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  • State Birds Of The United States
    An easy to understand list of the stated birds for all 50 of the United States. Includes pictures.

  • Superior Parrot
    A blog of parrot pictures with snappy captions. Wet, messy, chewing, or just being adorable. Send us your pictures today. It's all free and just for fun!

  • Amazing World of Birds
    Welcome to the beautiful, the wonderful, the truly amazing world of birds

  • An Avian Resource-HotSpot for Birds
    HotSpot for Birds is an award-winning, family-friendly avian reference center. We have many informative articles intended to help keep your bird safe and healthy.

  • Bird Information
    So, you are going to buy a friend! There are no secrets to purchasing a wonderful bird. Your Pet shop owner can be one of your best allies in buying a healthy bird. Check out the store's policies and procedures on returning and replacing birds.

  • Bird names translation index
    This WWW application allows you to search through a database of European(1) bird names for the translation in nine languages.

  • Birds Down Under
    Welcome to our very extensive native and foreign bird section - including birdwatching, migration, breeding, shorebirds, trivia, news and events etc. Here you will find many different facets of bird life - stories, articles, pictures, even information on different bird seeds to suit your pet.

  • Birds n Ways
    Birds n Ways for pet parrots, exotic birds, birds supplies & pet bird information.

  • Bird Sounds of North America and Costa Rica
    These pages explore the sounds that birds and animals make! There are examples of the songs and calls of more than 400 species of birds from North America and Costa Rica on the site, all free for downloading and listening on your computer!

  • BirdSource
    Promoting bird watching, education, conservation and information on different species, bird counts.

  • Bird Talk On-Line
    Bird Talk On-Line magazine provides information on species profiles, bird care library, discussion groups, and the breeder directory.

  • Brightwood Birds
    Specializing in bird nutrition and bird behavior. Providing advisory services and seminars about birds as well as food, vitamins and supplements.

  • eHow to Buy a Bird
    Birds make wonderful companions, but they aren't the right pet for everyone. Learn all you can before buying a bird to make sure that you and your pet will be happy together.

  • KidZone Penguins
    Fun facts, photos and activities about penguins. Activities include printable worksheets, poems, songs, riddles and on-line jigsaw puzzles.

  • New Birds
    Information for your new pet with proper housing, nutrition and entertainment.

  • Ranges of North American Breeding Birds
    Visualizing Long-term Population Changes In North American Breeding Birds.

  • State Birds
    List of Official North American State Birds.

  • The Bird Center
    Bird Center is a site that provides general information about birds.

  • Wild Birds for the 21st Century
    Supports conservation and protection of wild birds and their habitats.

  • Wild Birds Unlimited
    Wild Birds Unlimited is the first and largest franchise system of retail stores catering to the backyard birdfeeding hobbyist.

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