Formula
    Powdered formula may take a bit longer to prepare for your baby, but it's less expensive than the other types. Here are the basics of preparation.

  • Infant Formula: Second Best but Good Enough
    A century ago, babies who couldn't be breast-fed usually didn't survive. Today, although breast-feeding is still the best nourishment for infants, infant formula is a close enough second that babies not only survive but thrive. Commercially prepared formulas are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The safety of commercially prepared formula is also ensured by the agency's nutrient requirements (see "Nutrient Requirements") and by strict quality control procedures that require manufacturers to analyze each batch of formula for required nutrients, to test samples for stability during the shelf life of the product, to code containers to identify the batch, and to make all records available to FDA investigators.

  • Information on infant nutrition, infant formula, breast feeding and breast milk substitutes
    A resource provided by the International Association of Infant Food Manufacturers and its member companies that share a common purpose: to protect and promote the health of infants and children

  • Overview of Infant Formulas
    Infant formulas are liquids or reconstituted powders fed to infants and young children. They serve as substitutes for human milk. Infant formulas have a special role to play in the diets of infants because they are often the only source of nutrients for infants. For this reason, the composition of commercial formulas is carefully controlled and FDA requires that these products meet very strict standards

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