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The following links are in English

  • Canada Kids News Site
    Excellent source for kids news and information, Canadian Broadcasting Company

  • Dad Mag.Com
    For the Dad with Kids

  • FamilyrApp.com
    Family ezine covering a range of family issues, from health, drugs, education including schools, days out, holidays for children and adult book reviews to recopies, horoscopes and website shopping recommendations.

  • Fathering Magazine
    FatherMag.com now comes in two editions. See also: Family Strife Edition: Divorce, Custody and Child Support

  • Free Photo Contest For Boys
    A monthly online modeling photo contest for boys newborn to age 3 and Child Modeling Newsletter for boys and girls to age 18.

  • HeadlineSpot News for Kids
    Find the best sources for news for kids at HeadlineSpot.com.

  • Kids New Room
    Kidsnewsroom.org provides children with a safe, kid-friendly Internet site loaded with stories, pictures, contests and opportunities for learning. Each week, a new issue is added to the site with the latest news in sports, music & entertainment, health, history, local events and happenings around the world, all designed with kids in mind!

  • Kinderinfo
    Kinderinfo.com, the one-stop online children's resource center. Here you will find all kinds of answers to help you with your family, including information on potty training, dealing with a picky eater, plus lots of crafts and activities for you and your kids. There are plenty of parenting articles on just about any topic you deal with as a mom or dad, as well as a whole section of fun kids recipes. And there's a section "Just For Mom", because we all need to take a little more time for ourselves.

  • Time Magazine for Kids
    The latest news from around the world for kids in grades K-6. Includes related polls, games, and websites. USA.

  • Yahooligans News
    Daily world, national, science, sports, and entertainment news with photo slide shows. USA.

  • All About Kids Online
    A family and parenting resource site based on the parenting magazine, "All About Kids." Includes an interactive forum for visitor feedback.

  • Alphabet Superhighway
    A magazine for kids, by kids. Features stories, poetry, news, reviews, and original artwork.

  • Animation Artist Magazine
    Online magazine with all the latest information, news, and interviews on animation projects and animation artists.

  • Archaeologys Dig
    An archaeology magazine for kids!

  • Ark Online
    An online magazine for people who care about animals.

  • Audubon Magazine
    Audubon Magazine has online versions of articles about birds, other wildlife, and the environment.

  • AustinMama
    AustinMama is dedicated to connecting and celebrating Austin's varied community of thinking mamas. With a lush mix of local artwork, thought-provoking essays and features by award winning local writers, as well message boards and shopping, AustinMama is a savvy cyber-haven like no other.

  • Autism Today
    Articles from leading experts in the field such as Dr. Temple Grandin, Catherine Faherty and Nathan Ory, MA, Registered Psychologist. Stories, poems, music and art from people with autism, their family and their friends. A public discussion forum where readers can share stories, ideas and talk. Polls and surveys where readers can voice their opinion. A way for authors to publish their books online. Links to a variety of autism-related resources and sites.

  • Bark
    The Bark is the alternative magazine for the modern dog enthusiast.

  • Bedtime Stories
    A collection of whimsical stories.

  • BoomerWolf Magazine
    A magazine about wolves.

  • Boys Quest Magazine
    Boys' Quest Magazine offers a sampling of what can be found in the print magazine.

  • Camden Kids Literary Magazine
    Stories by children at Camden Elementary School in Kentucky.

  • Canis Max Magazine
    The Magazine for Large Dog Enthusiasts

  • Cat Fancy
    A magazine that includes tons of information about cat care, personal kitty stories, and a gallery.

  • Childfun Magazine
    A Fun Magazine for the whole family.

  • Christian Children's Corner E-Magazine
    Children's bible lessons, games, religious stories, bible stories, inspirational poetry, and other fun stuff!

  • Clubhouse Magazine
    Online magazine offers jokes, movie reviews and stories.

  • ClubZ!
    The interactive magazine for today's kids.

  • Contact Webzine
    Welcome to Contact Webzine Distance Education Centre Victoria's P-6 students' web magazine.

  • Cooperative Sports On-line Magazine
    In a Cooperative Sport, your team plays to overcome fun challenges, often against the clock. At the end of the game, your score will help you see how you did relative to your own team's past performance. You always play with one team at a time, have lots of fun, and push yourself only to the degree that you and your team wants to improve their score.

  • CountryKid
    Offers help with homework, links to fun sites, games, puzzles, and stories.

  • Crayola Kids Magazine
    Activities, crafts, stories, contests and a kids art gallery.

  • Cricket Country
    The website for Cricket Magazine, Spider Magazine, as well as Ladybug and Babybug.

  • Cricket Magazine
    Art, contests, games, epals, chats, articles by kids, and lots more.

  • Crunch
    Challenge yourself, explore ideas in new ways, and have fun submitting your opinions and ideas to this online 'zine.

  • Cultured Child Magazine
    Cultured Child Magazine offers children and parents a meaningful publication for enjoyable family time. Together we'll learn more about the diverse world in which we live.

  • Cyberdogs and Cats Magazine
    This magazine offers training tips, veterinarian health advice, and an international listing of breeders.

  • Cybernauts
    Cool magazine filled with cool activities and ideas for kids.

  • Dodoland for Kids
    Electronic magazine for kids (5-13). With Stories and art, environmental activities, and games.

  • Dog and Kennel
    Dog & Kennel is your source for entertaining, informative and authoritative information about dogs.

  • DogDaze
    DogDaze is a FREE e-zine for dogs and their owners! When you subscribe to DogDaze you will receive a bi-weekly issue of DogDaze containing lots of tips and links for you and your dog.

  • Dog Owner's Guide
    online magazine for all pet and showdog owners.

  • Dogs in Review
    American dog show magazine with emphasis on editorial content and in-depth articles from the sport's judges, breeders, handlers, and exhibitors.

  • Dog World Magazine
    Dog World Magazine brings you Dog World Online, the dog lover's Internet source for breeds, training, nutrition, behavior and show information about man's best friend.

  • Education World
    An e-zine site where you go to learn.

  • Exceptional Parent Magazine
    A popular magazine with information, support, ideas, encouragement and outreach for parents and families of children with disabilities.

  • Exploratorium Magazine
    Monthly online kids science magazine with RealAudio interviews.

  • Exploring
    Explore the world of science!

  • Franklin Institute Online.
    Online magazine from the Franklin Institute. Educational web links, resources, and information.

  • Free Photo Contest For Boys
    Online modeling photo contest for boys up to age 3, and puts out a monthly Child Modeling Newsletter for parents of boys and girls up to age 18.

  • Frugal Moms
    Frugal Moms - from home and garden to kids and holidays, learn to live better for less.

  • Fundango
    A weekly ezine for kids full of fun and learning opportunities.

  • Girls' Life Magazine
    A magazine for girls.

  • Global Gang
    Real life news, great games, global gossip, and lots more fun for kids who are curious about kids in other cultures.

  • Go, Girl!
    Go, Girl is magazine dedicated to getting girls and women of all ages and fitness levels involved in sports.

  • Golden Retriever Review
    The magazine is aimed at Golden Retriever breeders and fanciers, as well as new puppy owners.

  • Good Dog Magazine
    Good Dog magazine offers independent consumer information for dog owners as well as articles about health, nutrition, and behavior.

  • Great Dane Reporter
    The Great Dane Reporter is the leading magazine information to Great Dane owners, breeders, lovers; covers breeding, health, temperament, training, conformation, obedience, and rescue.

  • Guinea Mag
    A guinea pig chat, magazine, and pen pal sign-up.

  • Guitar Review
    Online site for Guitar Review magazine.

  • Halloween Magazine
    Online magazine with games, links, recipes, and ideas for Halloween costumes and activites.

  • HiP Magazine
    A magazine for hard of hearing kids and their friends.

  • Hopscotch Magazine
    Hopscotch Magazine Includes puzzles, science, stories, poetry, and cartoons.

  • Humboldt Kids Digest
    This is the on-line version of the Humboldt Kid's Digest, a Resource Guide for Parents and Children in Humboldt County, California.

  • HyperZine
    Learn about all kinds of important health tips for staying healthy and having fun!

  • IronKids Bread
    Kids magazine profiles the Los Angeles Galaxy player biographical and more about sports.

  • j-pop.com
    A magazine of Japanese pop culture!

  • Just for Kids Magazine
    A religious magazine about historical details about Easter and its significance to Christians, as well as sections containing related activities and stories for kids.

  • Kid News
    Kids' writing from practically everywhere. Includes news, stories, reviews, and more.

  • KidsAndKaboodle.com
    KidsAndKaboodle.com is an on-line family magazine for parents, teachers and caregivers. We have informative articles on car seat safety, healthier living, home and garden, education, and more!

  • Kid's Castle
    This site from the Smithsonian has articles about the arts, history, travel, science and air and space. There are message boards filled with questions to get kids from all over the world talking to each other and thinking creatively.

  • Kids Creation Zone Magazine
    The KCZM is here for you to have fun through reading and writing on the World Wide Web!

  • KidScreen Magazine
    KidScreen is an international trade magazine serving the information needs and interests of all those involved in reaching children through entertainment.

  • Kids & Family Magazines
    Choose from any of the great magazine selections below or enter the title of your choice in the search engine and have your new subscription ordered in a matter of minutes! Secure ordering on line or by phone.

  • Kids Identifying and Discovering Sites (KIDS)
    The KIDS Report is an annotated library of curriculum-related Internet sites produced by K-12 students as resources for other K-12 students and teachers. It is an ongoing, cooperative effort of classrooms from around the United States.

  • Kid's Life
    Magazine with activities, advice and separate moderated forums for boys and girls.

  • Kids Life Magazine
    Kids Life Magazine is a FREE publication for parents of West Alabama children, containing articles and information on child related events and activities in the Tuscaloosa area.

  • Kids Think Link
    International kid's site with articles, surveys and ideas from kids all over the world.

  • Kids' Town
    The Magazine for Homeschool kids by Homeschool kids.

  • Kidtalk News
    The Virtual magazine for kids.

  • Kidworld
    Just for kids under 16 ! Leave a note for a friend, meet a keypal, check out the jokes, read a story, or play a game.

  • KinderToday
    A great and groovy collection of articles from around the web collected daily. The fastest way to find out the daily news on children, education, activities, crafts, health, etc.

  • LD Online KidZone
    Online Magazine where kids can play and get info about learning disabilities.

  • Lisa Frank Club
    Welcome to your desk! As you know, this is YOUR newspaper. You write it and we publish it for you. Well, every writer needs a desk, and this is yours. Click on the name plate and we will give you all the tools you need to send us the scoop on whatever is going on in your world. For older girls.

  • Little People Online
    Welcome to Little People on-line. This site is dedicated to parents with toddlers to pre-schoolers and contains ideas, articles, useful contacts, printable pages and much more ...

  • Lollipops Magazine
    Lollipops - reviews books for beginning readers and picture books, through to adolescent fiction.

  • Main Street Mom
    MainStreetMom.com - The Magazine for Mother Mothers with Traditional Values.

  • MidLink Magazine
    The Digital Magazine for Kids By Kids.

  • Moxie Mom
    Features parenting humor, international mom articles, book club, movie reviews, and organizational tips.

  • Muse Magazine
    Muse Magazine is an online magaziine for kids 3 to 14 years old.

  • National Geographic Online
    Grab your passport and get ready to explore the world! All about nature, cultures, etc.

  • New Moon Magazine
    New Moon Magazine is the magazine for girls and their dreams.

  • O2 Zone
    Anti-smoking news for youth with surprising facts, posters to download, a quiz, and some gross pictures!

  • Odyssey Magazine
    Welcome to Odyssey Magazine On-Line, the web site of the award-winning science magazine for young readers.

  • OWLkids Online
    The Online magazine - puzzles, jokes, and news for kids.

  • Pack-o-Fun Magazine
    Family craft and activity magazines.

  • PETA's 'Zine just for Kids
    A magazine filled with great ideas on simple ways to help the animals!

  • PetLife
    PetLife is a companion animal magazine.

  • Pitara for Kids: Children's portal site
    Piatar For Kids, includes - Children's magazine, Kids Community, Reference Desk for children and Parents resources.

  • Ranger Rick Online
    Activities, articles, homework help, and games from Ranger Rick.

  • Scientific American Explorations
    Scientific American Explorations is a valuable tool for families that want to encourage a love of science and technology. Best of all, Scientific American Explorations will give you ideas for topics to discuss with your children, activities to do together and an exciting way to share your common interests.

  • Show Dog Magazine
    The First On line Magazine Dedicated to the Sport of Pure Bred Dogs.

  • Silicon Mom
    Siliconmom.com, forum and resource for mothers in the high-tech world

  • Sports Illustrated For Kids
    Online edition of the popular kids magazine with games, stories, interviews with sports personalities.

  • Sports Illustrated for Kids (E-zine)
    Games, fantasy leagues, cartoons, sports news and more....

  • Sports Parents
    Sports Parents - guide for the parents of sports active kids, from the editors of Sports Illustrated For Kids.

  • Stick People Magazine
    This is a cool magazine for kids! Children can meet the Stick People characters, have fun and enter competitions!!

  • Storyplace
    Stories to read, Book Week information, and links.

  • SuperKids
    SuperKids asks on-line and mail-order software stores to provide their best prices to our visitors for educational software products.

  • The Mother Load
    The Net Magazine for & by Moms Everywhere

  • Time for Kids
    Online edition of Time for Kids.

  • Tiny Giant Magazine
    Tiny Giant Magazine is an innovative, organic and experienced communications, multimedia production company with considerable expertise in the design, development and implementation of learning products and programs for today's educational environment: in print, digital, video, face-to-face and internet deliveries.

  • Toddlerville.Com
    Toddlerville.Com is a place where you and your toddler can explore many different areas of toddler fun!

  • TrailBlazer Magazine
    Trailblazer magazine is designed to help 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teachers bring the Internet into their classroom.

  • Trailrider.net
    Trail information, features, inks, classifieds, club listings, special kids section, and more.

  • Way Back
    A trip back in time with this online history magazine for kids.

  • Weekly Reader Galaxy
    Weekly Reader Galaxy - check out their online activities and games.

  • Word Dance
    Word Dance magazine encourages the love of reading and writing in a non-threatening, playful environment. It was created to give young people a quality vehicle for creative expression, a place where their voices can be heard.

  • Workingdogs
    The international magazine for and about working and sporting dogs -- and the people who love them.

  • World Kid
    A fun family magazine about the world for kids, teens, parents, and teachers.

  • World Magazine Online-National Geographic
    Fascinating facts, interesting kids and cool games.

  • Yakity Yak
    Movie and book reviews and much more colorful stuff, from this magazine just for kids.

  • Yak's Corner
    Welcome to Yak's Corner, America's coolest newsmagazine for kids!

  • Yak's Corner
    Yak as he reports on news and big stories, goes on the road, and comes up with fun Yaktivities.

  • YES Mag
    Canada's Science Magazine for Kids - interactive science site with fun projects, how and whys, brain teasers and more.

  • ZooGoer
    Magazine of Friends of the National Zoo. Includes articles on animals, photos, and behind-the-scenes looks at the exhibits of the National Zoo.

  • ZuZu
    Art, stories, interviews, jokes, great links and lots more.

The following links are in Dutch

  • Das Blinde Kuh E-Zine
    Das Blinde Kuh E-Zine (Electronic Magazine). Wenn du Lust hast, kannst auch du eine Geschichte, eine Reportage oder einen Bericht schreiben und der Blinden Kuh schicken.

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