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The following links are in English

  • Pets 4 U
    A sight with differnt animals and breeds designed to help a future pet owner deside what to get and how to take care of your new family member.

  • Pet Select
    Pet Select takes the hard work out of choosing the pet that is right for your lifestyle.

The following links are in Chinese

  • Great Pets!
    Heres a great way to get pets online!You get to choose the species,name it,train it and more!Its just like having your own pet(if you don't have one)!

The following links are in English

  • Animal Friends
    Choosing the correct type of dog can be difficult. Should it be large or small, active or gentle, hairy or smooth coated? Complete this questionnaire by selecting the appropriate button for each question and our computer will compare your needs and surroundings against those of 100 different breeds.The computer will select up to four breeds most likely to suit your needs. If you are considering a cross breed, be guided by the types of dogs recommended by Selectapet.

  • Choosing the Perfect Dog
    Of course, finding a truly "perfect" dog would be like finding a truly "perfect" person; no dog is going to be completely without faults of any kind. People who choose a dog based solely on characters from television or the movies are often disappointed. (So are many who choose a dog based on the "love at first site" principle.) Its better to think about choosing a dog the way you would think about choosing a roommate, a school, a car, or a house. For any of these situations, you should first consider how long you would have to live with this choice.

  • Choosing the Right Dog
    This is the Dog Owner's Guide table of contents for "Choosing the right dog".

  • Dog Breed Info
    This site is designed to make it easy. Whether it is finding that perfect dog that fits your lifestyle or that bit of information you need to know.

  • Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals
    FCIA is a privately-run, non-profit organization whose purpose is to place adoptable dogs in good and caring homes. All of the dogs in these pages are adoptable and have been spayed or neutered. If you are interested in any of the lovable dogs on these pages, call Penny Adams

  • Puppy Finder
    Our Goal: To improve the lives of pets and their families by providing the most current and accurate information about dogs in an easy-to-read format readily available via the Internet. Puppyfinder is the most comprehensive resource for people who wish to gain more insight about dogs, from breed history and characteristics to nutrition, care, health and training. We enable people to enjoy their relationship with their dog to the fullest, and feel this is best accomplished through knowledge and education. Puppyfinder assists individuals and families who are considering a canine addition to their homes in discovering the best breed of dog for their lifestyle.

  • SelectSmart.Com
    Cool interactive guide for selecting the breed right for you.

  • Top Dog
    The purpose of this web page is to help the visitors, YOU, learn about dogs and possibly find the right dog to get for your family. Whether it's fur you're allergic to, or a dog that's a good companion, this page is to help find the dog that suits your lifestyle.

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