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  • Adopt America Network
    At Adopt America Network, we have made it our mission to find permanent, loving, adoptive homes for the children who wait.

  • Aid to Adoption of Special Kids
    This program offers foster care to children from birth to five years of age with medical needs, including HIV exposure, substance exposure, complications of prematurely, nonaccidental trauma and failure to thrive. AASK-AZ homes are licensed to provide therapeutic, respite and emergency receiving care.

  • Akattachment.org
    The Pioneer in Advocating for the Support of Reactive Attachment Disorder Children in the Last Frontier.

  • Attachment Disorder Support Group
    The mission of the Attachment Disorder Support Group is to promote the education and understanding of Reactive Attachment Disorder, special needs children and to provide support to those parents tasked with the journey of raising children with this special need.

  • BGcenter
    The Center provides specialized comprehensive bilingual (Russian/English) psychological services for preschool and school-aged children adopted.

  • Boys and Girls Aid Society of Oregon
    Welcome to the Boys & Girls Aid Society of Oregon!

  • Canada - Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents
    The Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents (SNAP) is committed to assisting special needs adoptive families through mutual support, information, sharing and advocacy. Based in British Columbia, Canada, we offer services to pre- and post-adoptive families, families going through adoption disruption, and to professionals and others who are interested in adoption and special needs issues.

  • Canadian Clinic for Adopted Children
    The Canadian Clinic for Adopted Children offers medical consultation services to individuals and families involved in domestic and international adoption.

  • Center for Family Development
    The Center for Family Development is Western New York's only attachment and bonding center. Our professionals have the knowledge, skills, personal experiences, and professional training to help adoptive and foster families with attachment concerns.

  • Comeunity - Adoption & Special Needs of Children
    One of the largest sites dedicated to adoption and special needs. Adoption photolisting, articles by doctors, special needs topics covered indepth.

  • Deaf Adoption News Service
    A photolisting of deaf and hard-of-hearing foreign children that are available for adoption.

  • Special Needs Adoption: Lessons from Experience
    Children can't wait. The urgency of clearing hurdles and forging connections for children who need families now keeps adoption professionals firmly focused on the present. Still, as we do what must be done to help children waiting for adoption today, we can learn from the history of adoption over the last several decades.

  • Spence-Chapin Special Needs Adoption
    The mission of Spence-Chapin is to provide adoption and adoption-related services of the highest quality. The agency focuses on finding adoptive homes for infants and young children who need families, promoting the understanding of adoption through counseling and public education, and improving adoption's image and practice.

  • The Attachment and Bonding Center of PA
    We specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents with attachment disorders - children who are suffering from a seeming inability to form an attachment or bond with those who love them most.

  • The Attachment Disorder Site
    Site for those who have adopted special needs children either domestically or internationally

  • The Village Family Service Center
    The Village Family Service Center provides adoption and pregnancy counseling services in North Dakota and Minnesota.

  • Wednesday Child Georgia
    Wednesday's Child - Georgia is a partnership of the Freddie Mac Foundation, WAGA Fox 5 Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Office of Adoptions, formed to help find families for children in foster care with special needs who are available for adoption.

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