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  • 19th Annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival
    The Chicago International Children's Film Festival is the largest children's film festival in North America, featuring over 250 films from 40 different countries around the world. In addition to age-appropriate programming for children between the ages of 2-5; 5-8; 8-11 and 11 to 13, you can enroll in our Take One! filmmaking workshops and also have the opportunity of meeting over 100 directors, producers and actors, making the CICFF truly one of the best places in the world to view outstanding film and video productions for children! The festival runs October 24 through November 3rd this year. For tickets or general information call the Kidsfest Hotline at 773-929 0266 or visit our website at http://www.cicff.org

  • Bumblz Media
    Bumblz is an animated video series for preschoolers about an energetic, and charismatic young bee and his friends who use their imaginations to turn the world around them into a fun, adventurous and exciting fantasy world. Bumblz videos and music cds are made for children and parents to enjoy together.

  • Family DVD Network
    At Family DVD Network, you can finally find a great selection of edited movies that are safe to watch with your family. You won't have to stress over what rude scene will pop up next. Choose from current hits that are carefully edited to remove profanity, excessive violence and sexual content as well as carefully selected movies that do not require editing. Movies receive a seven point rating to help you make the best informed decisions for your family entertainment. Movies are rated on sensuality, violence, frightening situations, language, immodest dress, and drug use. Movies also receive an overall rating.

  • SceneSample.com
    Scenesample.com is a video sharing website which hosts the latest Scene releases, It is a community site which allows uploads as well. So come along and Watch, Share and Upload your Scene Samples.

  • Videojug: Life Explained. On Film.
    VideoJug is every aspect of life explained and illustrated through an ever-growing number of common sense, informative, helpful and entertaining videos.

  • Movie Critters
    The Film Advisory Board, Inc., Hollywood, Califronia, has honored Steven F. Zambo Productions, Inc. with the Award of Excellence for the production of Movie Critters' Big Picture. The Board's award Evaluation Committee voted the company its Award of Excellence for providing quality family/children's entertainment.

  • Movie Critters
    This spectacularly hilarious video is fun to watch and very difficult not to love. The characters are suprisingly human and come through as real people. This video teaches an important lesson about honesty and making it through life, the right way. Movie Critters' Big Picture is a fantastic video that is both fun to watch and teaches an important lesson at the same time.

  • AMC MovieWatcher
    The AMC MovieWatcher Card is your passport to a frequent moviegoing program that awards points every time you show your MovieWatcher Card when purchasing tickets.

  • Babe in the City
    Learn about this popular movie Babe, meet the characters, play some fun games.

  • Billboard Dad
    Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen! They're back in their coolest new film, "Billboard Dad," and it's filled with crazy schemes and cool surprises!

  • Century Theaters Kids Safes
    Current releases that are good for Kids,Teens, or the whole Family.

  • Cinderella
    Cinderella, adopted daughter of an upper-class lady, is made a slave in her own home. While her mother and ugly stepsisters are out at the royal ball she gets a surprise visit from a friend.

  • Classic Movie Kids
    Classic Movie Kids, a tribute to the child stars of yesteryear.

  • Dove-approved Movie and Video Previews
    Downloadable previews of movies and videos suitable for kids.

  • Dr. Dolittle
    Official site with Dolittle-grams you can send to friends, info on the cast and crew, and a summary of the movie.

  • DriveinMovie.com
    Complete guide to the outdoor cinema drive-ins and drive-in movie theatres of North America.

  • Dr. Jenny's Jumpin in the Jungle
    Animals teach children in this music video with Dr. Jenny, a veterinarian.

  • Dumbo
    The stork delivers a baby elephant to Mrs Jumbo, veteran of the circus, but the newborn is ridiculed because of his truly enormous ears and dubbed "Dumbo".

  • Early Cinema
    Early Cinema.com an introduction to the first decade of film. Features a timeline, pioneers, technology, and more.

  • Family Films
    Comitted to providing families with quality movies that entertain, reinforce wholesome values and create lasting impressions.

  • Family Style Movie Guide
    Movie Reviews for Parents and Film Guides.

  • FernGully 2
    The story of FernGully 2, the Magical Rescue. You'll also find games, songs, and art from the film.

  • Films Involving Disabilities
    This site presents a detailed list of 2,500 feature films which involve in one way or another various disabilities. It is directed towards teachers, students and anyone who has an interest in how disability is represented in films.

  • Film Site.org
    Specializing in descriptive reviews of classic American/Hollywood films, Academy Awards and general film history, film genres, with hundreds of colorful, vintage film posters.

  • Fly Away Home
    The scenes with the cast and crew of this heart-warming movie.

  • ForeignFilms.com
    ForeignFilms.com, the best place to find foreign films on the web. This site contains everything from classic foreign titles to the latest arthouse releases.

  • General Cinema
    The latest movie showtimes and locations.

  • IMAX Theatres
    Find an Imax theatre nearest you. Select your area on the map and find it.

  • Internet Movie Database
    Database of movie facts that facilitates soundtrack searches.

  • Jack Frost
    Cool movie starring Michael Keaton as a snowman dad! With trailers from the film, storyboards, info about the soundtrack with Hanson, and more.

  • Jenzie's Shrine to A Goofy Movie
    A Goofy Movie is definitely the best animated Disney feature that is not in the Classic or Masterpiece Collections.

  • Kids In Mind
    This is a unique movie rating site. Movies and videos are rated on a 1-10 scale for sex, profanity, and violent content. Parents and kids are able to see why a movie rating gets rated R or PG-13.

  • Kids Movies Reviews of the 30s thru 90s
    List and Information about Kids movies from the 30's thru 90's.

  • Lost in Space Galaxy
    There isn't any danger in getting lost in CyberSpace with this cool site!

  • Madeline
    Official site of the movie with video clips, info on the cast and crew.

  • Mickey Mouse Gallery
    Here you'll find a gallery of stills from Mickey's early work (1928 to 1948).

  • Mickeys Movies.com
    News and Used hard-to-find Disney movies on VHS.

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megadventure
    Welcome to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers MEGADVENTURE from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment!

  • Moviefonem
    Moviefone.com web site, is the largest interactive movie listing guide and ticketing service in the country.

  • MovieGuide
    Popular film reviewer, helping parents decide what is appropriate for children's viewing. Includes industry articles, interactive fun and a commentary and rating on each movie.

  • Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies and Videos
    Reviews of current films and movies available on video and cable.

  • MovieReviews.com
    A site that lets you read what others have to say, or to contribute your own view on a film.

  • Old Man and the Sea
    Movie version of the classic novel by Ernest Hemingway. Read about how the film was made and check out trailer.

  • Pixar Entertainment
    Learn about secrets behind the animators of Disney's Toy Story and Review releases about upcoming children's feature films.

  • ScoobyDoo
    Official website for the upcoming movie.

  • ShowTimes
    Search for movie showtimes by movie, location, and date.

  • Snow Day
    Movie details, listen to its theme song, or watch the trailer.

  • Star Wars Kids
    Information on the latest news and Star Wars related games and trivia.

  • The Film 100
    The Film 100 is a large collection of biographical information, film studies, interactive demos, and web links.

  • The Road to El Dorado
    A journey with the characters from the film. Play an interactive game, read about the cast and crew.

  • The Wizard Of Oz
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road to games, coloring pages, puzzles, photo gallery, and video clips at the official web site for the classic movie.

  • Titanic
    Movie official webiste, includes movie and sound clips.

  • Universal Movies
    Site for movies brought to you by Universal Pictures.

  • Upcomingmovies.com
    Welcome to Upcomingmovies.com, where you can find out about tomorrow's movies today. This site provides previews of the movies heading our way in the coming months.

  • Wallace and Gromit
    Wallace and Gromit's official home on the web. Film Pages - for images and information about the films.

The following links are in Finnish

  • All Movie Guide
    All Media Guide collects personally-identifiable information only during voluntary user surveys, contests or e-mailed submissions.

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