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The following links are in English

  • African Music And Dance Ensemble
    The African Music and Dance Ensemble is the United States' premiere West African dance performance company. This site has History, Workshops, Current Production, and more.

  • African Music Archive
    Archive of African Music at the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies.

  • African Music Home Page
    T. Endo's discographies of various African artists and their music.

  • African Music Pages
    This site has information about African Muscic, along with links to Broadcasts of African music.

  • African Music Productions
    African Music Productions, a Midwest Group Company, offers collections of African, Caribbean, Martinique, Cuban, Zouk, Soca Rumba, Reggae, and Traditional Music.

  • African Music Webring
    This site has links to African artists and their music.

  • African Performance Clearinghouse
    The purpose of the African Performance Clearinghouse is to collect, process, and dispense information about performances and tours by African artists in North America for the benefit of performers and audiences.

  • Africa Sounds
    This site brings you the "Best of Africa" on the net, including reviews of various new African music.

  • Afropop Worldwide
    This the web site of Afropop Worldwide, a PRI Public Radio International's weekly series showcasing the contemporary musical cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora in the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.

  • C. K. Ladzekpo - African Music and Dance
    This site has Secular Scenes from African Dance-Drumming, Sounds of Africa Performed by CK Ladzekpo, and more.

  • Cora Connection
    Information about the rich music traditions of West Africa!

  • Dancedrummer.com
    This site is dedicated to African Music in general, and recreating Ewe (Ghanaian/Togolese) ensemble drumming on the drum set in particular.

  • Djembe-L FAQ
    This site includes a combination of Frequently Asked Questions and Resource Material on various hand drum topics.

  • East Africa Music Page
    This site has articles that review the Popular Music of Kenya & Tanzania, along with Discographies, and more.

  • ILAM - International Library of African Music
    The International Library of African Music, founded by the late HughTracey in 1954 after 25 years of recording African music, is a research institution devoted to the scientific study of African music and the oral arts in Africa. It has published over 250 long-playing records and many others, publishes the journal "African Music", now in its 28th edition, serves as an information and co-ordination centre for research on African music, and publicises the virtues of African music and dance.

  • Madunia
    This is the website of Madunia foundation. Here you can visit sites on African music, or read more about the organization and its projects.

  • Music Africa
    MUSIC AFRICA is a non profit community organisation dedicated to the promotion of African music and culture through AfroFest and other events including the Toronto African Music Awards.

  • Music in the Horn of Africa
    This site is dedicated to the popular music of the countries in the Horn of Africa, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan.

  • Music of South Africa
    Features, stories and reports written during 17 years of following the saga of South African music.

  • Music of the Wolof of Senegal
    On this page you will find links to many audio clips and a few video clips, as well as information which will help you to appreciate and even possibly develop a passion for the music of West Africa.

  • Music.org.za
    This web site has content about Southern African musicians, as well as visitors who have performed locally. It aims to provide reference about music in South Africa, with emphasis on original African, jazz, hip hop, reggae & kwaito.

  • Musique D'Afrique
    Listen to African Pop Music in streaming audio or by downloading.

  • Sabar Drumming
    This site is devoted to promoting, exploring, and sharing information about Senegalese sabar drumming.

  • South African Journal of Musicology
    Home page of the South African Journal of Musicology - Articles on South African and other musics; reviews of books, scores and recordings; conference reports and other news.

  • The African Music Encyclopedia
    This site has information about African Artists, Country, Credits, and more.

  • The Music of Kenya
    History of the Kenyon Music Scene.

  • The Music of Zimbabwe
    Links to information on the Music of Zimbabwe.

  • West African Music
    Two recent articles written by Eric Charry that were published in print journals, and have extensive descriptions (including photographs and transcriptions) of West African harps, and West African (specifically, Mande) guitar playing. Rather than reprint the articles here, he instead included sound, graphics, and videos that illustrate the descriptions given in the articles.

  • West Africa Percussion
    This site is a West African HyperPictionary of Percussion.

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