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The following links are in English

  • Lalitha's Nursery Rhymes and Songs
    Flash animations of traditional English nursery rhymes and other activities for pre-schoolers.

  • Melodies From The Heart Personalized Children Music CDs
    Give your child the gift of music. Your childs name is sung over 98 timed throughout the cd collection. The cd collection is a great holiday, birthday gift and/or self esteem booster. Great lullabies for babies and superb selections for toddlers and preschoolers. We have over 2,800 names in our database. When you order your receive free personalization and free shipping and handling. Give your special child the gift of music. Check out the website at www.melodiesfromtheheart.org

  • The Full Pitcher Music Resources
    Music publisher,specialising in creative and inclusive music-making, with free activity pages for children and families.

The following links have yet to be sorted

  • Wiggles N' Tunes
    Award-winning quality children's music products, cd and songs for early childhood that are both educational and entertaining.

The following links are in English

  • An Online Christmas Songbook
    This web site has Christmas lyrics with music sheets combined, ready to be printed out.

  • Apple Core - Home of KidBiz
    Kids Songs, Stories, Puppets & Plays to Grow Up With. Fun to Sing, Learn & Share.

  • Athropolis
    Web Site of the Throps and the Squallhoots! This site has Songs, Stories, News, and Pictures.

  • Campfire Sing-a-Long
    A-Z list of words to all the old favorite music songs.

  • childrensmusic.co.uk
    As well as songs, many written and performed for BBC Children's Television and Schools Radio, you'll find rhyming stories, pictures, musical instruments and fun things to do.

  • Creating Music
    creatingmusic.com is an evolving environment for online music creation and exploration. Come discover fun and easy ways to make music!

  • Disney Music Page
    Here you will find a collection of MIDI files of Disney music from many of their classics and from tunes heard throughout the parks!

  • Go-Go-Diggity
    Turn on the music, turn on the fun and watch your children smile to Go-Go-Diggity's wonderful music.

  • Grandma Froid
    Original children's music recording, IN GRANDMA FROID'S GARDEN available at this family friendly website for kids of all ages.

  • Happy Note!
    Happy Note! : real computer game that will teach you musical notation even as you play!

  • Instrument Quiz
    Guess the name of the instrument by it's picture, and listen to it's sound.

  • KIDiddles
    Fun site with kids songs, stories, and activities.

  • Kindermusik Kids of Cary
    Welcome to Kindermusik Kids of Cary, where music, fun and learning go hand in hand.

  • Looney Tunes Karaoke
    Sing your favorite songs from Looney Tunes cartoons with music.

  • Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs of All Nations
    Children's songs with lyrics and music playback, from all over the world.

  • Muppet Songs
    These have been collected from various people, lyrics sites, the newsgroup alt.tv.muppets, or transcribed by yours truly.

  • Music for Pianos- Children's Page
    Site has Piano Midi selections for Children, including traditional nursery rhymes.

  • Music Notes
    An Interactive Online Musical Experience, where you can learn about Theory, History, Styles, Professions, Instruments, and more. Have fun and test your skills with our interactive challenges.

  • NIEHS Kids' Pages
    Children's sing-a-long lyrics with midi music.

  • Ohwejagehka - Iriquois earth songs
    This site has selected Earth Songs (in Real Audio), sung by Art Johnson & Lyle Anderson, who are from Six Nations of the Grand River.

  • Online Childrens Songbook
    Click on a letter to get the words to your favourite children's song!

  • Play a Piano / Synthesizer / Oscilloscope
    Play the piano using your mouse or your computer's keyboard. As you play the piano, you'll see the wave forms as well as hear them.

  • Primary Logic
    Bach By Two, a classical CD for infants and preschoolers.

  • Sing Along Midis and Lyrics
    Sing-Along Songs (Midis and Lyrics) presented by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences as a means of introducing kids to science and research interests.

  • Snickerdoodle 4kids
    Sing-a-long with the Snickerdoodle Song, performed by a country western band.

  • Songs for Environmental Education
    This page is dedicated to exploring the use of music and song in environmental education., and offering valuable links to related sites.

  • Sounds of harpsichords and related instruments
    These samples are each approximately fifteen seconds long, files of about 300K, dubbed from compact discs. They are in .WAV format for Windows. If you have a Mac or other platform, you may be able to convert them with various tools (commercial, shareware, or freeware).

  • Surfasaurus
    Surfasaurus is an integrated children's entertainment concept created by Anthony Anderson & Nick Ireland. We do live shows featuring the legendary surfing dinosaur, Sid Surfasaurus.

  • Teddy Bear Band
    The Teddy Bear Band inspires movement, imagination and music fun for children, families, and your bear. The band greets their audience with, "You're in the Show"! Soon children & parents find themselves on a musical journey, going on imaginary rides, playing games, performing "Bear-Robics" & more.

  • The Turtle Shell
    The Turtle Shell offers educational materials designed to extend beyond the classroom. We have a large instore inspirational section.

  • The WWW Virtual Keyboard
    Click on the piano keys to hear the notes they represent. It's just like a real piano, except that it's slower, smaller, sillier, and doesn't sound nearly as good.

  • This Day In Music History
    This site has Birthdays of Composers, Broadway Opening & Closings, and What Was on the Charts, for this day in history.

  • Unofficial P.D.Q. Bach Page
    This unofficial site has partial listing of PDQ (Peter Schickele) works, lyrics, recordings, and more.

  • Who Can it Be Now?
    "Who Can It Be Now?", a game asking you to name ten 80s musical artists.

  • Wonderland
    A safe place to play and grow. Sing-a-longs, activities, & games for 2-6 year olds.

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