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The following links are in English

  • Dragon Booster Fan Site
    Dragon Booster is a sci-fi action/adventure series that takes place in a futuristic world where dragons and humans co-exist. This fan site contains episode guides, summaries and reviews, voice actor and other credits, fan forums, fan art, fan fiction, behind the scenes information, merchandise information, news and links to related sites.

  • Jay Jay The Jet Plane
    Preschoolers are introduced to science and nature in an entertaining and positive way on Jay Jay The Jet Plane on PBS. Jay Jay's official fan club, jayjay.com, offers cool games, e-cards, wallpapers, screensavers, clips from the show and more, all for free! The website even offers travel tips and a calendar of events for parents.

  • Riley and Drew's Thomas the Tank Engine Site
    Lots of information about Thomas the Tank Engine including coloring pages, pictures and profiles of the Engines, Thomas the Train history, song lyrics, a video guide and much more.

  • The Savvy Click Magazine
    The Savvy Click is operated/maintained by children's book author Tabatha Jean D'Agata. The site features: stories, articles, poetry, recipes, various reviews, interviews, a cool Teen Town area, a fun Kids Can Click area, writing resources and much more. It's a nicely done site and it's updated with new content each month.

  • ToddWorld
    Kids have fun while they learn about acceptance and tolerance in this Emmy Nominated preschool TV series on the commercial-free "Ready Set Learn" block on TLC and The Discovery Kids Channel. The site has story and character info, air times, activities and coloring pages."

  • ABC Childrens TV
    Check your favorite children's shows, such as Bananas in Pyjamas and Mixy, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • Addams Family
    Information on the Addams Family TV show, characters, and movies.

  • Adventures From The Book Of Virtues
    This PBS series tells stories about courage, compassion, honesty, and many other virtues.

  • Animal Planet
    Animal Planet's web site includes information on your favorite tv shows, animal cams, crocodile hunter, animal stories and more!...

  • Animal Rescue
    A weekly half-hour television series showcasing the heroic efforts of emergency workers and ordinary people saving various animals in trouble.

  • Arthur
    The popular book and TV series, Arthur. The site has show info, character info, games and events.

  • Bananas in Pyjamas
    The Bananas in Pyjamas site, with characters, song, and games.

  • Banana Splits - Yesterdayland
    Describes the fuzzy 60s kiddie-show rock band and lists broadcast dates.

  • Barney & Friends
    Barney & Friends was developed to address the interests and needs of young children ages two to five years. The programs are designed to enhance the development of the whole child-the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical domains. This site has TV show info, times, and games.

  • Batibot
    Batibot is the Philippines' premier educational television series for children in the early years of childhood.

  • Batman: The Animated Series
    In 1992, the birth of Warner Bros. "Batman: The Animated Series" changed the Batman Universe forever. The dynamic TV series spawned a new technique in animation using black backgrounds that would eventually be dubbed "Dark Deco." In Fall 1995, the final five episodes aired (85 total episodes were produced) and the curtain closed on Batman: The Animated Series. Site has characters and episode reference.

  • Bear in the Big Blue House
    Web site for Jim Hensen's Bear in the Big Blue House has TV show info, shopping info, and fan info.

  • Between the Lions
    Our web 'adventures' are combinations of original games and stories based on each episode of the TV series. Cliff's Notes help you get the most out of our many interactive games. Come back every week to discover all thirty stories and their adventures.

  • Bloopy Buddies Online
    Welcome to the Official Bloopy Website - from the producers of the award-winning children's television show Bloopy's Buddies!

  • Bobtales
    Animated Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories for Children.

  • Book of Virtues
    Crossword puzzles and other games that make reading and writing fun, based on the characters and stories from PBS.

  • Brum
    Ragdoll's Brum is a super-brave, superhero car with a difference. Brum's website is primarily for children worldwide with interactive adventures, free online games and entertainment. This little car always saves the day by rescuing the residents of the Big Town from mishaps and mischief. Way To Go Brum!

  • Caillou TV Show
    Educational kids' show offers episode synopses, games, colouring pages, and more.

  • California Heartland
    Television show about spotlighting the farms and ranches of California.

  • Camp Cariboo
    Children's show is presented in pictures, words, sounds, and video of head counsellors Tom and Mark and wise woodsperson Uncle Wes.

  • Cartoon Factory
    This is The Cartoon Factory Animation Art Gallery Online- with more animation cel pictures on our site, we are your fastest and most comprehensive resource on the Internet for collecting cartoon cels!

  • Cartoon Network
    Welcome to Cartoon Network Channel. Kids number one channel.

  • Cartoon Network Australia
    Cartoon Network, childrens cartoons Australia, kids favourite cartoon characters

  • Cartoon Network India
    Cartoon Network India, childrens cartoons , kids favourite cartoon characters

  • Cartoon Network UK
    Play some games, test your cartoon trivia, or find out when your favorite cartoon shows are playing in the United Kingdom.

  • Children of the World
    Children's Programs, Family Programs, a weekly half-hour show with 11 episodes.

  • Childrens Television Workshop
    Children's Television Workshop, celebrated for its visionary role in innovative family programming, has a new media property custom made for today's families. The CTW Family Workshop delivers a unique approach to the Internet: melding technology and edutainment to bring families together to learn and have fun.

  • Club de los Tigritos
    El Club de los Tigritos is seen on weekends on Univision, which has several broadcast affiliates in the U.S.,and is on many cable systems.

  • Cow and Chicken
    Cow and Chicken is an TV show for Kids. Check their web page for fun.

  • Crocodile Hunter
    Homepage to this popular animal TV show filmed in Australia.

  • Den2
    Fun and games from this Irish kids' TV network! Find out about the programmes, who's who, and what's on today too.

  • Disney Australia
    Film info, TV listings, a colouring book, D-cards, and more from Disney.

  • Disney Channel
    Another great site by Disney. Check out all the cool Channels like Zoog Disney, and PlayHouse Disney.

  • Disney's One Saturday Morning
    Official Disney site with weekly features and fun activities with characters such as Doug, Hercules, Pepper Ann, and Mickey Mouse.

  • Disney's TVplex
    Games, clips, pictures and some Bill Nye science experiments.

  • DogTV
    A Fun Educational Televison Show for the entire Family.

  • Dragonball - Pokemon - Yu-gi-oh!
    Yu-gi-oh, Draonball z and Pokemon cheats, information and products

  • DuckTales
    An episode guide for this animated Disney series.

  • Elise's Rugrats Page
    Everything about Rugrats, including an episode guide, pictures, sounds, downloads, games, coloring book, penpals, links, and fun activities.

  • Fantastic Four: The Animated Series
    Episode guides, character and actor info, and more.

  • Felix the Cat
    Welcome to the world's most famous feline Felix the Cat.

  • Finger Tips
    The official website of the CITV's make-and-do show, Finger Tips.

  • Fox Family Channel
    Fox Family Channel is a family-targeted basic cable network with a dynamic mix of original movies, specials and series in primetime -- and a fun-filled daytime lineup of newly produced and classic series for children.

  • Granada Kids
    Granada Kids is one of the UK's largest producers of children's television programmes.

  • Hammy Hamster Website
    Come on in and visit the Riverbank, meet Hammy's friends, find out about the show and window-shop the Riverbank General Store!

  • Hands On Crafts Television Show
    Hands On, the online home of the terrific television show all about crafts for kids.

  • HBO 4 Kids
    HBO 4 Kids' web site has links to the HBO TV kids shows.

  • Houston Public Television
    The mission of Houston Public Television is to Inform, Educate and Entertain...

  • Kid-e.TV
    Fun and Original animated shorts, games, and more

  • Kid Fest TV Show
    KIDFEST Television Production works with the Children in local communities who have raw talents, and would likes to get the one chance to be on TV so their friends, and family can see them.

  • Kids Shows on TV Land
    Reviews for Kids Shows on Televison.

  • Kids TV International
    Kids tv television student-made videos workshops.

  • Kids TV Lounge
    Children's Television Remembered... in style

  • Kraft's Creatures
    Welcome to the Kratts Brothers' Creatures Web site! Use the Creature Signpost to start out on your very own Creature Adventure and explore the fascinating and funny creaturnalities of creatures the world over. Site has TV character info, activities, and episode guides.

  • KTV Zone
    A Kids and Teens Christian channel with information on programming, getting involved, and general issues facing kids and teens.

  • Looney Tunes On TV
    The history of classic Warner Brothers cartoons on television, this page covers every show, from the 1960s to the present, to feature the classic cartoons. Plus: TV specials, cameos and commercials, links to upcoming schedules, and much more!

  • Looney Tunes Presents
    "Looney Tunes Presents" TV's website has links to shows, hotspots, animation, and what's new.

  • Looney Tunes Video Guide
    The complete video guide to every video release of cartoons from Warner Home Video and MGM/UA Home Video, with contents of each. Also includes laserdisc releases, out-of-print titles, images, and a page devoted to public domain titles as well.

  • Maryland Public Television
    MPT continually provides mind-expanding, nonviolent, horizon-broadening television. We provide true universal access, bringing the best of the world into every living room. Any home, any person with access to a TV can be in the front row center of some of the best productions in the world, regardless of "household income" or "target audience."

  • Momo's World of Gummi Bears
    Dashing and daring, courageous and caring, faithful and friendly, with stories to share...

  • Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
    Site is a tour of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, based upon the TV series. With activities and list of songs.

  • Nature
    A PBS series about exploring the natural world and everything on it.

  • New Gumbrea
    Welcome to the home of 'Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears'

  • Noddy
    We want all of you to have full confidence that the "Noddy" TV series and its "Noddy" Web site offer important educational content- as well as fun experiences - for children aged 3 to 7. The worlds of "Noddy," including Toyland, where Noddy and his friends reside, and Noddy's old-fashioned curiosity shop where the live action centers on Kate, DJ and Truman.

  • Once Upon a Tree
    Once Upon a Tree is the hilarious children's television series currently airing nationwide on public television and Discovery Communications' Animal Planet Network.

  • Paper Scissors Glue
    Paper Scissors Glue! combines sound educational theory and curriculum content with fun and excitement.

  • Pappyland
    Official web site for the Pappyland TV series. Pappyland is a program that encourages children to utilize their imagination through drawing and coloring. it can be seen on the learning channel and numerous pbs stations.

  • Play School
    Play School is an ABC children's television program.

  • Pokemon
    Track the adventures of Ash and Pikachu through their animated television show. Includes downloads and details on the cards, comics, and cartoons.

  • Quantum
    Quantum is a weekly half hour science program produced by the ABC's TV Science Unit. It's been on-air since 1985, in the popular 8 pm time-slot. Quantum explores, not only the technical breakthroughs, but also the processes by which new discoveries and scientific advances come about.

  • Quick Trick Show
    The Quick Trick Show is now in its second series on CITV and no doubt after seeing the great new tricks you're itching to try them out.

  • RealFamilies
    RealFamilies tackles some of the tough questions facing families and marriages today and gives you the Parenting & Marriage Advice you're looking for.

  • Real Science
    Educational Tv Show for Kids. Hunt for dinosaur footprints, search for distant galaxies, view the future through virtual reality and collect blood samples from elephant seals.

  • Screenit
    Entertainment Reviews For Parents. Complete review of recently released movies, videos, DVDs, and music.

  • Sesame Street
    The classic TV show - Sesame Street's site has characters, coloring pages, and activities.

  • Sesame Street Central
    The official home of Sesame Street has pages to color, games to play, photos and videos of Stars on the Street, Elmo in Grouchland, and lots more muppet fun!

  • Shamu TV
    Shamu TV is offering classrooms nationwide a season of all-new wildlife adventures. Featuring a recurring cast of kids and adult characters whose mission is to explore wildlife and habitats around the world, Shamu TV takes viewers along as the crew encounters everything from penguins and predators to baby animals and endangered species.

  • Shining Time Station
    Shining Time Station is a comedy series which teach lessons about life. It is based on musical (Juke Box Band) and artistic (Thomas and Friends) presentations.

  • Standard Deviants TV
    Standard Deviants TV where our modern approach to learning is anything but standard. Our fast-paced, fresh shows are so smart, crazy and fun, you'll actually forget you're learning.

  • Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain"
    "Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain" takes the awesome adventures of the popular lab mice Pinky and The Brain one step further in their quest to take over the world. This TV web site has show info and credits.

    "Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures" was the first collaboration to combine the glorious tradition of Warner Bros. Animation with the incomparable talents of Steven Spielberg. The Emmy Award-winning animated half-hour series is on Nickelodeon.

  • StoryTime
    StoryTime is one Kids Coolest show On Televison.

  • Swampcritters of Lost Lagoon
    The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon. The official website!! Buy dolls, videos, cds, books, play puzzles, games, more!!!

  • Teletubbies
    "Teletubbies" is a responsible, enjoyable half-hour where our youngest viewers find their place: a playful, imaginative world inhabited by gentle, loving characters exploring and experiencing everything around them. The series is also a wonderful opportunity for parents to share the joy of first discovery through children's eyes. Site has show info, characters, and activities.

  • The Banana Splits
    The Banana Splits Show was Hanna-Babera's first foray into live action. Based around four bizarre looking animals, the characters basically ran around a lot bumping into each other!

  • The Goof-Off Show
    The Goof-Off Show is a wild & crazy TV show for kids from ages 1-99!

  • The Jetsons
    The Jetsons live in Skypad Apartments in the 21st Century, when automation and robotic gadgets make life easier but no less comic. A scant 24 episodes were produced for the original series, which ran one season (1962-63) in prime-time on ABC. In spite of this short run, The Jetsons have remained fixtures on the TV landscape ever since.

  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    Site has TV show info, who's who, and Crystal Cave online game.

  • The New Batman Superman Adventure Series
    The New Batman Superman Adventure Series web site has complete show info, characters, episodes, videos, games, and message boards.

  • The New Zoo Revue
    Ask Frieda about the days, times and channels where you can find your favorite episodes of The New Zoo Revue by clicking on one of the listed cities.

  • Theodore Tugboat
    WELCOME TO THE PBS ONLINE HOME of Theodore Tugboat, the Ready To Learn TV series about a cheerful tugboat who likes to be friends with everyone. There's lots to see and do here with Theodore and his many floating friends.

  • The Toy Castle
    Kids can visit the castle and personalize the site with their favorite characters.

  • The V-Chip Education
    The TV ratings and the V-Chip can help parents navigate their children's way through the vast world of television. The TV ratings can help parents figure out which programs are inappropriate for a certain child's age or unsuitable because of sex, violence or adult language. The V-Chip can help parents "screen out" the programs with TV ratings they don't want their children to watch. The V-Chip is already built into new TV sets -- parents who want to use it just have to turn it on when they set up their new TV.

  • Thomas the Tank Engine
    Thomas the Tank Engine's site provides show info, T.V. times, and games.

  • Tots TV
    Welcome to TOTS TV Theater, our online site enhancing the PBS TOTS TV preschool series. Come on in and be a part of our show...and then star in your own.

  • Treehouse TV
    Site for the Treehouse TV show.

  • TV Cream
    TV CREAM, the best place on the Net to discover the long-dead programmes you thought you'd seen the back of forever - from bizarre educational endeavours and half-remembered animated obscurities to those cult franchises of yesteryear.

  • TV Party
    Video clips of classic TV shows, cut footage and rare scenes, bloops and blunders and many more.

  • Wimzie's House
    Wimzie's house site has a guide to the characters, TV schedule, and activities.

  • Wimzie's House
    Site for the Canadian kid's show. Site includes games, a kids art gallery, and a club you can join.

  • Wisconsin Public Televisions Kid Central
    What is Wisconsin PBS Kids? It's educational programs for kids. Programs specially designed to speak to young children in language they understand. Programs without violence and commercial-free. Programs that show people of different cultures, races and abilities.

  • Wombles Website
    Read all about the old and new Womble series, play games, and learn about the environment.

  • Yogi Bear
    QuickTime clips of this classic cartoon bear from Cartoon Network.

  • You Can't Do That On Television
    Kids making a program for other kids. We put our kids into situations that are similar to kids at home.

  • Zoboomafoo
    Chris and Martin Kratt (Creators/Executive Producers/Stars) are the co-founders of The Earth Creatures Company, a company which, through innovative wildlife entertainment in a variety of media, seeks to introduce people to the incredible creatures with whom we share the planet. Zoboomafoo site has who's who, TV series info, games, and coloring pages.

  • Zoog TV You Do
    Special features, fun games, polls, chat and message board.

  • Zoom
    TV series, Zoom site has character info, activities, science ideas, recipes, what you've been saying, and much more.

The following links are in French

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