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  • Animal Diversity Web
    A collection of pictures and information about animals. Accounts of individual species include information on distributions, natural history, conservation, and economic importance, along with pictures and sounds if available. There are even short movies.

  • Animal Exploration: A World to Discover
    An exciting look at the animals in the world around us with information on their habitats, food, lifestyle, and life-cycle. Includes information on mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, insects, and amphibians. Fun games to learn even more.

  • Arctic Animal Stories for Kids
    Find great stories, pictures, and interesting facts about arctic animals. ... economic alternative/benifits and animal species extinction numbers

  • Doc Jim's Help Page!
    We fight against schemes and scams and for humanitarian causes.

  • General knowledge questions
    General knowledge quiz questions, easy general knowledge questions Try to answer these...scratch your head...n then too u won't be able to answer these fun questions.

  • Go here its fun I promise!!!
    Here you can learn about animals, play non amimal related games, read stories and have fun!!!

  • Nature Learning Company, Inc.
    Welcome to Nature Learning Company, Inc., your natural selection for finding premier, innovative environmentally sensitive, nature guiding services. If you want to learn more about our natural world, this site is for you. Weekly Science Explorers club, Awesome Birthday Parties, Deluxe Guided Nature Walks.

  • The International Club
    A club where you can learn about pets all around the world...even the weird ones. This is a club with all kinds of interesting pet penpals. Also with a ask Emily.

  • Frogs and Toads Bedding Sets
    Buy all your baby needs at BabiesFirstChoice.com. We carry baby bedding, kids furniture, strollers, carriers, feeding products, health care products, safety products, toys and more.

  • 411pets
    411pets.com is provides a listing of breeders, pet accessories and pet care information on the web for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses and more.

  • Acme Pet
    Find products and services as well as references and games for pets, including exotics and horses.

  • A Critter Designs Website Design
    Affordable website design. The last time I submitted my website I forgot to add a / after critterdesigns could you update my listing. Thanks

  • All For Animals
    Resource for animal lovers in Santa Barbara, California. Calendar of Events, Adoptable Pet Photo Gallery, Goods & Services and links to dozens of local and national sites!

  • And Feathers Bird Studio
    Pet bird food and treats as well as vitamins and minerals.

  • AnimaLand
    The place to be for kids who love animals. Stories, Games, Polls,Pet Car Guides--all brought to you by the ASPCA.

  • Animal Diversity Web
    A collection of pictures and information about animals. Accounts of individual species include information on distributions, natural history, conservation, and economic importance, along with pictures and sounds.

  • Animal Network
    Leading publisher of magazines and annuals about pets.

  • Animal Related Links
    Animal Related Links is a site that provides links about dogs, cats horses and many more animals.

  • Animals Agenda Magazine
    The Animals' Agenda is a bimonthly news magazine dedicated to informing people about animal rights and cruelty-free living for the purpose of inspiring action for animals.

  • Animals from A to Z
    Birds, mammals, marsupials, and reptiles form the list that leads to detailed photos and information.

  • Animal Shelters and Dog Rescue
    Use the map or text links to find animal shelters, humane society and dog rescue organizations near you.

  • AnyPet.com
    AnyPet.com is a popular resource to learn about all pet and animal breeds: dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, horses, rabbits, monkeys, rescues and shelters.

  • Bird Brain
    Perches, toys, cages and carriers, food and supplements, and other bird equipments and products.

  • Bird Crazy
    Photos, products, experienced veterinarians, information about birds, links, free samples, children's pages and contests.

  • Dog Hause Pet
    Dog Hause Pet is a place with general information about pets in genral as well as the place to buy all of your pet needs.

  • Ethical Insurance from Animal Friends
    Animal Friends - the first insurance business to provide you with competitive, quality insurance of all kinds where 100% net profits go to worthy animal welfare causes.

  • Ferrets - Net Vet
    Literally everything you need to know about ferrets.

  • Friends of Animals' Homepage
    Friends of Animals Inc. is an international animal protection organization with headquarters in Darien, CT.

  • Great Pets
    GreatPets.com's mission is to build the Web's leading resource for pet training and behavior information.

  • Inside the Animal Mind
    PBS Site exploring about animal intelligence, emotions, and consciousness.

  • Kid's Corner
    The goal of PETPOURRI is to promote responsible pet ownership. Learn all about pet care and have fun wih this site from the American Veterinary Association.

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
    Includes hunting and fishing regulations, information on state parks, Montana wildlife, news releases, education and more. ...

  • Morgan the Dog
    Morgan the Dog is a children's book series about an adopted shelter dog and his best friend Brittany. The website has games and activities for kids and information about dogs, pet care and selecting the right pet.

  • Mypetstop
    offers excellent fun and pet information, articles and resources by animal type and breed. Includes dogs, cats, birds and fish

  • National Animal Poison Control Center
    In a life and death situation when every minute counts for an animal, you can call the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center for 24-hour emergency information at 888-4ANI-HELP.

  • NaturesPet.Com
    NaturesPet.com markets natural and holistic pet products.

  • NetPets
    NetPets is the complete Internet Pet Connection For Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses and Tropical.

  • PetAdvantage.net
    Your new source for information about pets.

  • PetbyNet
    Our goal is to provide the needed pet information, high quality pet products, reputable pet breeders and pet adoption services to fellow pet lovers all over the world.

  • PetFoodDirect
    PetFoodDirect.com is your-America's Pet Store on the Web.

  • Petinfo4u.com
    General Pet Store.

  • Pet Links
    Pet resources for you and your pet.

  • Pet Manager
    Pet site for all animals with all information pertaining to them.

  • Pet of the Day
    Whether you do not have any pets or your home, barn, and pastures are full, Pet of the Day aims to bring a few minutes of joy into your life each day. Every day we present a new pet photo and story to try to illustrate how animals enrich the lives of people around the world.

  • Petopia
    Petopia is a one stop guide for information about cats, dogs and other pets.

  • PetPlanet.com
    PetPlanet.com fulfills the online needs of Pet Families worldwide by providing a fusion of content and community matched with one of the world's largest Internet pet supply stores. PetPlanet.com's features include expert pet advice, pet travel information, a database of local pet service providers, classified ads, online chats and message boards, and the Pet Safe Network.

  • PetPlanet.co.uk
    PetPlanet.co.uk is a fun website for children and adults with informative pet advice, pet breeds selector to help you choose your pet,vet advice, fun quizzes about animals, travel advice and pet hotels information and loads more.

  • PetStation
    PetStation, a division of RS Enterprises, Seattle, Washington, is an electronic forum dedicated to the proliferation of information and stimulation of enlightened discourse concerning companion animals; to increase appreciation and respect for these animals and their place in human society; and to assist in the improvement of conditions related to these pets.

  • Petstation
    PETSTATION, is an electronic forum dedicated to the proliferation of information and stimulation of enlightened discourse concerning companion animals; to increase appreciation and respect for these animals and their place in human society; and to assist in the improvement of conditions related to these pets.

  • Precious Pets.org
    Do you have a pet that you really care about? Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Food for Dogs and Cats is the pet health food of choice for veterinarians, breeders, groomers and caring pet lovers. The ingredients are human-quality and contain no by-products. Flint River Ranch is slowly oven baked so the nutrition is baked in, not sprayed on. And even the most finicky pets love it!.

  • Provet
    Welcome to the Children's section of the Provet website. Here you should find almost everything that you want to know about pets, how to keep them and their health problems.

  • Rare Breed Network
    Welcome to the resource dedicated to bringing you information on rare dog breeds. You'll find information on rare dogs, breeders, kennels, clubs, breed standards, shows, rescue, and more.

  • Safe-T-Pet
    Safe-T-Pet is a company devoted to high quality personalized pet products and superior customer service. Safe-T-Pet was started in 1987 with the goal of providing a quality product at a reasonable price.

  • The Handbook of the Birds of the World
    The first work ever to illustrate and deal in detail with all the species of birds in the world.

  • The Incredible World of Mammals
    Look around you sometime, the chances are that if you see an animal it is a mammal. Mammals are the dominant life form on this planet at the moment, at least from a human perspective. There are about 4260 species of mammals known on this planet at the moment, though taxonomists are still arguing.

  • The Pet Channel
    Pet news, pet heath and classifieds.

  • The PetWork
    The PetWork is a full-service network of resources and information for pet owners and animal lovers.

  • The Turtle Pages
    The purpose of The Turtle Pages is to inform people about the diversity of turtle species, raise awareness about the plight of endangered turtles, and educate individuals on how to properly care for pet turtles.

  • Youth Program Director
    At Global Response, we receive requests for help from communities around the world that are struggling to prevent many kinds of environmental destruction. We research the environmental threats and work with them to develop strategies for international cooperation to stop the environmental destruction. Then Global Response informs their members about the environmental threat and asks them to write personal letters to individuals in the corporations, governments and financial instituions that have the power and the responsibility to prevent further environmental destruction. Global Response offers young people a way to help by writing letters to these important decision-makers.

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