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The following links are in English

  • Accumulated Accordion Annotations
    This site has links to everything dealing with Accordians, and more.

  • Care and Maintenance of Bagpipes
    This site has Advice for beginners, Care of the Wood, Seasoning the bag, and Reed Maintenance.

  • Cittern
    The Cittern (also called cither or cithern) is played by plucking the strings with the fingers or with a plectrum. During the 16th century the Cittern is second in popularity only to the Lute. It has a flat back, fretted fingerboard and a variable number of strings.

  • Common Ground : Button Accordion
    One of the family of accordions which developed in the late nineteenth century, the button accordion is an adaptation of the older and more basic melodeon.

  • Common Ground : Uillean Pipes
    The full set of this complex instrument involves bag, bellows, chanter, three drones and three regulators.

  • Concertina FAQ
    History, Buying Advice, Repair Techniques, and so much more about the Concertina.

  • Instrument Pages
    This page has links to different medieval instrument web sites.

  • Kazoobie Kazoos
    A great place to find out everything about kazoos and also purchase kazoos.

  • Learn about instruments
    Learn about the different families and different types of instruments. Click on any instrument to hear it.

  • Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
    List and information about various instruments from this era.

  • Musical Instrument Encyclopedia
    This Multimedia Instrument Encyclopedia is a student project constructed for entertainment and educational purposes. To listen to an instrument click "Play It" when it appears under a picture.

  • Musical Instruments
    Detail of Musical Instruments

  • MusicKids
    We specialize in Children's Musical Instruments & Toys, Accessories, Books, Videos and More!

  • Noisy Toys
    Noisy Toysis the little store with the big selection of hand drums, percussion toys, kids drums and lots of unique noise makers.

  • Orchestore
    Here at Orchestore, we believe that most popular toys and video games do little to foster the inherent creativity every child has. We're dedicated to providing parents with the resources they need to nurture their child's creativity through playing music, together.

  • Playmusic
    Fun sit for kids to learn about the orhestra instruments and listen to the instrument sounds.

  • Sandbox Symphony Shop
    Sandbox Symphony Shop is your one-stop shop for unique children's musical instruments.

  • The Universe of Bagpipes
    Oliver Seeler's web site has information, history, sounds and much more about the Universe of Bagpipes.

  • The Wheatstone English Concertina - Neil Wayne
    This document was first published in the Journal of the Galpin Society. Written by Neil Wayne, it traces the history of the Concertina, invented by Charles Wheatstone around 1829 or 1830.

  • Toy Pianos
    Hand made wooden toy pianos from the world leader in toy pianos. Piano for Toddlers. Ages 1 to 5.

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