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  • Diabetes Cure for Pets
    Find a natural treatment for your diabetic cat or dog.

  • Dog Pet Care
    Find Useful Articles on Dog Care, Dog Health, Dog Grooming, Dog Training and More on Our Website. No Matter You Are to-be or Already A Dog Owner, You Will Find That Taking Care of A Dog Has Never Been This Easy.

  • Exotic Pet Vet Net
    We are committed to providing current information for owners, breeders, and veterinarians, written by a Board Certified Avian Specialist veterinarian and exotic animal consultant.

  • Vaccine Recommendations for Your Cat
    Despite the well-known benefits of vaccination, the practice of annual vaccination of mature cats is controversial.

  • What Vaccinations Should My Dog Receive
    Until recently, it was standard veterinary practice in the United States to vaccinate dogs yearly for common infectious diseases. In high-stress, multi-pet households or special circumstances this may still be acceptable.

  • AMA Care for Pets
    Information from the American Veterinary Association on choosing and caring for pets. Lots more including fun pages for kids.

  • Animal Care
    Information about animal welfare programs, missing pets, and farm animals

  • Animal Instincts
    This is a national daily one-minute radio program about dogs, cats, and other companion animals.

  • Caring for Cats
    General information on taking care of your Cat.

  • Cat Care
    The FDA cat-care site for kids.

  • Companimalz
    Welcome to Companimalz, where you find accurate, up-to-the minute information to make life with your non-human companion richer and more enjoyable.

  • Dog Vaccines
    Information about specific vaccinations, benefits and risks, schedule, and more.

  • Drs. Foster and Smith PetEducation
    Welcome to Drs. Foster and Smith's PetEducation.com... The Net's largest, best and most comprehensive site for pet care, including hundreds of informative articles on pet healthcare, written by veterinary experts.

  • eHow to Check Your Fish for Bacteria and Fungus
    If your fish appear to be sick, check for the following symptoms of bacteria and fugus infections.

  • eHow to Give a Horse a Physical Exam
    Your horse should look bright and alert. If he or she looks dull or depressed, try to determine why by performing a physical exam.

  • eHow to Prevent Lyme Disease in Pets
    Lyme disease is an infection caused by the "Borrelia burgdorferi" bacteria, which is transmitted through ticks. It causes fever and arthritis, and can eventually lead to joint damage, heart problems and kidney disease. It normally affects dogs and people, and is rarely seen in cats.

  • Every Dog Has Its Day Care
    Day Care in Emeryville, California: Committed to providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for our dog clients and their owners.

  • Hartz Pet Care
    Information and articles on how to care for your cat, dog, bird, or other small animal, fish, or reptile.

  • NOVA Online - Pet Care
    Some good advice from the folks at NOVA about pet care.

  • Pet Behavior Resources
    Advice on choosing a consultant to help you with your pet's behavior problem.

  • Pet Center
    Veterinary health topics about dogs and cats. Spay and neuters, bone surgery, advice about euthanasia and more.

  • PetService
    PetService.com, a site dedicated to providing information on pet health and pet health services to loving pet owners. This site specializes in locator services for finding a Veterinarian, Dog & Cat Vaccination Clinics, Dog Training, Pet Grooming and Petsitting Services, as well as other pet health related services.

  • Turtlehaven
    Learn about caring for a pet turtle or read about box turtles

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