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  • Home of the VonClowns Family
    The VonClowns are a family of clowns providing family entertainment for your family event

  • Acme Flea Circus
    The Acme Clown Company Uses Popular Theatrical Traditions To Amaze, Educate, And Entertain Audiences Of All Ages. Travelling flea circus.

  • Carson & Barnes Circus
    Welcome circus fans! You can learn all about our circus including basketball playing bears, our beautiful elephants, acrobats, the history of our family circus and find out if will be traveling to a your town!

  • Circus City Festival
    Great Family Entertainment In the American Tradition" Each mid-July approximately 250 young people, ages 7 to 21, supported by 2000 adult volunteers, present 10 performances in an eight-day period. Beautifully costumed performers are so skilled that circus fans find it difficult to believe they are amateurs. "Circus City Festival Parade", Indiana's Second Largest

  • Circus Contraption
    Circus Contraption mixes cabaret and physical theater with traditional circus skills to create startling, original performances.

  • Circuses.com
    Learn about animals in circuses.

  • Circus Fans Association of America
    National organization dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the circus.

  • Circus Page Links
    Links to pages dedicated to circus, or circus 'things'.

  • Circus Royale
    Circus Royale is the premier Australian circus featuring famous international and Australian circus performers.

  • Circus Vargas
    Circus program and details on performance dates and locations.

  • CircusWeb
    CircusWeb is dedicated to providing information about the circus to the general public

  • CirKids
    Circus school for kids teaches trampoline, trapeze, tightrope walking, acrobatics and juggling.

  • Great Circus Parade
    This parade through downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin featuring circus acts and a week of special events.

  • Hanneford Family Circus
    Get show schedule and information for this family-owned circus.

  • Kelly Miller Circus
    This circus features jugglers, trapeze artists and performing elephants.

  • Kid's-Celebration Circus
    The Kid's-Celebration Circus is a professional quality ministry presentation of humor, storytelling, ventriloquism, Gospel magic and illusion with a careful interweaving of ministry that communicates to the child in each of us ages from 4 to 104.

  • Magic Mania
    South Africa's number one Magic and Illusion show. We bring magic and circus shows to more than 1 million people a year.

  • Make A Circus
    Make*A*Circus is America's original participatory circus/theater dedicated to empowering and celebrating children and their communities.

  • Silvers Grand Magic
    Australian Circus, tour dates, animal rights, circus lifestyle and more.

  • Splash Circus
    Splash Circus is a non-profit all-ages circus-theatre troupe of 15 performers, based in Emeryville, California, which features youths between the ages of 6 and 18. Splash performs acrobatics, juggling, trapeze and aerial arts, clowning and masked characters, unicycling, tumbling, contortion, and hand-balancing.

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