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  • 4 Paws & A Tail Dog Training Services
    Located in Oviedo, Florida, 4 Paws & A Tail Dog Training Services encourages a good dog-owner relationship, and we all know kids and dogs just mix! With special doggie awards to save Mom and Dad money on home insurance, and special classes for you and your doggie, we have a little something for everyone! Vist our website with your parents to find out more on how your puppy can be a mannerly mutt!

  • Boxer-Dog.org - All About Boxers
    Dedicated to the Boxer breed featuring articles, forums and pictures.

  • Do Dogs Mourn?
    When one dog dies, owners will often notice some changes in the pets that are left behind. They may become aloof or lethargic. Some may stop eating or become clingy. Based on these outward signs, it appears that dogs do grieve when their canine companion dies.

  • Do Dogs Mourn?
    When one dog dies, owners will often notice some changes in the pets that are left behind. They may become aloof or lethargic. Some may stop eating or become clingy. Based on these outward signs, it appears that dogs do grieve when their canine companion dies.

  • Do Dogs Smile?
    I often hear the question, "do dogs smile?" and if so why? Well I believe that dogs do show many emotions and react to situations in a variety of ways. As with humans some dogs are more serious in nature while other dogs tend to be carefree and happy. But do dogs really smile?

  • Do Dogs Think?
    There's no convincing evidence I'm aware of, from any reputable behaviorist or psychologist, that suggests dogs can replicate human thought processes: use language, think in narrative and sequential terms, understand human minds, or share humans' range of emotions. Yet that remains a powerful, pervasive view of dogs, the reason Heather's vet, trainer, and mother all agreed on Blue's motivations. It's almost impossible not to lapse into theory-of-mind reasoning when it comes to our dogs. After all, most of us have no other way in which to grasp another creature's behavior. How can one even begin to imagine what's going on inside a dog's head?

  • Does your dog love you?
    What if the "love and affection" that your dog seems to shower upon you isn't really that at all? Imagine, deep in dog and human evolutionary history, that dogs were attracted to food scraps and other leavings around human camp sites. To the humans, dogs probably appeared as just another potential food item. Under these circumstances, natural selection would favor any sort of behavior, on the dog's part, which would avert being eaten. What behaviors did the dog already have in its repertoire? Wild canid social behavior includes affiliative and submissive behaviors which plug very nicely into human expectations for social bonding

  • DogBreedz.com - All for the Love of Dogz!
    With over 150 dog breeds listed, we are your source for everything about dogs. Detailed dog profiles, breed history, free eCards, and more.

  • Dog Gift Shop
    Features a wide selection of breed specific merchandise.

  • Dog Stamps from Around the World
    Dog Stamps in every breed from the most unusual countries! Check out your breed for these and lots of other items, all breed specific.

  • Down Home Harriers
    Pictures and basic information about harriers, a pack-hunting scenthound, with links to other breeders, the National Breed Club and breed Rescue, Dog Registries and websites that have hound-related content.

  • Family Paws Kid & k9 safety
    Canine behavior consultant specializing in safe kid & k9 interaction.

  • K9 University Chicago Dog Boarding, Training and Day Care
    The premiere facility for Chicago dog boarding, training, and doggie day care. Obedience classes include puppy classes, basic and advanced obedience, agility training, and K-9 certification. Prepare your pup for your new baby! Located in Chicago.

  • Michigan's K-9 Concepts
    In-home dog training for the family dog and the family. All behavior problems solved and obedience commands taught.

  • Official Golden Kennel
    We are Ohio's best Goldendoodle resource site as well as an adoption service for Goldendoodle puppies. Our prices are low and our information valuable.

    Are dogs more intelligent than we give them credit for being?

  • Paws For Friendship, Inc. (therapy pets)
    Paws For Friendship, Inc. is a nonprofit volunteer international therapy pet organization. Oklahoma Chapter - volunteer with your cat or dog to be a Certified Therapy Team (if qualifed).

  • pet portraits/family portraits
    Original oil paintings from photographs.Hand painted on canvas.Any subject . Pets portraits,Family portraits,property Old Masters. All at affordable prices. Money back guarantee

  • sale all pets
    we breed and sale top quality puppies . labrador retriver, basset hound , beagle ,Boxer , Bull Mastiff, Cocker spaniel

  • Setia Dogs - Your Guide to Dog Daycare
    Comprehensive guide to dog daycare, dog boarding and pet sitting in the US. Features frequently asked questions and special offers from participating dog daycare facilities.

  • Sunday Colors Discount Gifts and Pet Items
    Somewhere between a Department Store and your favorite aunt's attic, Sunday Colors provides both inspirational and practical gifts for pets and their humans. Whether it's a picture frame or a pet carrier, we have something to cure the Monday Blues!

  • Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds
    German Shepherd Breeder Wisconsin, USA Clayton Warichak Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds

  • Dog Bedding Sets
    lick here for dog print bedding sets for cribs and toddler beds. Babies First Choice carries a wide variety of animal bedding sets not just dogs! Most bedding sets include quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, sheets, shams, and more.

  • All About Dogs
    A comprehensive site presenting information on basic training and competetive obedience, the United Kennel Club, agility, dog humor and K-9 photos.

  • All About Dogs.Com
    A general site with doggie information and links to other dog sites.

  • A Wonderful Weimaraner
    Sir Oliver St. John, a weimaraner dog has his own web site with puppy profile, photo galleries, breed information, articles, virtual cards and related links.

  • Bark Bytes
    On-Line Dog E-Zine with loads of information and links to other dog sites.

  • Bernie Poole's Personal Pages
    Check out pics of the various dogs we've had over the years. They're all strays, mostly found on the highways and byways of south western Pensylvania. Every one a gem, every one brought joy to our lives.

  • Canines. Com
    The Animal Behavior Center of New York is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Foundation for Animal Rescue, Inc., a not-for-profit animal education and welfare organization. ABCNY is the largest companion animal behavior facility in New York City, treating over 1200 dogs, cats, birds and exotics annually. They have been consultants to the New York City Department of Health, to area police departments, to motion picture and television production companies and to private industry and government. However, the majority of work that is done in animal behavior modification is done with family dogs and their human guardians.

  • CoolestDog
    CoolestDog is a dog lover's one-stop resource for links on behavior, health, breeds, clubs, rescue, adoption, activity, shows, nutrition, protection, shows, training, and choosing a dog in a fun, friendly environment.

  • Dave's Off-Leash Dog Parks in Santa Clara County
    This is a listing of the (limited) places where you can allow your dog to exercise off-leash in Santa Clara County CA. Also included are hypertext links to dog parks in various parts of the country.

  • Digital Dog
    Digital Dog's Mission - is to provide the public with HONEST observations about each dog breed's temperament and the possible physical or behavioral flaws found in every dog breed. We hope our site will be used to evaluate which dog is best for you.

  • Directory of Dog Clubs
    A directory of dog clubs throughout the United States.

  • Dog Breed Info Center
    This site is designed to make it easy. Whether it is finding that perfect dog that fits your lifestyle, or that bit of information you need to know, you will probably find it here. If you just love dogs, you will love browsing through the many breed pages and tons of photos that are listed. Choosing a dog should not be taken lightly. There are many different breeds with many different personalities and needs. This site is packed with information on breeds from all groups in an easy to follow format.

  • Dog Fancy
    Dog Fancy is a site that provides dog care and breed info, doggie news, and a special page for kids.

  • DogFriendly.com
    General Information about Dogs, Dogs Care and Hoteds for Pets.

  • Doggie Door.Com
    A very complete site about dogs. Topic include; Aggression at Dogs or People ,Barking Breeding Crate Training , Dogs & Cats Together , House Training, Peeing, Pooping , Miscellaneous, Obedience, Rescue Dog Problems , Separation Anxiety Shy, Sensitive, Scared Dogs , Two or More Dogs .

  • DoggieFun.com
    Virtual playground for dogs and their owners.

  • Doggy Names
    Doggynames displays thousands of dog names and puppy names in a search database that lists dog name popularity, dog name meanings and dog name categories.

  • Doghouses
    A complete line of dog houses available for shipment via common carrier.

  • Doginfo.com
    Search for dog information by category.

  • Dog Information
    Tons of information - all topics, all breeds - for the dog lover.

  • Dog Names
    The name you choose says as much about you as it does about your dog. It shows how you view your dog and your relationship with it.

  • Dog of the Day
    Whether you do not have any pets or your home, barn, and pastures are full, Pet of the Day aims to bring a few minutes of joy into your life each day.

  • Dog Owner's Guide
    Here you will find hundreds of articles related to responsible dog ownership, arranged in topics from choosing the right dog to breed profiles to training and lots more!

  • Dog Owner's Guide: Building a balanced diet
    Fifty years ago, most dogs ate table scraps. Twenty five years ago, cereal companies cornered the pet food market in supermarkets and agricultural feed stores. Today pet owners drive to super-stores that cater to pets and face a puzzling array of colorful bags of dry premium foods, convenient semi-moist packets, and gourmet diets for puppies, adult dogs, hunting dogs, show dogs, lactating dogs, old dogs, and fat dogs.

  • Dog Pack
    Dog Pack is devoted entirely to dogs: health, behavior, diet and More.

  • dogpark.com
    Dogpark.com is about dogs - all breeds, all mixes of breeds, all shapes, sizes and dispositions. The centerpiece of the site is our national list of dogparks, organized by state. It is the single most comprehensive and up-to-date list of off-leash parks that we know of. It will continue to grow and expand, and will remain the most current list around - such is the beauty and power of the Internet. We're dog owners ourselves, so we understand many of the problems facing the humans who love dogs. And we meet alot of dogs at our local dogpark, so we find out about their concerns too. We talk about other issues of interest to dog owners and prospective dog owners. On a regular basis we bring you articles and interviews about a variety of subjects that dog lovers want to know about. From grooming tips to dog rescue organizations, from information about traveling with your dog to dogs who work every day - we bring you information that is valuable, fun and interesting. An on-line magazine, we'll continue to bring y

  • Dog-Play.com
    Here is an introduction to some great things people do with their dogs. Most activities welcome all dogs, whether purebred or of mixed breed heritage.

  • Dogs - Net Vet
    Scientific, educational and kids sites about dogs. Including pet information as well.

  • Dogs n Kids
    Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership And Dog Bite Prevention.

  • Dog-tips.com
    Find helpful tips and advice on lots of dog and puppy topics plus recommended links, fun canine quizzes, an Ask the Guru service, free weekly newsletter and more. Learn how to choose and train a dog for you!

  • Dog Toys.com
    Dog toys, available for purchase online, recommended for airedale terriers. Includes a buster tube, floss bone, and tennis bones.

  • Dog Training
    dog training can be attained by efficient approach through dogWhisperer.This will give you immediate results using positive, non-force training methods.

  • Dog Tricks, Tips & Insights
    Articles, pet freebies, Dog of the Month, Dog Trivia, natural flea care, and free online obedience training course.

  • Dr. P's Dog Training
    This site features an extensive compilation of articles about dogs, ranging in topics from general dog behavior to specifics of training to potential problems with puppies.

  • Earthdog
    Quality hemp products for your pets. We specialize in Earth-friendly, attractive collars, leashes, beds and chew toys for your dog.

  • eHow to Determine if Your Dog Needs Medical Care
    Since your dog can't talk, you'll need to watch her carefully for signs of illness. Spotting the symptoms early not only reduces the suffering she endures but may also dramatically affect the outcome of her treatment, while reducing your veterinary bill.

  • Epinions -- Reviews of pet products
    The Epinions Pets section brings you high-quality reviews from the people you trust.

  • Extraordinary Dogs
    Learn about a program that teaches dogs to assist people with disabilities.

  • FancyPaws
    Welcome to Fancy Paws Pet Supplies. Here you will find all of your pets needs. We carry wonderful grooming products, shampoos,conditioner, and pet cologne.

  • Filatalk Magazine
    Magazine that provides articles, photos, dog profiles, kennel links, and more.

  • Guide Dog Foundation
    Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. has provided guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence. Our students come to us from all over the United States and many foreign countries. Our trademark small classes and individualized instruction often attract students who may have special requirements. We have successfully trained hearing-impaired blind people as well as many physically challenged people. We are supported entirely by donations from generous individuals, corporations and foundations. We receive no government funding.

  • How to Love Your Dog
    If you love dogs, you've come to the right place! Whether you're preparing for a new dog or just want to have more fun with the dog you have, you'll find everything you need right here.

  • How to Love Your Dog..A Kid's Guide to Dog Care
    How-to-Love-Your-Dog is a fun and interactive website for kids who love dogs. The benefit of children learning about dogs goes beyond the care and training of our canine friends. Lessons on respect, responsibility, love, and compassion toward animals transfer to all areas of a child's life. Kids who learn and practice being kind, gentle, and generous with dogs naturally extend those feelings to people as well.

  • I Love Dogs
    Here you will find a list of general Dogs sites.

  • Los Angeles dog and puppy training classes
    Head Start puppy training classes in Los Angeles, CA. taught be certified applied animal behaviorist, Richard Polsky, Ph.D.

  • Mans Best Friend
    Find out the top ten dog breeds according to one school survey. Includes questions and answers about dogs, tips on care for each breed.

  • My Daily Cartoon (Dog and Cat Cartoons)
    This website sends dog and cat cartoons to subscribers several times a week, and from now until the end of the year every time a cartoon is forwarded to a friend, a donation will be made to the American Humane Association, helping animal shelters nationwide. So laugh a little and help save a pet!

  • New Jersey Dog Training
    Teacher's Pet specializes in handling a wide variety of Behavior Problems and offers custom in-home Obedience training courses serving Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties, New Jersey.

  • Pet Crests
    Online info about pedigree dog breeds.

  • PetGroomer.com
    PetGroomer.com is nearly 1,000 web pages of rare pet grooming career information and various photo galleries for tomorrow's and today's professional pet dog and cat groomers.

  • Pet Info Net
    Dog training info, solving behavior problems, selecting the right puppy, house breaking, and advice about puppy training.

  • Pet Paradize
    Products for pets and people. Including animal themed gift store for all ages.

  • PoochNet
    PoochNet.com, is a web site for dog enthusiasts dedicated to providing correct and timely information on health and nutrition issues including on-line articles from all over the Internet as well as fun items just for people who love dogs and their people.

  • Seniorpetcare.com
    Find information on how you can enhance the well-being of your older dog.

  • Service Dogs
    Provides links to programs offering specific types of service dogs, relevant legislation, and a book recommendations list.

  • SitStay.com
    Extraordinary dog supplies at great prices with fantastic customer service.

  • Sporting Dog Online
    Learn about the Red Boy line of game dogs, and about other pit bull-related topics, through stories, pedigrees, and links to breeders and zines.

  • The Pet Professor
    Find Dog pictures, dog breeders and dog information at The Pet Professor, helping you raise the family dog.

  • Top Golden Retriever Sites
    International community of golden retriever dogs and sites. Features a section for kids, toplist, webring, & directory services. Chat, discussion forums, monthly newsletter, games, picture voting gallery, lot's more.

  • Welcome to Dr. Dog's Den!
    Dr. Dennis Fetko, called Dr. Dog by his audiences, is an internationally renowned animal behavior, animal and human training, and organizational management expert with decades of experience.He has worked across the world, from Saudi Arabia to New Zealand, for over three decades. His bio and resume are available on this site, and are frequently updated. With a doctorate and decades of experience, his input brings tremendous value. His methods are very practical and extremely successful as evidenced by many testimonials.

  • WorkingDogWeb
    Links in global guides on dog training, sports, breeds, care, health, clubs, news, kids and dogs, and sled dogs.

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