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The following links are in English

  • A Free Kid-Safe Internet Browser
    TUKI Free Internet Filter & Parental Control Filter

  • Another Fuzzi Day
    Solve one of the puzzles, watch the movie then enter the contest to win a Razor Scooter!

  • Arcade Village
    Free online arcade games. Some news, some revivals of old goodies. Best score of the world listing. No need to register or download something. Just click and play. No blood, no violence.

  • Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day
    Like chess? Well, then I've got something that's right up your street. Everyday you'll find new free chess problems on Bruno's Chess Problem of The Day. Do you spend your day looking for logic puzzles, free chess strategies or tactics? Come on, visit my site and find our free chess games. Visit this site daily before or after work and try to solve free online chess games. Different levels of difficulties are available ranging from very easy (checkmate in 1) to very difficult (checkmate in 6 or more). A solution to the problem will be made available the next day. Archives of problems over the last 10 days can be consulted. When you play chess online or offline, chess strategy is needed, but don't forget chess tactics. Improve this skill with our free online chess games puzzles.

  • Cartoon Network Games
    A comprehensive collection of Cartoon Network Games available for play instantly and without registration.

  • Coolweb
    Welcome to Coolw3b. We host a number of Games, Competitions, Members, and much much more

  • Cubitgame.com Free Play Games and Download Games Unlimited
    Cubitgame.com in this website you can free play and download games for unlimited, starts from arcade, action, shooting, funny, puzzle, sports. you can funny and no boring

  • Emperor's New Suit
    Online story and internet game retelling the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Fun drag n drop dress-up games where you dress up the emperor in outrageous cartoon costumes. Flash animation, entertainment, and play sites for children, kids, and the entire family.

  • Free Flash Games
    Over 1400 free flash games that you can play right away. No need to download or install anything, and theyre all totally free!

  • Hundreds of free games for the family.
    Play free games online for fun at JaDeal.com. Play 2d game, flash, shockwave, 3d arcade games for your amusement. Play games around the world.

  • Kidchess! - Comprehensive Chess Services and Instruction for the Scholastic Player
    Participation in Chess has been shown to increase test scores in reading and math. Chess helps develop critical thinking, problem solving abilities, memory, attention span, patience, and sportsmanship. Kid Chess classes feature tournaments with trophies, computer-guided instruction, chess clocks, large boards and pieces, blindfolded chess, and bughouse chess.

  • MAMEGAME.TV (Dear free game site)
    A lot of dear free games even the child that a small ninja MAMEZO is active feels relieved, and to be able to be idle.

  • Protect your Computer from your Child and your Child from the Internet
    Download BrowseWithMe.com's Kid Friendly Web Browser Protects your Computer from your Child and your Child from the Internet Allows children unsupervised access to the Internet by choosing what is available to them. Be alerted of new fun and educational sites that will benefit you and your child. Easy to use, fun, and educational.

  • The Original Shnoozles
    The Shnoozles' web site is filled with music, coloring pages, recipes, jokes, games, Shnazzercise, and so much more!

  • The Planet W
    No violence. No ads. Free games and movies for the family. Meet Pete Neat and pals as they travel to an unknown planet inhabited by wierd creatures.

The following links are in Dutch

  • Animal-Crossing.nl
    Website about Animal Crossing: Wild World. A Nintendo DS game. Website over het meest schattige Nintendo DS spel van dit moment: Animal Crossing: Wild World.

The following links are in English

  • 1 Word Jumbles
    Online Fun Games for Little Kids. Learn about words of things found at the garden, in the forest, at the beach, in the sea, night things, in the sky, buildings, at the circus, at the zoo, jobs people do and a lot more.

  • 2Bee or Nottoobee
    2Bee and Queen Nottoobee need flowers to make honey. Help them find flowers by choosing the correct verb to complete the sentences.

  • Ages 3-6 Fun Games
    Play Memory Match, DinoDraw, Fish World, Over 18 Mazes! and Hatch and Match. Come in and have a lot fun...

  • AJ and Jammin Juicers Games
    Fun playing games, send holiday cards, enter a contest, and learn about drinking healthy beverages.

  • All Mixed Up
    A collection of classic online games. Challenging, fun and suitable for kids of all ages.

  • Alphabet Games
    Teach your kids the Alphabet. Four different lessons. For Ages 4-6.

  • Anastasia Words
    Click on the word to hear it, then click on the picture that marches the word.

  • A Natural Symphony
    The great conductor and composer Lauren Gazelle needs your help. Only you can find the animal sounds to complete his natural symphony! You must explore several ecosystems, and their animals, to find the sounds that will complete his signature song.

  • Animals of the World
    Get a few clues you need to guess the animal in the picture - mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

  • Apple Jacks Game
    Apple Jacks, a site for kids with a club atmosphere, complete with trivia and games online.

  • A Rainbow of Frogs
    Welcome to the Chateau Meddybemps learning activities on Color. Join Frogwart Witchet (disguised as a frog - that's her with the hat) and her colorful friends in four exercises designed to help your preschooler develop important observation and thinking skills.

  • Arty the Part-time Astronaut
    Loads of animated space fun - travel to the planets, play games and more.

  • Attleboro Kids
    A Fun and Educational Place to Play Online

  • Azingzang.net
    Deluxe Digital Corporation and Lillian Senecoff-Reynolds bring you the amazing Turtletown, home of plucky awesome adventurer Stanley the Flying Turtle! The wonderful, whimsical 3D town allows you to navigate anywhere you want on the site just by clicking your mouse on one of the fantastic turtle buildings. An exciting blend of games, stories, and interactive media, AzingZang.net stimulates a child's desire to read and explore.

  • Barbie Girls Fun Online
    Barbie - Activities and Games Online!

  • Batter's Up Baseball - Math Game Ages 6-9
    Can you score a Homerun? How about a base hit? This is a fun and challenging game to learn math.

  • BattleShip
    On-Line Version of battleship Game!

  • Beach Fun with Otty
    Match objects and learn the different shapes.

  • Beauty and the Beast Missing Magic
    Find the missing object. Very Easy, Lets Do it!

  • Boowa & Kwala
    This site is for kids who want to play fun interactive games / activities, read a great illustrated story and listen to some great music and songs with Boowa and Kwala. Singalong songs, fun interactive games and activities

  • Bring Down the Walls of Jericho
    A kind of sideways, slow-moving Break-out style game.

  • Buddy Brush
    Ideas That Play, designers, developers and marketers of computer-based musical adventures for kids.

  • Captan Crunch
    Cap'n Crunch - join the hunt for the missing Cap'n and play cool games to get more clues!

  • CastleMouse 2000
    The classic puzzle game is all new for the millenium. Try to scare the mouse out of the hole by setting up a chain reaction of animals. Puzzles range from easy to make-you-queezy, and there's a different one each day.

  • Change Maker
    Get as much money in your piggy bank as possible, by figuring out the correct change.

  • Chef Jr. Comic Construction Kit
    CReating you own story, pick backgrounds, stamps, color it, and write the text.

  • Chess Puzzle Games
    Chess tutorial software for kids.

  • Chicken-Tac-Toe
    Chicken-Tic-Tac-Toe Will let anyone beat a birds brain.

  • Clean Up the Park
    Help Sir Trombone keep his environment cleant by placing the items in their proper recyle bins.

  • Click-Apart Choo Choo
    Click Apart Choo Choo - Click on various parts of the Train for sound effects.

  • Coloring Online
    Online Coloring is Fun! Pick any of the coloring books and have Fun.

  • Coloring Pages
    Coloring Pages Online Coloring

  • Confederate Bones Mystery
    Can you find the hidden treasure and save the Kudzu Kids? The Kudzu Kids are trapped in the tunnels with buried treasure! If you're ready to find them, just click on the map area where you think the Kudzu Kids and the treasure are located.

  • Connect-the-Dots
    Just click on the dots in order and a picture will appear. You'll see a toy that's fun for play.

  • Create A Creature
    Are you ready to create your very own creature? It's as simple as drag and plop. You can choose one face shape, one set of eyes, one nose, any two ears, one mouth, one hairstyle, and up to three accessories. To begin designing your face, select the part that you would like to change from the panels on the sides of the screen.

  • Create Your Own Adventure
    Fill in the blanks and create you own adventure with Kratt's Creatures.

  • Creating Your Own Holiday Art
    It's so easy to make your own Holiday Art! Just select your favorite design and click on it!

  • Creating Your Scenario
    Create your own play. Choose stars and assign their lines, then click the "Create My Scenario" button to see your work.

  • CyberChase Code Breaker Game
    Cool code breaking game for kids. Lots of fun and good for basic reading readiness.

  • CYKE-Cyber Knowledge and Emotion
    Take a ride with the E. Motion Express and find out how to help Monkey, Sandy, Piggy, and Tripitaka with their feelings.

  • Decorate Eastern Eggs
    Pick the favorite patterns for 3 eggs.

  • Dental Defense
    If you liked "Asteroids," you'll find Dental Defense a real blast. Your teeth are being bombarded by sweets. Zap 'em with the toothpaste tube before they rot your teeth!

  • Designing a Clown
    Design your own clown face.

  • Design Your Barbie
    Design Your Own Doll selecting her name, skin, hair, eyes, outfit and accessories

  • Dewey Does Online Games
    Click on the game you want to play and follow the instructions. Lets play!!

  • Digby Mole's Word Games
    What sort of word games do you like to play? First Letters Rhymes or Marching.

  • Dinosaurs Scrambler
    Check how quickly you can get all the Dino Puzzle pieces into their right places.

  • Discovery Online Games
    Discovery Games and Interactive. This is the games hub page for Discovery Channel.

  • Disney Games Online
    Disney Games offers kids play time with their favorite Disney characters (and some fresh faces too!) in a variety of arcade, sports, strategy, and adventure games.

  • Dollhouse Sticker Fun
    Using the mouse decorate your own dollhouse. Netscape 4 required.

  • Don's Dugout
    Don the Mole has discovered some unwanted crittres in his garden. Can you help dig down and rid the garden of these pests?

  • Double Fun Match
    Come in, pick the symbols and difficulty level you wish to play and click "Start Game" to begin.

  • Doug the Slug
    Doug the Slug - Entertaining, educational relief for bored children ages 2 - 8 and their beleaguered parents.

  • Drag and Drop Game
    Drag the pictures to the correct word box. Great for kids learning to read! Ages 3-6.

  • DragonDrop.info
    Various games hosted by cartoon animations, using drag and drop interaction (requires Netscape 6 or other browser compliant with W3.org standards). Letter blocks, arithmetic, planet comparisons, etc.

  • Dragon Tales Story Stickers
    Making your own scenes for this Dragon story.

  • Dress Ricky Raccoon
    Help Heidi dress in different outfits. If you get all parts to an outfit, she'll do something for you.

  • Dress the Teddy Bear Game
    Try to match them up. Then try mixing them up to see what silly character you can make. To play, just click on the little buttons on the left side of the pictures.

  • Earth Quiz Game
    Answer Questions Like. What is the largest Ocean on the Earth? and How many bones are in an adult male human body? Kids Ages 6-12.

  • Educational Online Games
    Online Education Games About Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Math, Social Studies, Science, Health and Arts. Have Fun While You Learn.

  • Elves Matching Game
    Welcome to the Elves Matching Games. Santa still has a hard time spotting identical twin elves. He tend to be slightly confused with all the elves. Mixing up their names. This sometimes lead to some amusing misadventures. But I don't want to reveal too many secrets, so I'll maybe tell a bit of those misadventures another time.

  • Energetic Elephant
    Reading and Learning about energetic elephant - animation and speech.

  • English Experiments
    The English Experiments page to experiment with English or create great word puzzles to stump your friends

  • Face Place
    Drag and drop items to create a face, or select painting option to draw.

  • Fake Out
    Choose one words, and guess its definition.

  • Family Games
    Welcome to the Family Games Web Center, official home of AHA! Software's non-violent shareware and freeware games for families.

  • Farm Animal Sounds
    Listen and use the mouse to point at the animal that corresponds to the sound made.

  • Farm Stand - Ages 6-9 Game
    Come on over to the farm stand to practice your multiplication and addition. Multiply the amount of apples or eggs by their price, then add them together for your total.

  • Find Funny Fishes
    If finding fishes you adore, click here and you can find some more.

  • Fish World Game - Ages 3-6 Game
    Create your own fish tank. Great for kids learning to use the mouse or for kids who just want to be creative.

  • Fiver
    Can you change all the white pieces on the board to black? Clicking on a piece will turn it to the opposite color. However, it will also turn the pieces above, below, to the right and to the left the opposite color as well.

  • Flower Arranging Game
    Allow Children to arrange flowers online. Fun and artistic.

  • Free Kids Games
    Free Kids Games, Online Jigsaw Puzzles, Kids Clip Art and Much More!!!

  • Free Online Toys
    These are some toys & entertainment we've created using Macromedia Flash. They are kind of like games.

  • Free Online Word Games
    Tons of Free Online Word Games for the whole family.

  • Fruit Game
    Fruit Game - don't be the last one to take a piece of fruit off of the table!

  • Fun and Informational Games
    Welcome to Fun and Information Center.

  • Fun Children Games
    It's time to play! Lots of online games. They are organized by what plug-ins they use - including some that don't use any plug-ins.

  • Fun Online Games for Kids
    A very sharp site with lots of intercative activities and games for kids up to ten years of age.

  • Fun With Fire Engines Activity
    Find out what is different about the fire engines.

  • Fun With Hats Activity
    Find Out what happens to hats when the wind blows.

  • Games for Age Six
    Great Games for Kids Age 6 and Under.

  • Games For Kids Ages 6 to 9
    Great Online Games for Children Ages 6 to 9 Years Old. Have Fun!!!

  • Games on-line for Kid Explorers
    Many fun on-line games and activities for children. All clean and moral. Many are great for Christian education.

  • Garfield Word Searches
    Find the words listed on this puzzle. The words can be found vertical, horizontal, backwards and diagonal.

  • GeoNet Game
    To start the game, click on the Northeast, the South, or the United States, above. All of the questions for each game will be about the entire country or the region you select. You'll have 2 hours to complete the game. Be sure to click on "End Game" when you're done to see if you have become a GeoAdvisor, a GeoExpert, or a GeoChampion

  • Gone Fishing
    Click on the fish whose costume is different from the rest.

  • Great Online Games for Kids
    Directory for safe and fun online games for kids. Sign up for my newsletter where I feature more games kids can play.

  • Guess the Color
    Roy G. Biv, the world's most colorful parrot, wants you to know how colors of light mix to form other colors. He'll show you a color, see if you mix red, green, and blue light to match his.

  • Gypsy Word Search
    Find the names of Gilchrist characters in this word search.

  • Harcourt School Games
    A site that blends interactive learning for kids in grades K-8 with resources for teachers and parents -- all to complement Harcourt School publications

  • Hatch & Match
    Hatch an egg and see if you can match it with it's pair. Ages 3-6.

  • Health Online Games
    Tons of Health Games to Choose from.

  • Hello Kitty's Shapes and Colors
    Learning and Matching Shapes and Colors with Hello Kitty's.

  • Hidden Shapes
    Find the hidden shapes and color the pictures.

  • Hungry Caterpillar - Ages 6-9
    The objec of this game is to have the carterpillar eat as many cherries as possible. The more cherries the carterpillar eats the longer he gets. Sound easy?

  • Hurricane House
    In the event of a hurricane, you should prepare your yard for the worst. In the image below, click on all objects which may cause a problem during a hurricane.

  • Interactive Games
    Great Games You Play On Your Computer

  • Inventors Game
    Have fun while you learn! Try to answer as many questions right as you can and show the computer how much you know.

  • Jim's Crankophone
    The Crankophone displays two vowels. Listen to the words from the Crankophone. After each word sounds, choose which of the 2 vowels you can hear in the middle of the word. If you get it right the word is added to one of the lists.

  • Kayleigh's Playground
    Learning activities, fun & games for your pre-schooler.

  • Kids Carnival
    Play games online for free. Safe fun games for children. Educational puzzles, mazes, stories, activities and more.

  • KidsCom Games
    KidsCom has plenty of games, message boards, kids chat, video game cheats, contests and prizes. This is a site for kids! KidsCom is a safe kid site, focusing on fun and Internet safety.

  • Kids Junior Games
    Small World Word Fun Learn words from around the world.

  • Kids Just Wannao Have Fun
    Links to games and story telling for all age kids.

  • Kids Online Games
    Kids Online Games - offers fun and educational kids games to download and play at a party.

  • Kidspsych Ages 1-5 Games
    Fun games for childrens ages 1 to 5.

  • Kids section, Civilization.ca
    Games and activities for kids of all ages! Puzzles, colouring book, games of adventure and mystery. Explore King Tut's tomb and uncover his mummy, or try to free two children trapped in a Victorian house.

  • Lego Online Games
    Solve problems, navigate obstacles, race to the Finish line and save the world.

  • Lemonade Larry - Math Game Ages 6-9
    How much does the lemonade cost? Check out your math skills. Use multiplication to find out how much the lemonade costs. Type the answer into the "Total Price" box and hit total.

  • LifeSavers Candystand Games
    A candy-based site with a bunch of online games for you to play.

  • Madder of Facts
    This website is filled with quizzes on facts that are good for kids to know. Perhaps you have taken "mad minute:" quizzes before. This site allows you to take them online.

  • Magic Factory
    Magic Factory - collection of games that aims to teach children about light and color.

  • Making Faces Game
    Try to match them up. Then try mixing them up to see what silly character you can make. To play, just click on the little buttons on the left side of the pictures.

  • Match the Picture
    One of the pictures is not like the rest. Can you tell which one? Take your time, do your best!

  • McDonaldland
    You found the Internet's land for fun. Ronald.com!

  • Merpy.com
    M.R.Petit's animated musical adventures of Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly and more!

  • Missle Command
    Online Games for kids

  • Mixed and Activity Online Games
    Find many activity mixed games for the whole family.

  • Mudpie's Markers
    Play With Mudpie's Markers And Race Him To The End Of The Board!

  • Night Light & Pillow Fights Quiz
    Read The Poems In The Night Lights & Pillow Fights Archives To Get Ready To Play This Game. Kids Ages 7-10.

  • Noah's Ark Webtime Story
    Noah's Ark Webtime Story play AutoMagically with the ShockWave plug-in. Just wait a few seconds at each new page, and the story will begin!

  • Oddball
    One of the things is not like the other. If you are right 20 times, you can post your name!

  • One Of The Animals Is Not Like The Others
    One Of The Animals Is Not Like The Others. Guess which one it is.

  • Online Free Games Directory
    Free Games is a Directory of Free Games available on the Internet. We play, review and rank all the free games listed here to help you find the free games you are looking for.

  • Online Games for Age 6 and Under
    Let's PLay Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Music, Geography Art and Physical Education Games.

  • Online Games for Kids
    Games for Preschoolers and Elementary Kids.

  • Online Paint Ball
    The Online Paintball Network promotes the Sport of Paintball games with a Discount Pass card Program and Free Games.

  • Operation Optics
    Protect towns and cities by destroying the robotic Invictaborg invaders and learn about how light works!

  • Order the Disorder
    Test your memory and match up all the image pairs. Click on tiles to begin the game.

  • OurKids.org
    OurKids fun and games for children of all ages, children kids fun games

  • Paint By Idioms
    Idioms add color to language. Help FunBrain grand master, Salvabear Dali, finish his paintings by identifying the correct expression.

  • Paws Island
    On Line Video Game for Younger Children involves manual dexterity and counting Lots of fun

  • PlanetSnak
    They were hungy. They couldn't go on. Then they found it. PlanetSnak. Explore Planet Snak and discover ways to help this oddball trio.

  • Play Chess Against tkChess
    Play Chess and See if you can beat the computer.

  • Play Free Games Online
    Word Search Puzzles & Card Play

  • Play Kid Games Online
    Let's Play Online Games with your Kids.

  • Play Kids Games
    Play Kids' Games is designed by parents of young kids. It's intention is to provide a web site that parents and kids use to learn with while having fun.

  • Pochacco's Shape Matching Game
    The object of this game is to fill the holes with the correctly shaped objects chosen from the right side of the panel before all the dots around the edge change color!

  • `Posnayko`. Play, learn, have fun.
    `Posnayko`. Tremendous due to its kindness, fabulous nature, interest, usefulness and friendly price children`s electronic magazine `Posnayko` in amazing, playing, cognitive form. You can make friends with `Posnayko` too.

  • Prongo.com
    Prongo.com has free online games, quizzes, clip art, e-cards,wallpaper and kids jokes.

  • Put-Together Turkey
    Help Tom Turkey get ready for Thanksgiving. Drag and Move the Pieces and put Tom together.

  • Score Game
    Scoring Time Out - Make your child's top 15 turning points learning points (and keep your sanity).

  • Sesame Street Games for Preschoolers
    Games that teach letters, numbers and more. Plus stories with your favorite Sesame Street characters and activities too.

  • Slamboni
    It's a tough job, but someone has to smooth the ice down at the SIKIDS.COM Arena. NHL trophies such as the Stanley Cup have been carelessly left all over the rink. It's your job to scoop this misplaced hockey hardware into your Slamboni.

  • Smack a Bug
    Practice typing with Timon and Pumba - Type the letter on your keyboard that shows up on the back of each bug.

  • Smarties
    Play Smarties matching game, coloring book, and maze, or learn more about the makers of the candy.

  • snakes and ladders
    Free online snakes and ladders game for kids. Climb the ladders and avoid those slippery snakes.

  • Socrates Mystery Words
    Guess and spell out the word Socrates has in mind before he disappears!

  • Space Jumble Game
    How can you put the pieces back together? See if you can complete this 8-piece puzzle game. For Kids Ages 6-9.

  • Space Quiz Game
    Finding Out how much do you know about space.

  • Spatial Concepts Fun
    Parent and Child activity - look at the pictures and ask your child about what is on, beside, together, apart, full, etc

  • Spell People
    Includes email lessons, games, and coloring book. From Kiddies-Kingdom.

  • Spring Match
    Spring is in the air! Match the spring things to reveal a picture. See how few moves you can do it in.

  • Stagecast Creator Games
    You want games? We've got them! Play them online or download them so you can change them in Stagecast Creator.

  • Stay Afloat
    How to Play: (Stay afloat is similar to Hangman) Funbrain will show you a word. The player will guess a letter. If that letter is in the word, it will appear. If the letter is not in the word, one object is placed in the boat. You must guess the words before all the objects are loaded and the boat sinks!

  • Stock Market Game - Ages 6-9
    Let's have some fun learning about different stocks. Enter your first name, choose a stock and then click my stock certificate to get started...

  • Summer Online Games
    Grab some summer fun by the sea, playing baseball, or in the woods. Please note that many of these activities are on other sites, not part of Kids Domain. We checked for family safe content, but content can change. If you see something that's inappropriate, let us know

  • Tail Gunner
    It is a space age shoot em up arcade game, you shoot things that looks like space ship. Fun to play. Boys do like to play these things, and this is one less game you will have to buy. Does develop eye and hand dexterity.

  • Ted and Floppys Online Games
    We hope you enjoy using these online games and activities. You will need the shockwave plug-in to play these games.

  • The Beasty Game
    Think of an animal and the computer will try to guess what it is.

  • The Birds and The Bees - All Ages Game
    It's Valentine's Day and Buzter the Bee is on his way to see his Honey Bee. Avoid the obstacles and collect love hearts along the way!

  • The Guessing Game - Ages 6-9
    Guess the same number that the computer has guessed. The number will range from 1 to 100.

  • The Piano Player
    Do you like to play piano? See how much you can score here!

  • The Plural Girls
    Twin sisters Pearl and Flora lost their friends in the bubble machine. Help them get their friends out by choosing the correct plural form of the given word

  • The Virtual Farm Yard
    Click on an animal to hear the kind of sound it makes.

  • Tic Tac Toe - Ages 5-9
    You play as the X's and the computer is the O's. Select the square you want to put your X into by clicking them.

  • Tic Tac Toe Squares
    Get three X's in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) before the computer gets three O's in a row. Cool on-line tic tac toe game.

  • Too Munch Fun
    Play Great Games Here In These Too Much Fun Sections.

  • Torosiants Trampoline Basketball
    Try it your best shot, see if you can make a basket.

  • Tree HouseTv
    Doo-Doodley-Doo! Join Suzanne in her doodle room. Create a picture on the Treesel for everyone to see!

  • United States Quiz Game
    Find out how much you know about the US History. Test your knowledge or Learn about United States History.

  • US Geography for Kids
    In the drill you will be presented with a State name, and then you can try to select the correct response for the questions asked based on the question topics you have selected from the right.

  • Wacky Tales
    Our author, Dictionary Jenkins, needs help finishing some stories. Give him a hand by thinking of your own words to help him. Pick a story, and supply some nouns, adjectives and other words to complete it.

  • Webkids Network Games
    Site for Islamic entertainment for kids. Find fun games and watch webtoons.

  • Whack-A-Molar!
    The gang's all here - Mr. Tooth Decay, Bob Plaque, Miss Gingivitis - and you've got to whack'em with a toothbrush!

  • Whose Foot Is It ?
    See the footprint, and guess which of the three characters it belongs to.

  • William Willya's Rhyming Game
    Match the words to make a rhyme. Sound them out and take your time. Use your mouse to click the word that makes the lines rhyme.

  • Wonder Spell
    WonderSpell, the spelling fun with free letters if needed.

  • Word Detective
    This is a custom seek and find word search game. You give FunBrain a list of words which it then hides in the puzzle.

  • WWF Virtual House
    Choose a topic and then go search the house for an answer to the question.

  • Zoom Dinosaurs Quiz
    The following is an on-line dinosaur quiz covering basic dinosaur facts. For each question, just click on the right answer.

The following links are in Italian

  • Filastrocche.it
    Nursery rhymes for everyone in Italian, Spanish, English, French!

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